5 Best Undercounter Drinks Fridges For Your Kitchen 2021

Last Updated on July 19, 2021

Are you looking for a small and compact Fridge to store your drinks and keep them cool? Or maybe you are looking for a small fridge to fit in all your necessities for your Dorm room? Worry no more as you have come to the right place! Today I shall attempt to compile a list of the 5 Best Under Counter fridges available for you to adorn your kitchen or dorm room with. Take a glance at what I shall be covering today before moving onto the specifications.

  • Introduction
  • Bestseller 1 – RCA RFR322-B 3.2 Cu Ft Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer RFR322
  • Bestseller 2 – NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler
  • Bestseller 3 – RCA RFR441 Fridge
  • Bestseller 4 -Walsh WSR35S1 Compact Refrigerator
  • Bestseller 5 – Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator
  • Buying Guide
  • Conclusion


If you are looking for the Best Under Counter Fridges to cool your beverages, keep the wine bottles handy, or stuff up milkshakes and coffee drinks in your Dorm room then I suggest you read the article till the end. The primary requirement is whether you want a Freestanding fridge or a Built-in fridge which depends on the place of Installation. A freestanding fridge can be placed anywhere you like, any compact or open place, while for a Built-in fridge you have to pre-determine the dimensions. After determining this you can begin choosing the best one according to your likes from the list given below, out of which all are available on Amazon.

BestSeller 1

RCA RFR322-B 3.2 Cu Ft Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer RFR322

Product Description

This Stainless colored beauty with a glossy finish is a cool addition to your Kitchen. With a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, it is a Standalone type of Fridge which you can fit anywhere as per convenience. With Reversible door hinges and Glass-type shelves, it is a very benefitting and preferred buy. It is appreciated for its ease of usage, sleek appearance, and Value for money.


Its features include

    • Built-in Can Dispenser and Freezer with an Ice Tray.
    • Spacious Inner compartments
    • Adjustable Thermostat and Adjustable Level feet
    • Dimensions

It has the dimensions 20.5” W x 21.5” D x 31.5" H. Depth with the door completely open wide is 40.35”

    • Weight

Its weight is 59 lbs ( Which is 26.762 kgs to be precise )

Availability and Customer Reviews

It is available for shipping inside the United States as well as Several other outside countries. The reviews and feedback on it are wonderful and the users appreciate it very much. Its positive points are Ease of usage, long life, and No noise. Some noticeable negative points are No interior light and rusting in some cases as well. Altogether it is a fine choice. Have a good look at it on https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IR8H55A?tag=asmagr-20&linkCode=osi th=1&psc=1&keywords=Under%20Counter%20Fridge

Bestseller 2

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

Product Description

A powerful refrigerator with a sleek look and temperatures chilling down to 37°, this NewAir beverage Refrigerator cooler with a capacity of 126 cans is a bestseller. This Mini bar fridge has an attractive, Stainless steel design which is quite popular for its Glassdoor. ( See-through)  


  • It has removable storage racks which can be added as per usage and comfort to make space for larger things as well as fit smaller bottles, cans.
  • The thermostat is a Set-and-forget type which reduces the hassle of monitoring or changing settings.
  • It is noiseless with a quiet compressor of 35 dB which is perfect for homes and offices.
    • Dimensions

The dimensions are 18.25Deep x 19 Wide x 33.13H inches

    • Weight

Its weight is 62.8 pounds.

    • Temperature Range

It cools down to 34 Fahrenheit.

Availability and Customer Reviews

It is readily available on Amazon for buying. The user reviews are also majorly positive concerning it. Its strong points are the Ease of usage, spacious room, the Right Hinge Glassdoor, and its durability. Hurry up and buy this from https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0083H1INK?tag=asmagr-20&linkCode=osi th=1&psc=1&keywords=Under%20Counter%20Fridge

Bestseller 3

RCA RFR441 Fridge

Product Description

This mini-fridge made of Stainless steel with a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet is a good buy for your kitchen, office, and dorm room. Coming in several color options it easily blends in with the atmosphere and serves its purpose. Built with an Integrated can dispenser and a spacious 2-liter bottle compartment it is a win-win choice in terms of storage.


  • It has an inbuilt Thermostat for changing and maintaining the temperature of the Fridge.
  • It has a Reversible Door which can easily fit in any spot of your room.
  • It has a High-tech Compressor for cooling purposes and gives a good performance despite the weather constraints.
    • Dimensions

17.5 x 18.75 x 32.75 inches

    • Weight

It weighs 47 pounds.

    • Number of Shelves

It has 3 compartments.  

