Gas Stove Repair Guide

Last Updated on July 19, 2021

Stoves inside a kitchen are very essential appliances. They are the ones who cook the food products. In each home, there is a stove and it is an integral part of the kitchen. If you have ever had problems with your stoves, you’re not the only individual. Stoves seem to have a lot of problems, and fixing them is easy. You may have asked if these concerns can be overcome so that you can use them again to cook your favorite meals. When you think about how to solve them, the first thing is to consider the causes behind them and the more common issues that happen. Today, we will look at some of the problems that might have arisen with your stove and try to find a simple and simple solution for it. If you have a stove at home too, this article will always be useful to you. Electric and gas ovens are two types of stoves. Both of them can get into several issues. Today we are going to focus on Gas stoves and look at the ways to fix them. Let’s quickly look at some of them here. When you cook on a gas stove, many things happen. First gas is lifted and brought through your house to produce an even heat that is suitable for cooking. Then, it’s not surprising that there are no more complications on the stove because food and water will too quickly leak into the works. You’re probably going to have a complaint about one of the following if your gas stove doesn’t operate properly.

The gas burner doesn’t light

This is a very common problem that tends to have with many people who own a gas stove. This is very simple to fix the issue. If you have had this problem then you must read this one carefully as it will help you a lot. When the gas burner doesn’t light up the most probable reason and the culprit here is the clogged burner portholes and even a malfunctioning ignition switch can be the problem. If you have got an electric ignitor you need to make sure that the stove is properly plugged in and there is a proper flow of current. When you turn the power on in an electric igniter gas stove it is supposed to click repeatedly when it is set to light. If the circuit breaker has not been tripped. If you cannot hear clicking then there are chances the ignitor switch has failed or malfunctioned. You should be able to smell gas in case you can hear the clicking sound but there is no flame lighting up then the problem lies with the gas flow. Calling an expert or professional for solving the issue will always be recommended. For older models, you need to check the pilot in the first place. You can check it under the range top by lifting the grates. If the pilot is out then you should try lighting it by lighting a match and placing it next to it and even if this doesn’t work then you can try adjusting the pilot screw. Hold the match near and turn the screw. If this doesn’t work then you must try to clean the pilot parts using wire or pipe cleaner. If this doesn’t help you must ask for help from a professional.

The Oven burner doesn’t light up

If this is the issue that is happening with your gas stove then don’t worry it is also very simple to fix. You just need to start by checking if there is a pilot light. If the pilot light looks just fine then move forward and check for the power cable, thermostat, and thermal cutoff in case you have got a gas stove with an electric ignitor. Also, try ensuring that the clock timer of the stove is precisely set as this can also be a solution for this issue. After trying all this if nothing works then the last thing you can do is contact an expert.

The pilot light keeps going out

This is a common problem that is faced by most gas stove owners and this generally happens which has got a pretty easy solution. All you need to do is try cleaning the pilot using wire or pipe cleaner. It might help to solve this issue. If it doesn’t work you must try adjusting the flame of the pilot light.

Weak flame

If your gas stove has got a flame that seems to be weak compared to normal then the problem here could be clogged burner flame openings. If the flame is weak then it is due to an inadequate supply of gas and air. This can lead to flames that are of low quality. You can try setting the air shutter when the air supply is not enough as it can help in fixing the issue. If this is not the problem then insufficient gas can be the issue here. You can try calling a professional technician.

Gas odor

If there is a smell of gas when the pilot flame isn’t lit then you need to relight the pilot but make sure that the house is ventilated properly. When there is a gas smell when the electric igniter is turned on. You need to make sure that all the burners are in off position and after that turn off the gas supply of the stove and call someone who is an expert in this field.

Noisy flame

This is also an issue that is faced by many people. This usually tends to happen when too much or gas is present. If there is too much air or gas on the burner then you can notice a noisy flame. You can try adjusting the shutter to know if too much air is the problem or not. You can leave this issue for the professionals if you don’t want to do anything on your own or you can’t find the solution.

Some safety considerations

When you are testing or fixing a gas stove it is very important to be cautious and careful. Make sure that you never keep your head over or near the gas stove assuming that the pilot light won’t work as it has failed to work previously. Work in a place that is well ventilated as if there is an accumulation of too much gas a little spark can cause big problems. If you are not sure about what is to be done then leaving the case for the professionals can be a better option than trying things out. Click here to check the price of the best Gas stove Conclusion These were some of the most common problems that can occur with a gas stove. If you are having a gas stove then you might be familiar with some of them. However, they are also very easy to fix. I have mentioned some of the problems that can arise while using a gas stove and also mentioned how they can be fixed. I hope this article is useful and relevant to you. Reference  

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