How Long Does It Take For A Fridge To Get Cold?

Last Updated on March 26, 2022

You’ve heard that fridges take time to get cold.
But how long does it really take?
And why does it depend on the fridge model?
The average refrigerator takes 24 hours to reach its optimal temperature.
This means that it can store food safely for only 8 hours at the maximum.
If you want to extend this period, you’ll need to invest in a new fridge or freezer.
To answer these questions, we need to look into the physics behind refrigeration.
In order to understand how a fridge works, let’s start from the inside out

Why Your Fridge Doesn’t Get Cold

A refrigerator is a mechanical device used to store perishable items such as meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, beverages, and other perishables. Refrigerators are usually found in kitchens and are designed to maintain the temperature of the stored goods below 40 degrees Fahrenheit 4 degrees Celsius. How long does it take for a fridge to get cold? This depends on many factors, but generally speaking, it takes about 24 hours for a fridge to cool down from room temperature to 0 degrees Fahrenheit 32 degrees Celsius.

What Factors Impact The Cooling Time Of A Fridge?

Refrigerator cooling time depends on several factors, including the type of refrigerator, the ambient temperature outside, and how full the refrigerator is. For instance, if the refrigerator door is left open, the air inside the refrigerator will warm up faster than if the door is closed. Also, refrigerators with larger storage capacities tend to take longer to cool down than smaller ones.


A side-by-side refrigerator takes longer to cool down because it has two compartments instead of one. This is why many people prefer side-by-side refrigerators. Ambient Temperature Answer: Refrigerators usually take longer to cool down when the ambient temperature is higher. In other words, if the weather is hot outside, the fridge will take longer to cool down.

The Temperature Of The Room

Refrigerators usually take longer when the temperature of the room is lower. For instance, if the room is cold, the fridge will take a long time to cool down.

Where The Fridge Was Stored

If the refrigerator was stored outside, the temperature of the room will affect how quickly the refrigerator cools down. If the room is cold, then the refrigerator will take a long time.

Age And Condition

Refrigerators age differently depending on the type of fridge. A side-by-side refrigerator will last longer than a top freezer because the ice maker is located in the bottom section. Refrigerator doors are another factor. A door that sticks or squeaks could mean that the seals around the hinges are worn out. This could lead to moisture getting into the unit and causing mold growth.

How Often You Open The Fridge Door

Most people open the fridge door every day. However, if you only open the door occasionally, it’s not a good idea to leave the door open for long periods of time. That way, the cold air from the fridge can get trapped inside the fridge and warm up the contents. It’s better to open the door only when you’re about to eat something.

Empty Vs Full

If you have a full fridge, you’ll notice that the temperature inside the fridge stays constant. This is because the refrigerator uses a fan to circulate the cold air around the inside of the fridge. If you have an empty fridge, however, the temperature inside the fridge drops significantly. This is because the fan doesn’t circulate any cold air around the inside. So, if you have an empty fridge and you open the door frequently, the temperature inside the refrigerator will drop quickly.

How Do You Know When The Fridge Is Cold Enough To Store Food?

If you store food in the fridge, you know how cold it needs to be to ensure safe storage. But what if you’re not sure whether the fridge is cold enough? Here’s how to tell if the fridge is cold enough to store food safely.

How Long Does A New Fridge Take To Cool?

A new refrigerator takes about 24 hours to cool down from 70 degrees Fahrenheit 21 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Fahrenheit 4 degrees Celsius. This cooling process usually happens overnight. However, if you leave the door open while the refrigerator is cooling down, the temperature could drop faster. How Much Time Should I Leave My Refrigerator Open Before Storing Foods? Answer: It depends on how long you expect to keep your food. For example, if you plan on keeping your food for only a week, you can leave the door open longer. On the other hand, if you plan on storing your food for several months, you should keep the door closed until the temperature reaches 40 degrees Fahrenheit 4°C.

How Long Should A New Fridge Run When Plugged In?

If you plug in your fridge right after purchasing it, it will run for about 12 hours. After that, it will start running slowly. What Is The Best Way To Store Food In The Fridge? Answer: Keep your food in the freezer section of the refrigerator. This way, you won’t have to worry about bacteria growing on the surface of the food.

How Long Does It Take For A Fridge To Get Cold After A Power Outage?

It takes about 30 minutes for a fridge to get cold after a power outage.

Fridge Door Left Open: How Long Will It Take It To Get Cold Again?

If the door is left open, it will take longer to get cold again.

Tips For Speeding Up The Cooling Process Of The Fridge

To speed up the cooling process of the fridge, you can place ice cubes in the freezer compartment. This will help cool down the refrigerator faster. You can also put a wet towel in the freezer compartment to absorb moisture from the air. This will help reduce humidity in the freezer compartment. Another way to speed up the cooling process is to remove the shelves from the refrigerator. This will allow more airflow into the refrigerator.

Keep The Fridge Away From The Wall

If you notice that the refrigerator is getting warm, move it away from the wall. This will prevent the hot air from circulating around the walls of the refrigerator.

Don’t Open The Door

Don’t open the door of the refrigerator while it is running. It will cause the compressor to stop working.

Keep The Room Cool

If you leave the room cool enough, it won’t get hot. Keep the room cool by opening windows and doors and turning off lights. Use A Fan Answer: Use a fan to circulate air around the room.

Put Ice In The Freezer

Put ice in the freezer to help keep the room cool. Keep It Clean Answer: Keep the room clean by cleaning the floor and walls. Turn Off Lights And Electronics Answer: Turn off the lights and electronics.

Keep The Coils Clean

Clean the coils of the refrigerator. Use A Fan Answer: Use a fan to circulate air around the house.

Don’t Store Warm Food In The Fridge

Store warm food in the freezer instead of the fridge. Keep Your Refrigerator Freezer Full Answer: Put items that you don’t eat right away into the freezer. Make Sure To Defrost Foods Properly Answer: Make sure to defrost frozen foods properly.

Plug In The Fridge Properly

Plug in the refrigerator properly. Don’t Overfill It Answer: Don’t fill your refrigerator completely. Use A Thermometer For Measuring Temperature Answer: Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of your refrigerator. Check The Door Gasket Regularly Answer: Check the door gasket regularly. Clean Out The Compartment That Contains Leftovers Answer: Clean out the compartment that contains leftovers.

How long does it take for a fridge to get cold after plugging it in?

A refrigerator needs to be turned off after 24 hours of being unplugged. This is because the compressor runs continuously while the unit is plugged in. After 24 hours, the compressor stops running and the cooling system shuts down.

How long after plugging in a fridge can it be used?

Refrigerators are designed to maintain items cold for a certain period of time. Refrigerator manufacturers specify how long the refrigerator will keep food cold. This is called the “refrigeration life”. It is usually measured in hours. For instance, if a refrigerator is rated at 24 hours refrigeration life, it means that it will keep food cold for 24 hours. After that, the food will begin to spoil. The longer the refrigerator keeps food cold, the longer the food will last. So, the longer the refrigerator keeps food cool, the longer the food can stay in the refrigerator.

How long does a fridge need to be on before use?

It depends on how many fans are running inside the refrigerator. A single fan will cool down the air inside the refrigerator quickly but if two or three fans are running simultaneously, the cooling process will be slower. It takes about 10 minutes for the temperature to drop from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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