Availability and Customer Reviews

It is available on Amazon for purchasing online and has a majority of good customer reviews with some hiccups as well. Its positive points are Ease of usage, Effective temperature control, Energy efficiency, and Storage capacity. While the few negatives are easy dents and the fact that it is not returnable. Altogether it is a good bargain and a fine choice for your office, although be aware of the color you are ordering as the red is a bit bright! What are you waiting for? Make up your mind and place the order on https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IR8H55A?tag=asmagr-20&linkCode=osi th=1&psc=1&keywords=Under%20Counter%20Fridge

Bestseller 4

Walsh WSR35S1 Compact Refrigerator

Product Description

The Walsh WSR35S1 Compact refrigerator justifies its name with its compactness, adjustability, and a reversible door as a special feature. It is indeed a good buy for keeping your beverages cool and within reach. It requires minimal space and is perfect for Offices and Dorm rooms.


  • It has a volume capacity of 3.5 cubic ft which is indeed spacious.
  • It has a Stainless Steel body with an Adjustable Mechanical Thermostat with a Cooler.
  • It has Removable Glass shelves for separate fruits and vegetables which can help you organize your storage needs.
  • The doors ae Reversible , they open towards both directions, right and left as well as Leveling legs to adjust levels
    • Dimensions

It’s dimensions are19.13 x 21.1 x 32.8 inches.

    • Weight

47.4 pounds.

    • Temperature Range

It has a temperature range of 32℉ to 47℉ while Cooler compartment is 27℉ to 37℉.

    • Shelves

It has 2 shelves and manual defrost.

Availability and Customer Reviews

It is readily available on several e-commerce platforms including Amazon. The majority of its reviews are in favor due to its Size, spacious storage capacity, and its Value for money. View more about it and, place your order on https://www.amazon.com/WALSH-WSR35S1-Fridge-Stainless-Meters/dp/B07WW58J82/ref=pd_pb_ss_no_hpb_2?pd_rd_w=BwB5I&pf_rd_p

Bestseller 5

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator

Product Description

The Whynter BR-130SB Beverage refrigerator is another good choice for your Kitchen, office or dorm room to keep cans, bottles and shakes stacked up. Its sleek design with a glass door and a black cabinet makes it a good fit in all places. Added to this point is the capacity of the product which is spacious and can fit in a lot. Let us take a look at its many features,


  • It has a mechanical -temperature controlled Glass door and black Cabinet.
  • There is a provision for internal circulation of air to distribute even temperature throughout the cabinet.
  • The voltage required by it is 115V / 60Hz while the power consumed is approximately 85 watts.
    • Dimensions

33″ H x 17″ W x 18.5″ D (20.5″ D with handle

    • Weight

57 pounds

    • Temperature Range

The temperature range is from High 30ºF to mid 60ºF.

    • Number of Shelves

It has 6 shelves made of Wire.  

Availability and Customer Reviews

It is available for purchase on several e-commerce shopping platforms including Amazon. The majority of its reviews are positive due to the Ease of Use, good Storage capacity, cooling power and the Reversible door. View on Amazon from https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P7QI4IM?tag=asmagr-20&linkCode=osi th=1&psc=1&keywords=Under%20Counter%20Fridge

Buying Guide

This buying guide aims to focus with a magnifying glass on the points that should be kept in mind before buying a Fridge ( Undercounter, Standard, or integrated)

  1. Size

This depends largely on where you wish to place the Fridge and how you wish to use it. Generally, under-counter fridges are 50- 60 cm wide and easily fit in compact spaces without much hassle.

  1. Freezer

You should pre-determine which capacity freezer would you require if a small regular freezer would do the work or a separate one is required. In the second case, you can go for an Under-counter fridge.

  1. Door Opening Width

This factor affects how flexible you can use it. The most preferred type of doors are Reversible ones which open in both left and right directions.

  1. Utility and capacity

You must keep in mind the capacity required for usage and how will you utilize it. This is important to be predetermined.

  1. Price and Warranty

The Price is a big constraint in some cases as you might have a budget and so it is better to evaluate and weigh all strengths before closing on any option.

  1. Design

This factor comes into play depending upon the place where it has to be kept. If you are looking for your office thena sleek, modern look would suit while for your house a large, comfortable Fridge would suit. Thus design plays an important role.


In the end, I would like to stress the fact that for an Under counter fridge, from the viewpoint of buying, space, built, design, utility, compactness, durability, and dimensions play an important role. So these must be kept in mind and determined previously. As we have explored all the important aspects of the Top 5 recommended fridges I hope that you are able to choose the best one for you. Armed with all facts and necessary information you can now look forward to bringing the best-fitting Under counter fridge for your requirements. Do let me know about your experience and put in a comment below if I am missing something.

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