6 Best Table Top Dishwashers In 2021

In today’s fast running world, it requires a faster and easier way to do everything.

But that does not discard the hygiene and safety. Its more required in households. Whether its cooking or cleaning it is always a hectic work to clean up the dishes after eating.

Whether it is a family of two or more than 4 it is always an inconvenience to wash dishes afterward. It also consumes a lot of time and energy. It also affects the pocket as it uses a lot of water and dishwasher.

But these problems can be solved by adding a new appliance to your house hold, which is a dishwasher. A dishwasher helps you to evict all these types of problems.

A dishwasher uses a minimal amount of water, dishwasher and electricity which does not affect your pocket helps you in saving your time and your energy. It is a one-time investment.

You buy it once and it works more than enough to maintain your needs. So, to make your everyday dishwashing experience easier and convenient here is a list of 6 best dishwasher for your home.

But before that let’s start with getting some basic knowledge about the dishwasher. So, lets start with the basic question as to “what is a dishwasher is?”

The answer is simple as we all know that it is a machine for cleaning dish wares and cutleries. Unlike the manual cleaning it does not requires the scrubbing or removing soil. It cleans the dish wares and cutleries by spraying hot water and dishwasher’s detergent water. The hot water is typically 45 degrees C to 75 degrees C hot. Usually, the lower temperature is used for cleaning delicate items like glasses.

Other than the house holds the industrial or commercial establishments like restaurants and hotels use it for cleaning large piles of dish wares.

These are usually installed into standard kitchen cabinets or counter tops or table tops depending upon the dimensions of the dishwashers. It can also be used when travelling in caravans, holiday houses and mobile houses. Generally, the portable dishwashers are used in travelling as these are smaller in size and occupy less space.

In present days the dishwasher’s features drop down front panel door, which makes it easier to access the interiors. Usually, the dishwashers contain pull out racks to keep the dish wares and cutleries arranged while washing and also to use minimal space for washing more cutleries and dishes. It also has cabinet baskets specifically for the cutleries which prevent the falling of the cutleries to the base. It also comes with water hose and drainage pipe for convenient use of the water and drainage of the water. The water hose is connected with tap to bring water in to the dishwasher and the drainage pipe is left in the sink to drain the water.

The inside of the dishwashers is usually made up of stainless steel or plastic steel which resists the hard water and heat. The racks are also made up of steel and plastic steel.

Now another question arises as “How the dishwashers wash the dishes?”

A mix of water and dishwasher detergent is pumped to one or more rotating spray arms spraying it on the dishes.

Which saves the water and energy by recirculating the mixture?

Some appliances also use pre rinse function to rinse it before washing it with water mixture.

After the washing is completed the water is drained out after that the hot water enters the tub by electromechanical solenoid valves which again rinse the plates to get rid of oil stains and smell.

After the rinsing is finished the water is drained out again leading to drying process. The dishes are dried out by built in dry fans or the dishwashers let it dry naturally. Typically, the dishwashers use rinse aid and dishwasher salt along with dishwasher’s detergent to reduce the hard water spots.

Now another question may arise as to “What is the difference between dishwasher washing and had washing?”

Dishwashers are designed to work using specially formulated dishwasher detergent which lack in phosphates and phosphorous making it eco friendly for use. The dishwashers use less water and detergent than the hand washing making it budget friendly option to use. It can work by the timer so need to take it out for drying. It can also work as per settings timer. So it can work on the basis of delayed settings when you set to start.

Now as we now have a basic knowledge about the dishwasher we can now move onto the most important part, that is the list of 6 best dishwasher for your house.

So, here is a list of 6 best dishwashers to make your ever day dishwashing easier.

