Daewoo Refrigerator Dispenser Problems [Solutions]

Last Updated on November 8, 2022

You might have seen these little machines at the grocery store or even at home. They look like they belong in a science lab, but they actually serve a very useful purpose. What exactly are they and why should you care?

A refrigerator dispenser is basically a machine that dispenses cold water from the inside of the fridge. This feature is great because it saves time and effort, especially during hot summer days. The dispensers also come in handy when you want to cool down food without opening the door.

Refrigerator dispensers are convenient ways to get cold water whenever you need it. If you don’t already have one, then consider buying one soon.

Your Daewoo refrigerator dispenser isn’t working properly. Is it time to replace it? Or should you try fixing it before buying a new model?

The Daewoo brand was founded in Korea in 1965 and has since become one of the leading appliance manufacturers in South Korea. In addition to refrigerators, they also manufacture washing machines, air conditioners, dishwashers and other household appliances.

Most of their models include a built-in ice maker, which makes them perfect for households where space is limited or for those who don’t want to pay extra for an additional freezer. If you’ve had problems with your Daewoo fridge dispenser, then check out these solutions below.

Daewoo Refrigerator Dispenser Problems [Solutions]

1. Check if there’s any blockage in the line.

If you notice that the water doesn’t flow smoothly, then this could be due to a clog somewhere along the way. To fix this problem, first make sure that all the parts are connected correctly. Then, turn off the power supply and remove the cover on top of the unit. Once everything is removed, use a small screwdriver to clear any debris that may be stuck between the pipes.

2. Clean the lines thoroughly.

If the problem persists after cleaning, then it could be caused by dirt buildup. To clean the lines, pour some warm water into the reservoir and let it run through the system. Be careful not to spill any water onto the floor as it can damage the flooring. Afterward, drain the water and dry the area thoroughly.

3. Change the filter.

If you’re still having trouble with your Daewoo refrigerator dispensers, then it could be time to change the filter. Simply remove the old filter and install the new one. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully so that you won’t end up damaging the unit.

4. Replace the thermostat.

If you’re noticing that the temperature fluctuates while using the dispenser, then it could be due to a faulty thermostat. To fix this issue, simply replace the thermostat with a new one. It will take about 15 minutes to complete the replacement process.

5. Disconnect the wires.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Daewoo refrigerators dispenser, then disconnect the wires at both ends. You’ll know whether the problem lies within the wires themselves or elsewhere. If you find that the problem lies with the wires, then you’ll need to contact a professional electrician to repair the issue. However, if you discover that the problem lies elsewhere, then you can easily fix it yourself.

6. Remove the panel.

To access the wiring behind the panels, you’ll have to remove the panel from the back of the unit. This shouldn’t pose much of a challenge, but if you’re unsure how to do it, then you can always ask someone else to help you.

7. Test the circuit breaker.

To test the circuit breaker, simply press down on the switch located near the front of the unit. If you hear a click, then the circuit breaker should be working properly. If you continue hearing clicks even when pressing down on the switch, then it means that something is wrong with the circuit breaker itself. Contact a qualified technician to resolve the issue.

8. Reset the timer.

If you’re unable to reset the timer manually, then try turning the knob clockwise until you hear a clicking sound. The next step would be to hold the button for 10 seconds before releasing it. If you don’t hear anything after doing these steps, then you’ll need an expert to assist you in fixing the problem.

9. Check the fuse box.

If you’re unable to reset your timer manually, then check the fuse box. There might be a blown fuse that needs replacing. In case there isn’t a blown fuse, then you’ll need a qualified technician to inspect the entire system.

10. Turn the compressor on/off.

The last thing you want to do is turn the compressor on/off repeatedly. Doing so could cause serious damage to the compressor. Instead, call a qualified technician to perform the task instead.

What causes refrigerator water dispenser to stop working?

1. Water leak.

A leaking faucet or pipe can lead to a lot of problems, including leaks inside the refrigerator. If you notice any signs of leakage, then you’ll need professional assistance to fix the issue.

2. Frozen pipes.

Frozen pipes are another common reason why your refrigerator stops dispensing water. If you suspect that this is the problem, then you’ll need someone who’s experienced in plumbing repairs to fix the issue. A frozen pipe may require you to thaw out the line first.

Daewoo Refrigerator Error []How To Fix]

3. Faulty valve.

Another possible reason why your refrigerator stops dispensing water is because of a faulty valve. If you notice that the water level in the tank has dropped significantly, then you’ll need the services of a plumber to fix the issue. It’s also important to note that a damaged valve will not allow cold air into the fridge and thus won’t keep food fresh.

