Pick Up The Tab



Team up with us to cover the cost for diners who are unable to pay the full amount for their meals. As Montana’s only pay-what-you can restaurant, we serve dinner to anyone who walks through our door. While we offer a suggested price, many of our patrons can’t always afford to pay. That’s why we rely on heroes like you to help us make up the difference. We invite businesses and organizations to commit to picking up the tab at Fork & Spoon Homestyle Kitchen. Just call 406-587-4225 and tell us you’d like to be a Pick up the Tab sponsor. The more nights you select, the more of an impact you make on the community.

With support from our community partners and through our business endeavors, Fork & Spoon strives to operate a self-sustaining, profitable restaurant.


Pick up the Tab for one dinner service: $500

Pick up the Tab for one week of dinner service: $3,000


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Planning an event? Host it here! We provide space rental in our dining room and kitchen and offer catering services.