Name of the table top dishwasherControl type of the table top dishwasherThe energy consumption by the dishwasherNumber of programs present in table top dishwasherForm factor of the table top dishwasherLink for amazon for reviews, ratings and availability
COMFEE DishwasherFull panel220 volts6freestandinghttps://www.amazon.co.uk/COMFEE-Dishwasher-TD602E-W-Freestanding-Programmes/dp/B08F2TD8ZW
Russell Hobbs RHTTDW6W Table top dishwasherManual type220 volts5Counter tophttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Russell-Hobbs-RHTTDW6W-Table-Dishwasher/dp/B07J5Q8HVM
Cookology touch control compact table top dishwasherManual type240 volts7freestandinghttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Cookology-Control-Compact-Dishwasher-Setting/dp/B082B6N41S
Bosch SKS62E32EU Serie 4 freestanding compact dishwasherFull console type220 volts6freesatndinghttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Bosch-SKS62E32EU-Freestanding-Compact-Dishwasher/dp/B088KHY4KM
electriQ dishwasherManual type220 volts7Freestandinghttps://www.amazon.co.uk/electriQ-Place-Freestanding-Compact-Dishwasher/dp/B07HKXDG1V/
Cookology MCDW2PNK Mini Table Top DishwasherManual type220 volts3freestandinghttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Cookology-MCDW2PNK-Table-Dishwasher-Places/dp/B08JVHP1LL

#1. COMFEE Table Top Dishwasher:-

• It is a full panel control type dishwasher.

• It comes in a plastic and metal body.

• It has a freestanding form factors.

• It has a noise level of the appliance is 47 dB.

• The dimensions of the table top dishwasher are: 55cm L x 50cm W x 43.8cm H.

• It weighs 21.5 kg.

• It uses 220 volts of electricity.

• It has an A+ energy efficiency.

• The dishwasher has a compact size which makes it easier to place in counter tops or suitable sized cupboard.

• It has a elegant and modern design which will add a complement to your kitchen design.

• It has a flexible and useful racking system.

• It can fit up to 63 pieces of table wares and plates of size 250mm at once.

• It has 6 place settings capacity.

• It is ideal for a 2 to 3 people sized family.

• It has six washing cycles options which are intensive, universal, ECO, glass, 90 minutes and rapid.

• It provides a high flexibility in delivery of the best cleaning results within a limited time which makes it convenient to use.

• It is designed for extremely easy use.

• The control panel has simple icons with button control and LED indicator which makes it easy for selection of function.

• It has indicators to remind the refill of rinse aid and dishwasher salt in time to ensure the excellency of the ongoing cleaning result.

• It has delay function which allows you to delay the starting of washing cycle for your convenience.

• The delay function also let you choose the starting time of the delay cycled from 1 hour to 24 hour.

• The COMFEE dishwasher provides you a flexible as well as a great performance.

• It is easy to install.

• it uses 6.5 L of water per cycle.

• It has a flip dispenser.

• It comes with one basket and one cutlery basket.

• It has glass front with handles.

• It works meticulously with glass crockeries and ensures crystal clear wash.

• It has water leak protection system.

• It has self cleaning filter systems.

Cons: –

• It require additional support for water connection and waste dispenser.

• It has a very short power cable length.

Link for amazon to check the ratings, reviews and availability:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/COMFEE-Dishwasher-TD602E-W-Freestanding-Programmes/dp/B08F2TD8ZW

#2. Russell Hobbs RHTTDW6W Table Top Dishwasher: –

• It is a manual type control.

• It has a stainless steel and plastic and stell body.

• The noises level of the appliance is 49dB when its working.

• The dimensions of this table top dishwasher are: 55 cm L x 44 cm W x 50 cm H.

• It weighs 20 kilograms.

• It is a freestanding type.

• It uses 220 volts of electricity for working.

• It has a A+ energy efficiency.

• It has enough space for 6 place settings.

• It can wash 6 dinner plates, 6 sets of cutleries, 6 cups and etc. all at once.

• It is very suitable for a small sized family.

• The appliance has a very half load function to save water.

• It has a time delay function of 2, 4, 6, and 8.

• It also has a quick wash option.

• It has adjustable plate racks which allows the bulky items to fit in easily.

• It has 5 wash cycle programs intensive, universal, glass, ECO, and quick 30.

• It is a counter top installation.

• It uses 174 kilowatt hours of energy per year.

• It is available in white colour.

• It has an additional upper basket.

• It does not require additional battery to work.

• It is mostly compatible with the plates of sizes of maximum 10.5 inches.

• It saves up the money in the bills.

• It has 5 temperature options.

