Nutella Balls

Last Updated on March 26, 2022

What would you say if I told you that Nutella balls are the easiest dessert ever?
They are delicious, nutritious, and they don’t require any cooking skills or equipment.
Nutella has become a household name over the years.
The chocolate spread was originally created in Italy in 1945 by two brothers named Pietro and Ugo Manetti.
Since then, the brand has grown into a global phenomenon.
In fact, Nutella is now sold in more than 100 countries around the world.
"Nutella Balls" is a recipe from my friend and fellow food blogger, Mariana.
She shared her secret with me, and I am sharing it with you today

Why Nutella?

Nutella is a delicious chocolate spread made from hazelnuts, cocoa powder, sugar, milk, and vanilla extract. It was created in Italy in 1964 by Ferrero SpA.

Which Chocolate Should I Use?

Chocolate is a type of sweet food that comes from cacao beans. Cacao beans are dried fruit seeds that are processed into nibs and ground into a paste called “cocoa”. Cocoa is then mixed with sugar and other ingredients to produce different types of chocolates. What Are the Different Types of Chocolates? Answer: There are many different types of chocolaty treats available today. These include dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and even truffles. Each type of chocolate has its own unique flavor and texture. Dark chocolate is rich and bitter while milk chocolate is mild and smooth. White chocolate is similar to milk chocolate but contains no dairy products. Truffles are very expensive because they are made using only the finest quality ingredients.

Sweet Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is usually made from cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, and sometimes salt. It is not recommended for people who have diabetes because it contains a lot of sugar. Milk chocolate is mostly made from cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar, and vanilla. It is low in fat and calories. White chocolate is made from cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, sugar, vanilla, lecithin, and emulsifiers. It does not contain any dairy products. Milk Chocolate Answer: Milk chocolate is made from cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder or powdered nonfat dry milk, sugar, vanilla, and lecithin. It is lower in fat than regular chocolate. White chocolate is made with cocoa butter, skimmed powdered milk, sugar, vanilla, emulsifiers, and lecithine. It does not contain dairy products.

Milk Chocolate

White chocolate is made from cocoa butters, skimmed powdered milk or powdered nonfat dry milks, sugar, vanilla, lecithin, and emulgators. It does not contain milk products. Milk Chocolates Answer: Dark chocolate is made from cocoa beans, sugar, vanilla, salt, and other flavorings. It is higher in fat than white chocolate. Milk chocolate is made from cocoa bean, skimmed milk powder or powdered nonfat dry milk, sugar, vanilla, and emulsifiers such as lecithin. Milk chocolate is lower in fat than dark chocolate. White chocolate is similar to milk chocolate except it uses skimmed powdered milk instead of whole milk powder.

Unsweetened Chocolate

Unsweetened chocolate is made from cocoa butter, cocoa solids, sugar, and vanilla. It contains no dairy ingredients. Unsweetened chocolate is used mainly for baking and candy making. Dark chocolate is made from cocoa solids, sugar and vanilla. It contains about 50% more calories than unsweetened chocolate. Milk chocolate is similar to unsweetened chocolate except it uses skim milk powder instead of whole milk powder and it contains less sugar. White chocolate is made from cocoa powder, sugar, and vanilla and it contains less fat than milk chocolate. Cocoa Powder Answer: Cocoa powder is made from ground cacao beans. It is usually sold in two forms: natural unsweetened and sweetened. Natural cocoa powder is darker in color because it contains more of the bitter compounds found in cacao beans. Sweetened cocoa powder is made from roasted and ground cacao beans mixed with sugar. Both types of cocoa powder are used in baking and cooking.

Bittersweet Chocolate

Bitterweet chocolate is made from cocoa liquor the solid part of the cocoa bean and sugar. Bitterweet chocolate is sweeter than semisweet chocolate and bittersweet chocolate is sweeter still. Bittersweet chocolate is used mostly for baking and cooking. Semisweet chocolate is made from cacao liquor, sugar, and cocoa butter. Semisweet chocolate has a milder flavor than bittersweet chocolate. Semisweet chocolate can be used interchangeably with bittersweet chocolate. Milk Chocolate Answer: Milk chocolate is made from cocoa paste, sugar, skim milk powder, and vanilla. It is not as rich as dark chocolate but it does contain some milk solids. Milk chocolate is used mostly for eating. White chocolate is made only from cocoa paste and sugar. It contains very little milk solids. White chocolate is used mostly for decorating.

Tips and Tricks When Making Nutella Balls

Nutella balls are easy to make. Just mix together nutella, powdered sugar, and melted butter until well combined. Roll into walnut sized balls and place on wax paper lined cookie sheet. Freeze for about 30 minutes. Then roll in chopped nuts. Store in freezer.

How to Make Nutella Balls

If you love making homemade treats, here are some tips and tricks for making delicious Nutella balls. 1 Use a stand mixer to combine the ingredients. This way you won’t have to worry about getting any lumps in your batter. 2 Add 1/4 cup of powdered sugar to the bowl. Mix thoroughly.

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