5 Best Domino Hobs Available In The UK

Last Updated on July 1, 2022

Domino hobs are great for cooking pizza, pasta or even baking bread. They are also very versatile and can be used for other things such as roasting vegetables, grilling meat or even baking cakes.

Domino hobs come in various sizes and shapes, from round to square. Some models are designed to fit into a standard hob, while others require their own stand. There are also some models that are designed specifically for induction cooktops.

“Domino hobs are ideal for those who want to get the most out of their kitchen without spending too much time or effort.”

NOXTON 4 Zone Induction Hob Built-in Domino Electric Hobs Cooktop 60cm Black Glass with Sensor Touch Control Child Safe Lock for 220V—240V

The Domino 3 is a compact electric hob that features three separate zones, making it perfect for smaller kitchens. It has an easy-to-use touch control panel with an LED display showing you exactly what’s going on inside your oven at any given moment.

Discover 10 of the Best Domino Hobs on the Market

This model comes with a safety lock so you don’t have to worry about leaving the oven unattended when you’re not around. If you’ve got a large family then this will make life easier because there’s no need to keep switching between different settings.

This model works with both gas and electricity, meaning you can use either type of fuel depending on which one suits you best. You’ll find all the usual functions like fan speed adjustment, auto shut off and temperature control.

The Domino 3 offers a wide range of options including a convection function, variable grill temperature, rotisserie, and more. All these features mean you can enjoy cooking whatever you fancy, whether it’s pizza, lasagne, fish, chicken, or steak.

If you’re looking for a small but effective cooker, then look no further than the Domino 3. This model is great value for money and gives you everything you need to create delicious meals.

Product Description and Features

• Compact size means it fits easily into tight spaces

• Three separate zones allow you to cook up to three dishes simultaneously

• Easy-to-read LED display shows you exactly what’s happening inside your oven

• Safety lock keeps the oven-safe when you’re away

• Fan speed adjustment allows you to set the optimum airflow for each dish

• Auto shut off automatically switches off after 30 minutes if left unattended

• Convection function makes food cook faster by circulating hot air directly over the surface of the pan

• Variable grill temperature lets you choose how hot you want your grill to be

• Rotisserie function helps you prepare meals quickly by turning meats and poultry over a high heat source

GIONIEN Domino Induction Hob – 30cm Built-in Electric Cooktop

A stylish, contemporary design with a sleek glass front and stainless steel body, the Gioniien Domino is the ultimate combination of form and function. With its rounded edges and curved corners, it looks stunning on your countertop.

It boasts four independent heating elements, allowing you to cook multiple foods at once. This versatile cooker is suitable for both gas and electric power sources, ensuring that you won’t have to change anything when you move house.

It has a built-in sensor touch control panel with a bright LED display that displays the current temperature of each zone. This makes it easy to see what’s cooking without having to open the door.

You can also adjust the fan speed to suit the particular needs of each meal. There are even two programmable timers, one for slow cooking and one for fast cooking.


• Four independent heating elements give you complete flexibility in preparing multiple dishes at once

• Touch control panel with LED display ensures you always know the exact temperature of each zone

• Sensor technology ensures even heat distribution across the entire cooking area

• Automatic shut off feature prevents overheating if left unattended

Bosch Serie 2 Domino Hob, Electric 30cm-PKF375CA1M

This Bosch hob is perfect for those who love cooking from scratch. It comes with an induction hob that heats up quickly so you don’t have to wait long before starting to cook.

With five different cooking settings, this hob will help you make all sorts of tasty dishes. You can use it for cooking pizzas, roasts, meatballs, and pasta as well as baking cakes and bread.

The adjustable thermostat allows you to regulate the heat according to the type of food you are cooking.

The Bosch hob features a safety lock system that locks the hob in place when not in use. This helps prevent accidental burns or scalding.

As well as being safe, this hob is eco-friendly too. It uses less energy than conventional hobs because it doesn’t rely on convection to distribute heat.


• Five different cooking settings allow you to cook whatever you like

• Adjustable thermostat regulates the heat to suit the type of food you’re cooking

• Safety lock keeps the hob locked in place when not in operation

• Eco-friendly: Uses less energy than traditional hobs

Siemens EH801FVB1E iQ100 79cm Induction Hob – Black

If you prefer to cook using electricity rather than gas, then this Siemens hob is ideal for you. It’s designed to work with induction pans and grills.

Siemens EH801FVB1E iQ100 79cm Induction Hob : Amazon.co.uk: Large Appliances

This model includes a variable grill temperature setting which lets you choose exactly how hot you want your grill to be.

There are three different cooking zones, allowing you to prepare everything from eggs to pizza. Each zone is controlled by an individual dial, making it easier to monitor the progress of your dish.