• It has delay timer settings of 1 hour to 24 hours which makes it easier to work with.

• It is counter top form factor.

• It has overflow and leak protection.

• It has rinse aid and salt indicator.

• It is also compatible for caravans, mobile houses, and holiday lets.

• It has free installations and removal policy.

• It comes with an instruction booklet.

• It has 2 year of warranty period and 2 years of additional guarantee by the manufacturing company.

• It has 30 day return policy also.

Cons: –

• The guarantee and installation policy are only available for purchasing from the manufacturers website.

• Though it is mentioned as A+ energy efficient on other website but the energy efficiency mentioned in the manufacturers website is F.

Link for amazon to check the ratings, reviews and availability: – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Russell-Hobbs-RHTTDW6W-Table-Dishwasher/dp/B07J5Q8HVM

#3. Cookology touch control compact table top dishwasher: –

• It is a manual type control.

• It has a free standing and built in form factor.

• This appliance has a noise level of 49dB.

• The dimensions of the dishwasher are: 50 cm L x 55 cm W x 43.8 cm H.

• It weighs 24 kg.

• It has an energy efficiency of A+.

• It uses 240 volts of energy for working.

• It is a new touch control version of the top rated mini dishwasher of Cooklogy.

• It is a really convenient one.

• It uses less water to clean efficiently.

• This is a plumbed dishwasher but can be easily fitted to a kitchen tap.

• You can connect the standard water hose and can connect a suitable adaptor such as ¾” x 1/2” bush 22 mm x ¾” coupler depending upon the type of tap and aerator.

• It can be accommodate with external aerators and water hose.

• The waste pipe can also be plumbed down the sink.

• It has 6 place settings.

• It is convenient for a small family or bachelors or couples.

• It has a n attractive and a modern design which makes it suitable for kitchen countertop, suitable sized cupboard or under the sink.

• It has a delay timer setting from 1 hour to 24 hour which makes the washing convenient as per your timing.

• It has 7 types of washing cycle settings that are intensive, Normal, ECO, glass, self cleaning, rapid and 90 minutes.

• It has extra drying for better drying result.

• The extra drying can be used only for intensive, normal, ECO, glass, 90 mins settings.

• It has a child lock option which allows the control buttons, it is best if you have children in your house.

• The child lock only keeps the on button activate which will take 3 seconds or less than that to lock or unlock the control panel.

• It has start button which also act as pause button when dishwasher is working.

• It has a rinse aid and a salt indicator which indicates if the dishwasher is running low on rinse aid or salt and needs to be refilled.

• It has salt consumption setting which set the salt consumption depending on the hardness of the water.

• It has annual energy consumption of 174 kilowatt per hour.

• It has a energy consumption of standard cycle of 0.61 kilo watt per hour.

• The power consumption of off mode is 0.45 watt and on mode is 0.49 watt.

• The annual consumption of water is 1820 litres.

• It has drying efficiency of A.

• The standard cleaning cycle is ECO 50 degree C.

• It has a program duration of the standard cleaning cycle of 180 minutes.

• It uses an water pressure of 0.04 to 1.0 M pa or 0.4 to 10 bar.

• It comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

• It comes with a 30 day return policy.

Cons: –

• The plates does not fit in some of the pieces.

• Sometimes it shows random error messages on screen.

Link for amazon to check the ratings, reviews and availability: – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cookology-Control-Compact-Dishwasher-Setting/dp/B082B6N41S

#4. Bosch SKS62E32EU Serie 4 Freestanding Compact Dishwasher: –

• It has a full console type of control.

• It has a freestanding factor type.

• The appliance has a noise level of 49dB.

• The dimensions of the dishwasher are: 55 cm L x 55.1 cm W x 45 cm H.

• It weighs 21.49 kgs.

• It uses 220 volts for working purpose.

• It has A+ energy efficiency.

• It has a stainless steel body.

• It has an extra dry setting for drying difficult dry loads.

• It has a standard capacity of 6 place settings.

• It has glass 40 degree C programme which gently cleans the glasses and provide it an optimal drying and a brilliant shine.

• It has activate water technology which uses less water and less energy but is more efficient in performance.

