John Lewis Freezer Not Freezing [Solution]

You bought a new freezer, but it won’t freeze anything.
What should you do?
If you’ve ever had a problem with your freezer freezing food, then you’ll probably agree that it’s annoying.
The worst part is that you don’t even know why it’s happening.
It’s important to note that the temperature inside your fridge or freezer has nothing to do with whether or not it freezes things.
In fact, the temperature inside your refrigerator or freezer is irrelevant

John Lewis Freezer Not Freezing – Quick Fix

If you have a freezer that won’t freeze, check if the door is open. It could be that the ice tray isn’t full enough or that the ice tray is not placed correctly. If the door is closed but the freezer still won’t freeze try placing the ice tray in another part of the freezer. If the problem persists contact customer services.

1. Start Relay

2. Press the button marked “Start” 3. Wait until the display explains “Freeze”

2. Evaporator Coils

1. Start relay 2. Press the button marked "Start" 3. Wait until the display says "Freeze" 4. Evaporator coils 5. Water tank 6. Condenser 7. Fan 8. Drain 9. Filter 10. Display 11. Control panel 12. Power supply 13. Safety switch 14. Main fuse 15. Overload protection 16. Thermostat 17. Timer 18. Temperature sensor 19. Vent 20. Heater 21. Light 22. LCD 23. LED 24. Button 25. Switch 26. Heat indicator 27. Humidity indicator 28. Temp. indicator 29. Time 30. On/off 31. Reset 32. Status 33. Power 34. Power off 35. Power on 36. Off 37. On 38. Off 39. On 40. Off 41. On 42. Off 43. On 44. Off 45. On 46. Off 47. On 48. Off 49. On 50. Off 51. On 52. Off 53. On 54. Off 55. On 56. Off 57. On 58. Off 59. On 60. Off 61. On 62. Off 63. On 64. Off 65. On 66. Off 67.

3. Evaporator Fan Motor

1. Start relay 2. press the button marked "start" 3. wait until the display says "freeze" 4. evaporator coils 5. water tank 6. condenser 7. fan 8. drain 9. filter 10. display 11. control panel 12. power supply 13. safety switch 14. main fuse 15. overload protection 16. thermostat 17. timer 18. temperature sensor 19. vent 20. heater 21. light 22. lcd 23. led 24. button 25. switch 26. heat indicator 27. humidity indicator 28. temp. indicator 29. time 30. on/off 31. reset 32. status 33. power 34. power off 35. power on 36. off 37. on 38. off 39. on 40. off 41. on 42. off 43. on 44. off 45. on 46. off 47. on 48. off 49. on 50. off 51. on 52. off 53. on 54. off 55. on 56. off 57. on 58. off 59. on 60. off 61. on 62. off 63. on 64. off 65. on 66. off

4. Temperature Control Thermostat

1. start relay 2. press the buttons marked "start" 3."wait until the display says "Freeze" 4. evaporators coils 5. water tank6. condensers7. fan8. drain9. filter10.display11.control panel12.power switch14.main fuse15.overload protection16.thermostat17.timer18.temperature sensor19.vent20.heater21.light22.lcd23.led24.button25.switch26.heat indicator27.humidity indicator28.temp.indicator29.time30.on/off31.reset32.status33.power34.power off35.power on36.off37.on38.off39.on40.off41.on42.off43.on44.off45.on46.off47.on48.off49.on50.off51.on52.off53.on54.off55.on56.off57.on58.off59.on60.off61.on62.off63.on64.off65.on66.off67.on68.off69.on70.off71.on72.off73.on74.off75.on76.off77.on78.off79.on80.off81.on82.off83.on84.off85.on86.off87.on88.off89.on90.off91.on92.off93.on94.off95.on96.off97.on98.off99.on100.off101.on102.off103.on104.off105.on106.off107.on108.off109.on110.off111.on112.off113.on114.off115.on116.off117.on118.off119.on120.off121.on122.off123.on124.off125.on126.off127.on128.off129.on130.off131.on132.off133.on134.off135.on136.off137.on138.off139.on140.off141.on142.off143.on144.off145.on146.off147.on148.off149.on150.off151.on152.off153.on154.off155.on156.off157.on158.off159.on160.off161.on162.off163.on164.off165.on166.off167.on168.off169.on170.off171.on172.off173.on174.off175.on176.off177.on178.off179.on180.off181.on182.off183.on184.off185.on186.off187.on188.off189.on

5. Condenser Coils

6. Water Filter Answer:

6. Condenser Fan Motor

5. Condenser Coil Answer: 4. Water Filter Answer : 3. Water Heater Answer: 2. Thermostat Answer: 1. Water Valve Answer:

Basic Things to Check

1. Make sure the thermostat is set correctly. 2. Make sure the condenser fan motor is working properly.

Why is my refrigerator making a moaning noise?

Freezers are designed to freeze items quickly and efficiently. However, if you leave your freezer door open for too long, the air inside the freezer can warm up and become stagnant. This can lead to ice buildup inside the freezer. To prevent this from happening, you should check your freezer periodically and clean any ice buildups off the walls and shelves. Also, ensure that the freezer door is closed tightly.

How do I fix my freezer not freezing?

If you notice that your freezer isn’t freezing properly, it could be because of several reasons. One of the main reasons why your freezer won’t freeze is if it’s not plugged into power. Make sure that your freezer is plugged into a working outlet. Also, make sure that the electricity is turned off. If your freezer still isn’t frozen after turning the electricity back on, try plugging it into another outlet. This way, you’ll know whether the problem lies within the electrical system or the freezer itself. If the problem persists, call a professional repairman to check the unit. If everything else fails, you can always buy a new freezer.

How do you fix a freezer that is not freezing?

Freezers are very important appliances for every household. It is essential to maintain the freezer properly to avoid any damage. In case you notice that the freezer is not working well, you should check if the compressor is working correctly. If the compressor does not work, then you should contact a professional to repair it. A damaged compressor could lead to other problems such as ice build up, frozen pipes, and even burst pipes. To prevent these issues from happening, you should clean the coils and vents regularly. If you see any debris stuck in the coils, you should remove it immediately. If you notice any leakages around the door, you should stop using the freezer until the problem is fixed.

What do you do when your freezer doesn’t freeze?

Freezers are very important appliances in our homes. It keeps our food frozen and ready to eat whenever we need it. But sometimes, freezers stop working properly. This could happen because of many reasons such as power outage, malfunctioning parts, or even improper maintenance. In order to solve these problems, you can contact a professional repair service provider who can help you get back to normalcy.

Why is my freezer cold but not freezing?

If you hear a whining sound coming from your fridge, it could mean that something is wrong with the compressor. This is usually caused by a bad connection between the compressor and the evaporator coil. To fix this problem, you will need to replace the evaporator coil.

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