A digital timer means you can set the time automatically, while the auto-shutoff function stops the hob from burning out if you leave it unattended.


• Three separate cooking zones let you cook everything from eggs to pizza

• Variable grill temperature setting allows you to decide how hot you want your grilling surface to be

• Digital timer sets the time automatically

• Auto-shutoff function cuts power to stop burners overheating if left unattended.

Induction Hob, Double Induction Cooker

This double induction cooker has a total capacity of 12L. It makes cooking easy and convenient, especially when you need to cook large quantities of food.

It works with both electric and gas ovens, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of both types of heating at home.

It’s also suitable for use with induction hobs and grills. You can adjust the temperature of the two zones independently using their own dials. The automatic shut-off feature ensures that the cooker won’t continue to run after you’ve finished cooking.


• Total capacity of 12L

• Suitable for both electric and gas oven

• Can be used with induction hobs and other appliances

• Automatic shut-off prevents the hob from running continuously

Domino hobs are slender, oblong-shaped hobs that are popular kitchen appliances. Hobs are used for combining two different types of cooking methods such that two processes can be done simultaneously. They are of great use while cooking food outdoors or for a larger party and can be of handy in your kitchen as well. It is a very flexible, durable, and space-saving appliance that can help you cook food faster than ever. So why not give it a try! Today I shall attempt my best to give you a good overview of the 5 Best Domino Hobs available for you to purchase and save your mother some time. Without further wait, let us explore these at the earliest.

NOXTON 4 Zone Induction Hob Built-in Domino Electric Hobs Cooktop 60cm Black Glass with Sensor Touch Control Child Safe Lock for 220V—240V

Product Description and Features

This 4 Zone Induction Hob has four high-power burners of 2000 Watt, 1200 Watt, 2000 Watt, and 1200 Watt, giving it its name. Weighing merely 8.5 kgs it is light, easy to use, and portable, a good choice. This induction hob is mainly made from Ceramic glass and does not require any batteries as it works on electricity. With a required input of 220 volts and power consumption of 6400 watts, it is an energy-efficient appliance. Its many user-friendly features include,

  • Power level settings of 9 levels which include from a small fire to fast boiling, it also has accommodation for accurate and easy temperature changes by using touch sensors.
  • The touch sensors are so easy to handle that just by a minor touch you can boil stew, stir fry, and switch between two modes to make cooking easier and fun.
  • This Domino Hob is designed using Vitro Ceramic Glass plate design which is more durable and gives an elegant outlook.
  • The last and best feature is that it allows you full control such that you can precisely control temperatures while cooking and save fuel and energy.

Thus it is a great choice for you if you are looking to save on time and energy at a budget-friendly cost. One more thing I want you to know from my experience with it, as it heats up faster, therefore, it is advisable to use a thick-bottomed pan.

Customer reviews

It has faced very positive reviews from its users with some hiccups as well. It is

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to clean
  • Gives a good value for money

Price and Availability

With a rating of 4.4 on 5 stars on the popular e-shopping platform Amazon, it is ranked 221 on the Best Sellers list. It is available in Induction-2 color at a good and budget-friendly price, so wait for none and go ahead try it out! Shop from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07TB3QVDB/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B07TB3 We would love to hear from you about your experience.

GIONIEN Domino Induction Hob – 30cm Built-in Electric Cooktop

Product Description

Made of ceramic, available in Black color, this Induction Hob is a good choice for your kitchen to quicken up your cooking process. Weighing merely 4.5 kgs it is portable, durable, and safe around children as well. It has Built-In installation which eases out the installation part and is energy-efficient. Laced with many useful features it is a popular buy.


Some of its popular features are as follows,

  • A Timer for setting the stipulated time period as well as the facility of Over-temperature protection.
  • A Child Lock Function for the safety of children around the appliance.
  • Auto Shutdown Protection in case, if the appliance is left unattended.
  • The Hob can be directly plugged into a 13 amp socket and used, there is not much hassle in it.
  • The Sensitive touch controls help in ease of usage, ease in adjusting.
  • There are 9 Power levels and 2 Cooking Zones which help you control the parameters of the Induction Hob.
  • It has a fast-heating system that is super-efficient and responsive because it uses a magnetic field instead of gas.
  • This 30 cm wide Induction cooktop is ideal for combining with other Domino design cooktops and create a cooking area.
  • It has a Timer function for each zone separately thus reducing the possibility of burns and these timers can be modified accordingly.
  • Its size is apt for all kinds of kitchens small, office kitchens, and bigger ones as well.

Price and Availability

It is available on Amazon and you can directly place the order from the link https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0834WJ824/ref=sspa_dk_detail_4?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B0834W I Hope, this product satisfies your kitchen needs and compliments your delicious dishes as well.