• It has auto programmes which automatically selects the best cleaning performance programme.

• It is available in white colour.

• It has water capacity of 8 litres.

• It consumes 0.07 gallons water per hour.

• It has an annual energy consumption of 174 kilo watts per year.

• It has 6 washing cycle settings that are intensive 70 degree C, glass 40 degree C, ECO 50 degree celsius, quick wash 45 degree C and pre rinse.

• It has an aqua and load sensor.

• It has self cleaning filter system with 3 pieces corrugated filter.

• It has water line and drain connector.

• It has also various speed option.

• It comes with electrical cord, water hose, drain pipe and a manual.

• It does not require any additional battery.

• It has 1 year of warranty period.

Cons: –

• It requires a lot of space for storage so not convenient for small houses.

Link for amazon to check the ratings, reviews and availability: – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bosch-SKS62E32EU-Freestanding-Compact-Dishwasher/dp/B088KHY4KM

#5. Compact Table Top Dishwasher: –

• It has a manual type control.

• It has a freestanding form factor.

• The dimensions of the dishwasher are: 50 cm L x 55 cm W x 43.8 cm H.

• The weight is 21 kg.

• It has a counter top design which is perfect for small kitchens caravans and holiday homes.

• There are seven wash programme those are intensive, universal, ECO, glass, rapid and baby care.

• The baby care setting is ideal for family with young kids it helps in cleaning the baby wares and baby care products and it also washes the baby bottles thoroughly.

• It has a delay timer settings which can delay the washing for 2 hour, 6 hour and 8 hour.

• It has A+ energy efficiency.

• It uses less energy and water which helps in saving up the money.

• It has an LED type display.

• It has 5 temperature which are 40, 45, 60, 65 and 70.

• It comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

• It has a cutlery basket.

• It has cold water fill for afterwards use.

• It consumes 6.5 L water per cycle.

• It uses 1820 L water per year.

• It consumes energy of 0.61 kilo watt per hour

• It comes with a water supply pipe of 1.5 M, and a drain pipe of length 1.7M, water hose and manual.

• It has start button which also works as a pause button to pause the cycle mid way if it shows any error message.

• It is to store.

• Its environment friendly.

• It is energy efficient.

• It has anti leaking and anti flood technology.

• It has water softener.

• It has concealed heating element.

• It uses natural drying.

Cons: –

• It sometimes shows error codes on display.

Link for amazon to check the ratings, reviews and availability: – https://www.amazon.co.uk/electriQ-Place-Freestanding-Compact-Dishwasher/dp/B07HKXDG1V/

#6. Cookology MCDW2PNK Mini Table Top Dishwasher: –

• It has manual type control.

• It has freestanding form factor.

• The appliance has a noise level of 58dB.

• The dimensions of the dishwasher are: – 43.5 cm L x 42 cm W x 43.5 cm H.

• The weight is not mentioned.

• It uses 220 volts of energy for working.

• It is available in light pink colour which add a calm and beautiful look to your kitchen .

• It is for minimal use.

• It has 2 place settings.

• It is best for student dorms, and bachelors.

• It has touch control.

• The dishwasher makes noises of 58 dB level.

• It is portable so can be used for caravans, holiday houses and mobile houses.

• Its sleek and exquisite design elevates the look kitchen.

• It allows to clean plates, mugs and cutleries.

• It does not require to be plumbed in.

• It has 3 program settings ECO, rapid and intensive.

• It can steam wash and wash baby items so its convenient for family with young children.

• It has self cleaning filter.

• It has residual heating dry functions.

• It has 1 foldable rack, 1 cup shelf, and bottom drawer silverware basket.

• It consumes 0.43 kilo watt energy per cycle.

• It uses 125 kilo watt of energy per year.

• It uses 5 litres of water per cycle.

• It consumes 1400 litres of water per year.

• It comes with a power cord of length 1.5 cm, an inner hose of length 1.5 cm and out hose of length 1.75 cm.

• It comes with rinse aid.

Cons: –

• It requires filling of water as it does not have auto water fill option.

Link for amazon to check the ratings, reviews and availability: – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cookology-MCDW2PNK-Table-Dishwasher-Places/dp/B08JVHP1LL