Yeti Rambler vs. Thermos

Last Updated on July 1, 2022

Have you ever wondered where the name Yeti comes from? Well, it was named after a mythical creature called a Yeti, who supposedly lives in the Himalayas. The Yeti is said to live in caves, eat raw meat, and drink blood.

Yeti rambler is a brand new type of beverage with a unique taste. This beverage has no caffeine or sugar added to it. Instead, it contains natural ingredients such as green tea extract, ginseng, and guarana.

It is a refreshing drink that helps boost energy levels and provides a great source of antioxidants. It also helps improve focus and concentration.

Which would you choose? The Yeti Rambler or the Thermos?

The Yeti Rambler is a stainless steel insulated thermos that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours at a time. It also comes with a built-in straw and has a capacity of 12 ounces. On the other hand, the Thermos is a plastic container with a lid that holds 6 cups.

Both containers are great choices for storing beverages. However, each has its pros and cons. For example, the Yeti Rambler can keep drinks warm longer than the Thermos. Also, the Yeti Ramber costs less than the Thermos.

Yeti Rambler vs. Thermos

The Yeti Rambler is an insulated stainless steel thermos that keeps drinks warm or cold for hours. It also comes with an integrated straw and has a capacity for 12 oz.

On the other hand the Thermos is a cheap plastic container that holds up to six cups. Both containers are good options for storing beverages but which one should you buy? Let’s find out!

1. Capacity

The Yeti Ramber has a larger capacity than the Thermos. It can hold up to 12 ounces while the Thermos only holds 6 cups. If you like drinking large amounts of coffee then this could be your best choice.

2. Insulation

The Yeti Rambler is insulated so it will stay warmer for longer than the Thermos which means you can enjoy your favorite beverage without worrying about getting too hot.

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3. Design

The Yeti Ramber looks more stylish than the Thermos. Its sleek design makes it look modern and classy. You can even use it as a gift if you want.

4. Price

The Yeti Rambler costs $19.99 while the Thermos costs $9.99. So, the Yeti Rambler is cheaper than the Thermos. But, remember that the price difference is not very big.

5. Safety

The Yeti Ramber is made of stainless steel which makes it safe to use. While the Thermos is made of plastic which may break easily.

6. Durability

The Yeti Rambers are sturdy and durable. They have high quality materials that make them last for years. The Thermos on the other hand is flimsy and easy to crack.

7. Size

The Yeti Ramblers come in different sizes. There is a small size (10oz) and a medium size (12oz). The Thermos however comes in just two sizes: a small (8oz) and a large (16oz).

8. Weight

The Yeti Ramber weighs 3.5 pounds while the Thermos weighs 2.5 pounds. That means the Yeti Ramber is heavier than the Thermos. However, both containers are light enough to carry around.

9. Storing

If you need to store something in your car, the Yeti Rambler is better because it does not take up much space. In contrast, the Thermos takes up a lot of room.

10. Material

The Yeti Rambler is made of stainless steel while the Thermos is made from plastic. Stainless steel is stronger than plastic.

What is Yeti Rambler?

The Yeti Ramber is a stainless steel insulated thermal bottle that keeps drinks cool or warm for hours. It also has a built-in straw. This product was designed by Steve Spangler.

It is ideal for people who love traveling, camping, hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, hunting, etc.

It is available at

What is Thermos?

The Thermos is a plastic insulated thermal bottle that keeps food and drinks cold or hot for hours. It is great for picnics, road trips, tailgating, camping, etc.

It comes with a built-in straw and is available at

Which One Should I Buy?

Both products are useful when you go on long hikes or outdoor activities. But, there are some things you need to consider before making a purchase.

First, check the capacity of each item. The Yeti Ramber can hold up to 12 oz while the Thermos can hold only 6 oz.

Second, choose between insulated and non-insulated items. Both Yeti Ramber and Thermos are good choices but they differ in terms of insulation.

Third, think about how often you plan to use the container. If you do not use it often, then it is best to buy an inexpensive one.

Fourth, decide whether you prefer style over function. The Yeti Rambler is more fashionable than the Thermos.

