Dinner Menu Updated daily

Enjoy homegrown, scratch cooking prepared in our kitchen daily, Sunday through Friday. Chef Rick uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible to prepare dishes guaranteed to delight, from housemade soups and salads to homestyle dinners and desserts. Check back daily to see what’s on the menu.


Pay-what-you-can Model

Because we operate on a unique pay-what-you-can model, each person who walks in our door receives a full plate and a welcoming experience, regardless of how much money is in their wallet. We offer a suggested price for our meals, but you can choose to pay more or less. If you give more, your donation helps buy dinner for people who cannot cover the full cost of their meals that night.



May 19th - 21st 2019

beverages $1

Lemonade | Sweet Iced Tea | Unsweetened Iced Tea

Soup $2

black bean garnished with feta (gf, veg)

Salad $2

mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, croutons, ranch dressing (gf without croutons, df without dressing)

entree $7

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

beef, smoked pork, and barley stuffed cabbage braised in tomato sauce, garlic red skin mash, roasted radish and sour cream (df without sour cream) or tofu, black bean, and sweet potato (gf, df and vegan without sour cream, contains soy)

braised elk, white sauce, balsamic onion, and spinach pizza (3 slices)

cheese pizza (3 slices)

Kids Options

Juice Box | Milk $1

breaded pork, roasted tomato sauce, sweet potato fries, and parmesan or cheese pizza (2 sclices)

served with small veggie plate, hummus & applesauce $4

kids meals are for ages 12 and under

Dessert $2

Lemon cake

peaches and cottage cheese

gf - gluten free; df - dairy free; cn - contains nuts; veg - vegetarian


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