Customer reviews

It has got really good reviews and a positive response from its users. With 4.3 out of 5-star ratings on Amazon, it has aced the market test. Generally, it is liked because of its ease of usage, design, ease of installation, affordable price, and value for money. I assure you, you won’t regret this buy and it will be advantageous to you and your cooking as well. Looking forward to some positive reviews from your side!

Bosch Serie 2 Domino Hob, Electric 30cm-PKF375CA1M

Product Description and Features

This Domino Hob is a radiant hob of the Domino program which eases out the cooking and cleaning process. The basic surface material is ceramic glass and it has fixed cylindrical controls at the front end. Some of its more pronounced features are

  • It is built with a 3Facette front, rear, and side profiles
  • This Domino Hob can be combined with 60, 70, 80, and 90 cm hobs
  • It has Surface-mounted controls
  • It comes built with 2 HighSpeed cooking zones which include
  • 1 Dual Zone of 0.8-2 kW and 120-180 mm diameter
  • The second zone of 1.2 kW, 145 mm
  • It also a Residual heat indicator for each zone separately.
  • For Electronic regulation inside it, there are 9 power levels.
  • It has an Electric cable for electricity input.

Price and Availability

With loads of good features and a budget-friendly price, it is the best buy for your kitchen. It is available on Amazon and you can check it out as soon as possible from https://www.amazon.sa/-/en/Bosch-Serie-Domino-Electric-30cm-PKF375CA1M/dp/B07MW4F69H Do let me know your reviews and what you think about the purchase.

Siemens EH801FVB1E iQ100 79cm Induction Hob – Black

Product Description

This Induction Hob is made of Ceramic material, black with a frameless fit. It has a feature of touch sliding controls which ease its usage while cooking. The Hob weighs merely 15 kgs making it easily portable and has a built-in installation so that you can easily install it.


  • It has one Ring zone
  • There are 5 induction cooking zones for different temperatures.
  • It has the reStart function as well.
  • A separate timer for all the zones.
  • Acoustic signal
  • 17 power levels
  • Power boost setting
  • Energy Consumption Display

Some Safety Features are,

  • An Automatic pan recognition
  • A Connection current management (20, 16, 13, 10 Amps options)
  • Automatic safety switch-off
  • A Control panel lock
  • A 2 stage residual heat indicators
  • Main ON/OFF switch

Price and Availability

It is available for you to buy online from Amazon. So, just put an order from the comfort of your home and bring this comfort to your kitchen. Shop online from, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Siemens-EH801FVB1E-iQ100-Fitting-Induction/dp/B01LW1WLBZ/r

Customer reviews

The typical queries about this product by customers are its durability, ease of usage, and dimensions. To clear these from experience I would say that it is durable, easy to use, and has apt dimensions even if not an exact fit. I would love to hear about your experience with it!

Induction Hob, Double Induction Cooker

Product Description

With a silver-edge and black polished crystal glass surface, this Induction Hob poker is an apt fit for your kitchen. Easy to fit, slim in size built with a touch control design, it is simple to control by any naive person as well.

This induction hob has two separate cooking modes with different parameters and temperature values. The power mode and temperature mode can be used suitably according to your requirements and give you a quick delicious dinner.


  • An amazing feature of this Induction hob is that it can help you in cooking two dishes together. Built with two independent heating zones this double induction hob is a great buy for your kitchen.
  • This induction hob has two separate cooking modes with different parameters and temperature values. The power mode and temperature mode can be used suitably according to your requirements and give you a quick delicious dinner.
  • It has an automatic timer which allows you to handle it with ease.
  • It is a very compatible Induction Hob on which you can use cast-iron, enameled iron, stainless steel, and magnetic bottom utensils.
  • Ultra-Thin Body
  • Independent Control
  • 10 Temperature Levels
  • Multiple Power Levels
  • Requires an Input of 3100W
  • A Safety Lock which is user-friendly

Price and Availability

It is available on Amazon for home delivery. You can place your order as soon as possible and get this induction Hob for your kitchen at the earliest. Visit https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08CKKN8WP/ref=syn_sd_onsite_desktop_9?psc=1&uh_it=4

Customer reviews

It has pleased a majority of its customers due to the dual hob as two different dishes can be prepared side-by-side. The controls and temperature settings are very easy to handle, and it is a great appliance that can be used outdoors as well. I would recommend you give it a try!


In this article, I have attempted to give you a brief view of which Domino Induction Hobs are the best in the market right now. If you are reading this then I am sure you are looking for a good one and these are the best I assure you. With superb features long durability, ease of usage, strong built and several other powerful features it is an amazing appliance to have in your kitchen, which shall save your time and energy. So don’t fret over the food arrangements of that get-together and buy one of these to ease you out. It is a good buy and I promise you, you won’t regret it. Hope this article satisfied your needs! Do let me know how your experience was in the comments below.

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