New York Strip Vs Ribeye – What’s The Difference?

Last Updated on March 26, 2022

When it comes to steak, New Yorkers love their strip steaks.
They’re lean, tender and juicy.
But ribeyes are also very good.
Which one should I order?
There are two types of steak cuts: ribeye also known as prime and New York strip.
Both are from the loin area of beef, but they differ in size, shape and texture.
Both steak cuts are delicious, but each has its pros and cons.
If you want to enjoy both, try ordering a New York strip cut into medallions.
This way, you get the flavor of the ribeye without the extra fat

New York Strip

A strip steak is cut from the flat muscle of the beef. It is usually sold as a single piece of meat. A rib eye steak comes from the loin area of the cow. It is usually cut into two pieces. Both types of steak are very popular cuts of beef. However, not all steaks are created equal. While a rib eye steak is generally larger than a strip steak, it does not always mean it is better. In fact, many people prefer the flavor of a strip steak because it is leaner and therefore contains fewer calories. Rib Eye Steak Answer: A rib eye steak is cut from the loin area the top part of the steer. It is usually cut in half lengthwise. This allows the diner to eat the tenderloins and filets separately. The tenderloin is the thin, tender section of the rib eye steak. It is usually served rare. The filet is the thickest portion of the rib eye steak and is usually cooked medium. The filet is sometimes referred to as the “prime” steak.


A strip steak is cut across the grain from the flat muscle of beef. It is usually about 1/2 inch thick. It is usually sold in packages of 2 or 4 strips. A rib eye steak is cut across the bone from the loin area. It is usually about 3/4 inch thick. It is typically served well done. Flavor Answer: Both steaks are delicious but the rib eye steak is more flavorful. Rib eyes tend to be thicker and tougher than strip steaks. That being said, if you are looking for something quick and easy, a rib eye steak may be the way to go.

Taste & Texture

Rib eye steak is very tender and juicy. Strip steak is leaner and has a slightly gamey flavor. Both taste great cooked medium rare. Price Answer: Strip steak is cheaper than rib eye steak.

Cooking NY Strip

NY strip is usually cut from the loin section of the beef. It is leaner than rib eye and therefore cooks faster.


Cooking NY strip is very similar to cooking ribeye steak. The difference between the two is that NY strips are thinner cuts of meat. This means that they cook faster and are easier to overcook. To avoid overcooking the steak, you should cook it until medium rare. For medium rare, the steak should reach 145 degrees F 63 C. Medium rare is a safe range for cooking steak.

Cooking Ribeye

To cook a rib eye steak, you should season it well with salt and pepper. Then place it into a hot skillet and sear it for about 2 minutes per side. Remove from the pan and let rest for 5 minutes. Slice the steak across the grain and serve immediately.

New York Strip Vs. Ribeye Comparison

Ribeyes are cut from the loin section of the steer. New York strip steaks are cut from the sirloin section. Both cuts are very lean and tender. However, ribeyes tend to be larger than new york strips.

How do you choose the right steak?

New York strip is a leaner steak than ribeye. It is usually served medium rare. It has a higher fat content than ribeye. New York strip is generally cheaper than ribeye.

What is the best cut of steak?

The best cut of steak is rib eye. Rib eye is the most expensive cut of steak. It is very tender and flavorful. How long does a steak last? Answer: A steak lasts about 4 hours if cooked properly.

Is New York strip a good cut of steak?

New York strip is not a good cut of steak. It’s tough and dry. What is the difference between a T-bone and a Porterhouse steak? Answer: A T-bone is a thick steak from the short loin area of the cow. A Porterhouse steak is a thicker steak from the same area but it is cut into two pieces.

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