Why Does My Ground Beef Smell Like Eggs?

Have you ever wondered why your ground beef smells like eggs? Well, it turns out, it has nothing to do with your cooking skills or even the quality of the meat. In fact, it’s because of the way your refrigerator stores it. Ground beef is often stored in plastic bags inside the refrigerator. This causes … Read more

What Does Cilantro Smell Like?

Cilantro has become a trendy ingredient in modern cooking. What does cilantro smell like? The answer to this question depends on where you live. In the United States, cilantro smells like soap or even fish. In India, however, it smells like fresh mint leaves. Cilantro is often used in Mexican cuisine, especially salsa. It also … Read more

Refrigerator Compressor Burning Smell [Solutions]

You’ve probably heard of refrigerators before, but did you know they also come in different sizes? There are two types of compressors in refrigerators – electric and gas. The type of compressor depends on the size of the fridge. For example, smaller fridges usually have electric compressors whereas larger ones have gas compressors. Electric compressors … Read more