Finally, consider the material used to make the product. The Yeti Rambers are made of stainless steel while Thermos is made of cheap plastic.

Can I use my Yeti Cup as a thermos?

Yes! You can use any cup as a thermos. Just fill it with water and freeze it overnight.

How do you clean the Yeti Rambers?

You should wash the Yeti Rambers using soap and hot water. Make sure you rinse it well after washing.

How do you keep the Yeti Rambers cool?

To keep the Yeti Ramber cool, put ice cubes inside the container. To heat the drink, remove the ice cubes.

Is the Yeti Rambers safe?

Yes! Yeti Rambers are very safe. They are BPA free and lead free.

Are the Yeti Rambers eco friendly?

Yes! The Yeti Rambers were designed to be eco-friendly. They are recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

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Do you know where to find the Yeti Rambers?

You can get the Yeti Rambers at Click here to visit their website.

Where can you find the Thermoses?

You can get them at Click here for more information.

Does Yeti Rambler keep food hot?

No. The Yeti Ramblers are not suitable for keeping food hot.

Does the Yeti Ramblers come with a lid?

Yes. It comes with a lid that fits tightly. Additionally, it has a leak proof cap.

When it comes to beverages, we all love to consume them as soon as they are ready, hot drink and delectable, because they are at their finest flavour when consumed as soon as they are made.

Since of the stress and work in everyone’s lives, they can’t find time to consume these freshly made beverages because they don’t have enough time. There are instances when we create cold beverages, which are also enjoyed when consumed cold.

When you’re out working, keeping your beverages hot on a chilly winter day or keeping them cold on a hot summer day becomes critical. You no longer need to be concerned about this because you will be able to enjoy your beverages as soon as they are made, but certain firms’ goods may assist you in keeping these beverages at a consistent temperature throughout the day. It can keep hot water hot and cold water cold for a long time.

Yeti and Thermos are two of the top brands that sell such items. Thermos is a well-known brand that has been around since 1904 and is well-known by many people. Yeti Rambler, on the other hand, is a recent addition to the market, albeit it is almost ten years old. Today, in this post, I’ll try to do the greatest comparison between the Yeti Rambler Bottle and the Thermos Stainless King, and tell you which is the best decision for you and gives the most value for money.

Yeti Rambler

The Yeti Rambler bottle is an insulated tumbler beverage container with a stainless steel lid. The insulation keeps drinks warm or cool depending upon how much heat or ice is added into the bottle. This product was designed to provide maximum protection against extreme temperatures while maintaining its shape and integrity. It features a double-wall construction that provides superior thermal insulation properties.

This thermos is one of the oldest products available today. Its design dates back to 1892. Yeti has been on the market for ten years and is unquestionably popular because of its goods and the performance they provide. Their goods are jam-packed with innovative new features and are reasonably priced. When it comes to the Yeti Rambler tumbler, there are numerous versions to choose from, and today I’ll focus on the one with the 36-ounce stainless steel bottle.

The bottle’s construction material adds to its robustness since it is extremely durable and sturdy enough to resist harsh circumstances. The bottle is made of stainless steel and has an 18/8 gauge stainless steel bottle structure, which increases its durability. This bottle will last you a long time and will resist whatever you throw at it. The bottle is vacuum-sealed and features a strong bottle top, which helps maintain the drink’s temperature steady and the same as when it was put into the Yeti Rambler.

The best part about the bottle is that even if you keep extremely hot or cold liquids in it, the double-walled insulation can work its magic, allowing you to grasp it without burning your hands. You’ll have no idea how hot the beverage is inside. You won’t have to worry about condensation because the bottle doesn’t have a sweating design, so it won’t become wet and you’ll be able to handle it effortlessly.

If you are thinking to buy the 36-ounce Yeti Rambler Bottle, click on this link and check the price

Thermos Stainless Steel King

With their supply of such dependable and performance-packed items, Thermos has become a highly renowned firm in the industry. They’ve been in business since 1904 and haven’t missed an opportunity to please their consumers.

