How Much Bacon Per Person?

Bacon is delicious, but too much of anything isn’t good for you. How much bacon per person should you eat? Bacon is a great source of protein, but some people say they can’t handle the smell or taste of it. Others claim that bacon makes them fat. According to the USDA, the average American eats … Read more

Can You Freeze Turkey Bacon?

Turkey bacon is delicious, but it also has a high fat content. Can you freeze turkey bacon? Turkey bacon is a type of smoked pork belly. It’s often served cold or at room temperature. The fatty meat is usually sliced thin and eaten alone or added to salads. Yes, you can freeze turkey bacon. In … Read more

The Difference Between Ham And Bacon

There are two types of bacon: ham and bacon. What’s the difference between them? Bacon is cured pork belly meat. Ham is uncured pork loin or leg meat. Both are delicious, but they come from different animals. Ham comes from pigs, while bacon comes from cows. Pigs produce less fat than cows, so their meat … Read more

What Is Irish Bacon? – The Complete Guide

What is Irish bacon? How does it differ from American bacon? And why should I eat it? Ireland has a rich culinary history, and its food culture is no exception. From potato chips to soda bread, Irish cuisine is full of unique flavors and ingredients. One of these is Irish bacon, a type of cured … Read more