4. Damaged pump.

Another potential reason why your refrigerator stops dishing up water is because of a damaged pump. If you notice that your water pressure has decreased, then you’ll need help from a professional to repair the issue.

5. Leaking hose.

Leaking hoses are yet another common reason why your fridge stops dispensing water. You’ll need to replace the hose if you notice any signs of leaking.

Have you ever had problems with Daewoo refrigerator dispensers?
If yes, then you probably don’t want to hear about them.
They are very common in South Korea.
The problem is that they are quite expensive to fix.
Daewoo has been manufacturing refrigerators since 1960.
In the early 2000s, the company started producing home appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.
Nowadays, Daewoo is known for its refrigerators.
However, the company has recently faced some serious issues.
For example, their refrigerators are prone to leaking water.
This is because the water pump inside the unit gets clogged easily.
As a result, the machine stops working properly

Daewoo Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working – How to Fix

1 Check if the refrigerator door is closed properly. 2 Make sure the ice maker is working fine.

1. Door Switch

If the switch is not working, check the wiring connections. 2. Ice Maker Answer: Check the ice maker circuit board.

2. Dispenser Control Board

Check if the dispenser is connected properly. 3. Water Filter Answer: Check the filter cartridge.

3. Water Inlet Valve

4. Water Outlet Valve Answer:

5. Water filter

1Water Filter : It removes impurities from water such as chlorine, sediment, rust, dirt, bacteria, and other harmful chemicals. 2Water Purifier : It purifies tap water into drinking water.


5. Water filter 1 Water Filter : It removes impurity from water such as chlorine, sediment, rust, dirt,bacteria, and other harmful chemicals. 2 Water Purifier : It purify tap water into drinking water.

Daewoo Ice Dispenser Not Working – What to Do

1. Check if the ice dispenser was properly installed. 2. Make sure the ice dispenser is plugged in.

1. Ice Crusher Blade

If the blade does not rotate freely, check the following: a. Is the blade secured tightly into the base? b. Are the bolts secure?

2. Dispenser Solenoid

a. Check the solenoid for any damage. b. Make sure the dispenser is connected properly.

3. Dispenser Door Motor

a. Check the motor for any damage. 4. Dispenser Door Switch

4. Dispenser Actuator

1. Check the motor for damage. 2. Disconnect power supply from the switch. 3. Remove the dispenser door assembly. 4. Clean the actuator shaft. 5. Replace the actuator shaft.

6. Dispenser Switch

5. Auger Motor 6. Dispenser switch

7. Dispenser Control Board

1. Dispenser Switch 2. Auger Motor 3. Dispenser Control Board

This part is compatible with models including; 11173049610,11173045610,11173042610

7. Dispenser Control Board 1. Dispenser Switch 2. Auger Motor 3. Dispenser Control Board This part is compatible with modelsincluding; 11173049610, 11173045610, 11173042610

Daewoo Refrigerator Water Dispenser Leaking – Solutions

This part is compatible with models 11173049610, 11173045610, 1117 304 2610

1. Water Filter

2. Check if the filter is clogged. 3. Clean the filter screen.

2. Water Tank Assembly

1. Water Filter Water filters are used to remove impurities from tap water. It removes chlorine, sediment, rust, lime scale, iron, lead, copper, manganese, arsenic, nitrate, fluoride, calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, sulfate, and other minerals.

4. Drip Tray

2. Water Tank Assembly 3. Water Heater 5. Pressure Valve

How do I fix my refrigerator water dispenser?

If your refrigerator does not make ice or dispense water, it could mean that the freezer is not working properly. To fix this, check if the door is open or closed correctly. Also, check if the compressor is running. If the compressor is not running, turn it back on. Check if the power cord is plugged into the wall socket. If the power cord is loose, try plugging it into another outlet. If none of these fixes work, call a professional repairman to help you.

Why is my Whirlpool refrigerator not dispensing ice or water?

If your refrigerator does not dispense ice or water, check if the ice maker is working properly. Check the power supply to the unit and ensure that the switch is turned off. Also check if the ice tray is full. If the problem persists, contact Whirlpool customer service.

Why is my fridge not making ice or dispensing water?

Refrigerator water dispensers are very easy to repair. Simply remove the top panel from the fridge, locate the water line, and tighten the hose clamp. Replace the top panel and you’re done!

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