Thermos was the first vacuum-sealed cup, and it has maintained its reputation since its inception. Thermos’ products feature a 40-ounce capacity, so you can store a lot of drinks without having to continually refilling it. This ensures that you have a reliable backup throughout the day.

Although the bottle has a high capacity, it is still quite portable and can be easily transported with you while maintaining comfort. The thermos’ exterior is made of stainless steel, which is extremely robust and can readily resist anything thrown at it. It also features a double line of vacuum insulation to assist keep the top of the line temperature consistent.

The thermos comes with an insulated stainless steel cup that can be used to serve the beverage and makes sipping from it a breeze. Even when extremely hot beverages are stored, the material utilized allows you to touch and grip the bottle, and it is sweat-proof when cold beverages are stored.

For temperature retention, this container makes use of vacuum insulation technology. It’s a fantastic choice for keeping both hot and cold beverages. The capacity is sufficient to keep a substantial number of your beverages, which may serve as an excellent backup for the entire day. It comes with a push-button locking lid that makes operations much more convenient.

The bottle is built with double vacuum insulated walls to preserve liquids at a constant temperature. It has the ability to keep drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Stainless steel is used on the exterior and interior, ensuring that you can hold it while the drink is really hot and that it does not sweat when the drink is cool enough.

If you are thinking to buy the 40-ounce Thermos Stainless Steel King, click on this link and check the price

Yeti Rambler vs. Thermos

Which one would you like to go for? If you want to know why we chose these two bottles over others then read our review below!


The Yeti Rambler is highly polished, and it glows in the sunshine during the day. In the sunlight, it gleams. The substance utilized is also anti-fingerprint. It is susceptible to scratches owing to stainless steel, which is prone to scratches and smudges with time.

The thermos stainless steel king comes in a variety of colors. The design is quite appealing, and holding it in your hand will give you a pleasant sensation. The slim form also offers a pleasing appearance to the eyes. It becomes quite difficult to make aesthetic decisions since it becomes a highly subjective test. Both of these goods have a nice appearance and some eye-catching features.

When it comes to looks, it’s a tie. If you ask me which one to pick, I’d say the Yeti, but the stainless steel is easily scratched.


Both of these items are well-made and extremely long-lasting. They can resist whatever you throw at them and are durable enough to survive a long time with you.

The Thermos is meant to be somewhat thinner and taller than the Yeti. The yeti rambler is quite stable, and it outperforms the Thermos when it comes to stability. It can also withstand greater punishment than the Thermos.

As a result, the Yeti Rambler stands out in terms of construction.

Temperature Retention

When it comes to temperature, both items perform admirably.

The Yeti can keep your ice from melting for more than 24 hours, and it can keep your drinks cold for up to a day after being stored. The thermos will keep your drink cold for about the same amount of time, but the Rambler barely edges out the Stainless King in this category.

When it comes to hot drinks, they can easily be maintained hot for 4-5 hours, but beyond that time, they start to cool down. The Thermos is constructed in such a manner that it claims to keep your coffee hot for up to 12 hours, but in reality, after 4 to 5 hours, your coffee will begin to cool fast.

The temperature retention factor goes to Yeti Rambler


When it comes to comfort and convenience of use, the thermos is a better option because it is a little simpler to use. The thermos is lighter and easier to carry than the Yeti. It also comes with a serving cup, which the Yeti does not have.

The Yeti Rambler’s aperture is wide, making it difficult to drink and more prone to spoiling while drinking. Thermos, on the other hand, is considerably more convenient to drink.

Without a question, Thermos wins in terms of ease of use.


Yeti is a well-known brand that is recognised for its high-quality items, but its prices are also costly, in line with their excellence. They have a hefty price tag, which is one of its primary disadvantages.

You will not be disappointed with anything you buy from this firm, but you will pay a premium price. Thermos, on the other hand, has a wide range of items that are both affordable and of high quality. The Thermos Stainless King is a product that has additional features in the cup, offers equal performance, and costs somewhat less than the Yeti Rambler.


If you want an item that will last longer, then go for the Yeti Ramblers. However, if you’re looking for something that is easy to use and won’t cost too much, then choose the Thermos. Its a subjective decision in the end.

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