Top 10 best restaurants in Montana

Last Updated on June 12, 2023

Montana is a state known for its stunning natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and rich history. However, it is also home to a vibrant food scene that offers visitors and locals alike a diverse array of culinary experiences.

Montana’s cuisine is often characterized by its emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, particularly those that are native to the state. This focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients is evident in the many farm-to-table restaurants that can be found throughout Montana.

One of the most popular types of cuisine in Montana is Western-style fare. This includes hearty dishes like bison burgers, elk steak, and trout, all of which can be found on the menus of many of the state’s best restaurants. One such restaurant is The Montana Club, which offers a wide range of classic American dishes, including burgers, steak, and seafood. The restaurant has several locations throughout the state, making it a great option for visitors who are looking for a hearty meal after a day of exploring.

For those who are looking for something a little more upscale, Montana has several fine dining establishments that are worth a visit. Blackbird Kitchen in Bozeman is one such restaurant that offers a sophisticated take on New American cuisine. The menu changes frequently to reflect the seasonal availability of ingredients, and the restaurant is committed to sourcing as many of its ingredients as possible from local farmers and producers.

Here are the top 10 best restaurants in Bozeman, and Missoula, Montana based on customer reviews and ratings:

1.           The Montana Club – This restaurant is known for its delicious mouth watering American cuisine, including burgers, steak, and seafood. The atmosphere is casual and family-friendly. This Montana club American Restaurant in Montana has something for everyone. Appetizers, Steaks & BBQ, seafood, burgers, sandwiches & wraps, burgers, pasta, and salads.

Location: 4561 N Reserve St. Missoula, Montana

Phone: (406)541-8141

Review: 4.2/5 on its facebook page

2.           Blackbird Kitchen – This restaurant offers upscale New American cuisine with a focus on locally sourced ingredients. The menu changes frequently based on what is in season.

Location: 140 E Main St, Bozeman, MT 59715-4701

Phone: 406-586-0010

Review: 4.5/5 (trip advisor)

3.           Plonk – This is a great spot for a date night or a night out with friends. The menu features creative small plates and an extensive wine list. This restaurant is famous for Chicken recipes & waffles, popcorn shrimp, lamb kabab, plonk cosmo vodka, Mexican sweater, house salad, preserved Spanish sardines and many more.

Location: 29 East Main Street; Bozeman, MT 59715;

Phone: 406.587.2170

Review: 4.5/5 (trip advisor)

plonk bozeman

4.           Jam! – This is a popular breakfast and brunch spot that offers classic American fare like pancakes, omelets, and bacon. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming. This restaurant is famous for its delicious appetizers and lunch menus i.e. bacon lardons, basted egg on house-made grilled country toast, House-made challah bread, royal vanilla icing, Cold-smoked slab bacon, Organic green salad,pickled red onions, House-shaved chicken breast, mushrooms sandwitch, Korean BBQ Pork Sandwichs, House-shaved ribeye, spicy Carolina mustard on French bread, House-smoked pulled pork, shaved ham, Swiss cheese and many more.

Location: 25 W Main St, Bozeman MT 59715

Phone: (406) 585 – 1761

Review: 4.5/5 (trip advisor)

5.           Saffron Table – This restaurant offers a unique blend of Indian and Nepalese cuisine. The menu features a variety of curries, tandoori dishes, and traditional Nepalese dishes. The business is listed under Asian- indian restaurant, and fusion restaurant, also in the south Asian restaurant category. This restaurant is famous for its authentic Indiana and Nepalese food, i.e. crispy vegetable pakoras, seafood pakoras, House made fries tossed with our signature chaat masala and spicy Henry’s catsup, House-made cheese served with our tamarind,, potato samosa, mango and mint chutneys, Willow Spring Lamb Samosa, biryani, chicken curry, numbers of dals, chapati, naan, tandoori roti, vegetarian thali, meat lover’s thali and many more.

Location: 1511 W Babcock St, Bozeman, Montana

Phone: 406-586-0800 Review: 4.6/5 (; 4.7/5 (

saffron table montana

6.           The Roost – This restaurant is known for its wood-fired pizzas and creative cocktails. The atmosphere is laid-back and casual. This restaurant is famous for it delicious fried chicken and pizza. Also the chicken nuggets for kids is very much famous in this restaurant. Obviously other items like- roost salad, drinks, cocktails, devilled eggs are also mouth-watering dishes available here.

Location: 1520 W Main St, Bozeman

Phone: 406-404-1475

Review: 4.5/5 (TripAdvisor)

the roost montana

7.           Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill – This is a great spot for a night out with friends. The menu features classic American fare like burgers and steaks, and the whiskey selection is impressive. They are famous for amazing mouth-watering food, an extensive whiskey menu, lots of original drinks and many more. Wine, cocktails, soup, salads, smoky items, mushroom items, pork items, fish items everything is delicious. You can enjoy your dinner without any doubt.

Location: 101 E. Main St, Bozeman, MT 59715

Phone: 406.404.1700

Review: 4.3/5 (facebook page)

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copper whisky bar and grill

8.           Dave’s Sushi – This restaurant offers a variety of sushi rolls, sashimi, and other Japanese dishes. The atmosphere is casual and friendly. This restaurant is famous for varieties of foods-i.e Traditional bonito (fish) stock, Panko fried shrimp served with house-made sweet chili dipping sauce, Crispy fried tofu, Hand-made wontons with real lump crab, served with house-made sweet chili dipping sauce. Varities of salads, i.e. Sesame spiced seaweed salad, Cucumbers, carrots, and green onions, served in sesame rice vinegar dressing, Sweet and sesame spiced squid salad, Mixed greens, cucumbers, rice, avocado, and green onions. And also- Honey Gochujang Fried Chicken, TEMPURA VEGETABLES

PORK BELLY LETTUCE CUPS, Spicy tuna with citrus-pickled jalapeño many more non- veg recipes.

Location: 115 N Bozeman Ave, Bozeman, MT, United States, Montana Phone: 406-556-1351

Review: 4.6/5 (facebook page),

9.           Ted’s Montana Grill – This restaurant offers a variety of American classics like bison burgers, steak, and seafood. The atmosphere is casual and family-friendly. It’s a vegetarian friendly restaurant and also famous for local cuisine, American, steakhouse, bar. Their baked potato, burgers very much famous in Montana.

Location: 105 W Main St Suite B, Bozeman, MT 59715-5016

Phone: 406-587-6000

Review: 4/5 (trip advisor), 4/5 (facebook page)

10.         Bacchus Pub – This is a popular spot for a night out with friends. The menu features pub fare like burgers and wings, and there is a good selection of beer on tap. The atmosphere is casual and laid-back. It’s the Bozeman’s historic pub, famous for historic and delicious food and drinks.

Location: 105 W Main Street, Suite 1A, Bozeman, MT, United States, Montana

Phone: 406-404-1996

Review: 4.4/5 (facebook page)


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