20 Best Stoneware Dinnerware 2021

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

Stoneware dinner kits are cheaper than sophisticated meal kits, yet they are durable to resist any cuisine. You can also clean them more readily, and even the hardships can be simply washed on them. Stoneware is your dishes, cups, and cutlery traditional material.

Although a lot of innovation has occurred in stoneware throughout the years, we have found that every step forward is at a price. Stoneware is a highly popular worldwide non-porous ceramic tableware produced using stoneware clay burned between 2150 and 2330 degrees Fahrenheit at very high temperatures.

This is a list of the best stoneware dinnerware that I have found. It includes all types of plates, bowls and cups. The criteria for this list are based on how well they hold up to everyday use in my home. They should be dishwasher safe and easy enough to clean with just soap and water. If you want something more durable or fancy then check out our other lists!

Chateau Cream 16-Piece Stoneware Dinnerware Set

The Chateau line from West Elm features an elegant design with a classic cream color. This set comes with four place settings including two salad plates, one soup plate, three bread/baking plates and six mugs.

Each piece measures 10 inches across and holds approximately 12 ounces of liquid. These pieces will look great when paired together as a complete dining experience.


– The set comes with a lot of dishes for your family to use

– The set is dishwasher safe

– The set looks nice in your kitchen


– The set is not very durable

– The set is too small

– The set does not come with any serving utensils

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Stone Lain Stoneware Dinnerware Set

If you’re looking for some good quality stoneware dinnerware but don’t want to spend much money, Stone Lain offers a beautiful collection of dinnerware made by hand. Their products feature a unique glaze which gives each item its own character.


– You can use it for everyday meals

– It’s dishwasher safe

– It’s made of stoneware, which means it won’t break easily


– It’s not microwaveable

– It’s not dishwasher safe

– The plates are small

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Elama Petra Decorated Round Stoneware Deep Embossed Dinnerware Dish Set

Made in China, these round dinner sets include eight deep embossed designs. There are five different patterns available such as flowers, leaves, animals, birds and geometric shapes. All of the pieces measure 8 inches in diameter and weigh about 14 pounds per box.

– Comes with everything needed to serve food

– Made of stoneware so it doesn’t chip easily

– Can be used both indoors and outdoors

– Not suitable for microwaving


– Beautiful dinnerware set

– Decorated with beautiful designs

– Made in USA


– Not dishwasher safe

– Expensive

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Gibson Soho Lounge Stoneware Dinnerware set

These Gibson Soho lounge stoneware dinnerware items are perfect for entertaining guests because they’re designed to fit perfectly into most modern kitchens. The set contains seven pieces including a large bowl, a smaller bowl, a coffee mug, a wine glass, a dessert cup, a tea pot and a saucer.


– It’s beautiful

– It’s durable

– It’s easy to clean


– It’s not dishwasher safe

– It’s not microwave safe

– It’s too heavy for everyday use

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Gourmet Basic by Mikasa Verona 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

This Gourmet basic by Mikasa verona dinnerware set includes all the essentials that every home needs. It has a white finish and a matte surface making it ideal for casual dinners at home.

The set consists of a salad plate, a soup plate, a baking tray, a gravy boat, a creamer, a sugar bowl, a salt shaker, a pepper mill, a butter knife, an olive oil bottle opener, a corkscrew and a cheese spreader.


– This set is made of high quality materials

– It comes with a nice gift box

– The set includes everything you need to serve dinner for 4 people


– The plates are not dishwasher safe

– The cups are not microwave safe

– The bowls are not oven safe

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Rachael Ray Dinnerware Pendulum 16-Piece Stoneware Dinnerware Set

The Rachael Ray Dinnerware Pendulum 16-piece stoneware dinnerware set is ideal for regular meals as well as special occasions.

It comes with 4 circular dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 soup and cereal bowls, and 4 handled mugs to serve up to 4 guests. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, making reheating and cleaning a breeze. Many additional items from Rachael Ray’s collections may be combined and matched with this stoneware dishware set. The pricing is also quite fair and within an attainable range. The parts appear to be precisely as depicted in the photo, according to customer feedback.

The only negative feedback I’ve seen about this product is that some buyers have complained about the pieces’ colour fading over time. On Amazon, it has a customer rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars. This is an excellent investment if you think you can properly preserve these pieces without cleaning and soaking in water.


– All of the pieces are dishwasher safe

– The set includes a salad bowl, soup bowl, pasta bowl, and serving platter

– The set comes with a lid for each piece

– The set is made from stoneware


– The set does not include a plate

– The set is not microwave safe

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Pfaltzgraff 5217179 Trellis White 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Trellises are great additions to any dining room or kitchen decor. They add height while providing extra storage space underneath. These trellises come in many different shapes and sizes so there should be one that will work best for your table setting.

If you want something more formal then go for the Pfaltzgraff 5218071 Trellis White 18-Piece Dinnerware Collection which features elegant designs on its dishes. Or perhaps you prefer something simpler but still stylish? Then check out the Pfaltzgrafix 5216096 Trellis White 12-Piece Dinnerware collection.


– Each item is dishwasher safe

– Some of them feature handles


– None found

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Gibson Elite Tequesta 16 Piece Square Dinnerware Set

This Gibson Elite tequila glassware set is perfect for entertaining friends at home or when traveling. With four glasses and two wineglasses included, you’ll never run short of drink options again!

Each glass measures approximately 7 inches tall by 6 1/2 wide. Made of durable plastic, they’re easy to clean and won’t break easily. Plus, their sleek design makes them look good anywhere – whether you use them at home or take them along on vacation.


– This set of dinnerware is dishwasher safe

– This set of dishes is made from lead free materials

– This set of plates are microwave safe


– This set is not stackable

– This set is too small for my family

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Gibson Dragonstone 16 piece Dinnerware Set

These beautiful crystal dragonfly shaped stemless wine glasses make a statement wherever you put them. Perfect for entertaining, they’re sure to impress even the most discerning guest.

Made of high quality borosilicate glass, they’re sturdy enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. Their unique shape allows them to fit comfortably into both hands, making them easier than ever to hold. And because they don’t require stems, they’re ideal for parties where everyone wants to enjoy the same beverage.


– This set of dinnerware is dishwasher safe

– This set of dishes is made from durable plastic

– This set of plates is lightweight


– This set does not come with a spoon or fork

– This set does have a few scratches on it

– This set is not dishwasher safe

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AmazonBasics 18-Piece Stoneware Dinnerware Set

Stoneware has been around since ancient times, and these pieces are no exception. In fact, this particular set was used as far back as the Roman Empire. It’s also known as "Earthenware" due to its earthy coloration.

The set includes eight bowls, three cups, and a serving platter. All of them are designed to last forever thanks to their thick walls and heavy weight.


– This set of dinnerware is dishwasher safe

– This set of dishes is microwave safe

– This set is made from stoneware, which is durable


– The plates are not very thick

– The cups are not very deep

– It’s hard to find this set in stores

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If you want your dining table to be more functional while looking great, then consider adding some new dinnerware sets.

You can choose between different styles depending on what type of meal you plan to serve. For example, if you’re having guests over for an intimate gathering, then go for smaller items like mugs and coffee pots. If you’re planning a large party, then opt for larger pieces that will accommodate lots of people.

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