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Last Updated on July 18, 2021

Wine is one of the most loved drinks in the world and also one of the most consumed ones too. It has got a very pleasing taste and every wine lover at some point in time needs a Wine fridge to keep their collection cool. People love to collect wines and make a collection. Some store it in a wine rack while others have a fridge for that. You don’t want to have warm wine when you throw a party. A wine fridge helps to stack your wine and keep it cool. It helps to keep the wine at the perfect temperature which is required so that it can taste pleasant even after years. Each product you buy is prone to have some kind of errors while working at some point in time. The same thing can happen with your wine cooler, if your wine cooler suddenly stops working then there are some things that you need to know and do as soon as possible. Today we are going to look at some of the possible reasons why your Wine cooler is not getting cool or not working. If you own a wine cooler then read this article to the very end. The first thing to do is to know the type of cooling system that your Wine Fridge uses. There are two types of cooling systems which are the compressor system and thermoelectric system. The compressor system in this works the same and makes use of the same technology as a refrigerator. The thermoelectric system makes use of the Peltier effect. The compressor system depends on mechanical energy and makes use of the refrigerant. The thermoelectric systems use electrical energy for pumping the heat out from the interior.

Compressor system Problems

Certain issues might occur with a Wine cooler that uses a compressor system. Let’s have a look at a few of them and find out the way to fix them.

Condenser fan

There are chances when the fan inside the condenser system fails to work and if the fan stops working other elements inside the compressor might start heating up. The heat can then get transferred to the interior part of the wine cooler. Repairing the condenser fan is very simple and it is as simple as removing the dust and debris. Even after cleaning the fan doesn’t spin properly then it is time to replace the fan. It is very easy to do it on your own but if you do not want to do that yourself then you can ask for help from a professional.

Broken evaporator

If the evaporator is broken and it is not working then the unit will fail to produce cold air even after the compressor is operating just fine. There is also a fan in the evaporator and accumulation of dust and waste could be the fault here. There could even be some sort of ice block that will be noticeable when you look at it. To repair it you only have to clean and let the ice get melted and after this, you need to plug it in again. If the blades are bent then you need to replace the fan.

Defective thermostat

There is a thermostat present in a compressor-based wine cooler. The main function of the thermostat here is to supply the power to the condenser, evaporator fan, and compressor. The thermostat should work in perfect condition so that it can ensure proper maintenance of your wine. In case your thermostat fails to work the bad news here is that you cannot repair or fix it. You will have to replace it fully. You can do this on your own but if you don’t want to then you can ask for help from an expert.

Thermoelectric system problems

Let’s have a look at some of the most common errors that can occur with Thermoelectric systems.

Room temperature

In thermoelectric systems, it is a Peltier model that gets or directs heat out of the cabinet concerning the outside place. If the room is too hot, it cannot work properly with the Peltier module. This cooler type should be maintained in a room, not above 75 F. It is recommended. The easy and the only solution that lies to this problem is either transferring the wine to a cooler room or ensuring that the room it occupies is never warmer than 75 degrees F is the obvious solution to this situation. The room temperature can be a concern if you have a thermoelectric wine cooler problem. This type of cooler is not as efficient as compressor systems to maintain the cooling temperature.

Ventilation problems

As the thermoelectric wine cooler conducts heat out of the system it is going to need proper ventilation and for that, you need to move any obstructing objects away from it. You need to ensure that it is placed away from any kind of object due to which the air is getting blocked. Position it in such a way that it is kept at a distance from walls and other objects like furniture. Make sure that you never place anything over it or on top of it. If you have got a countertop cooler then make sure that it maintains a good distance from appliances that generate heat like oven toaster or microwave, even gas.

Fan problem

Even in a thermoelectric wine cooler, you will be able to see a fan. This fan functions in such a way that it transfers hot air out from the cabinet. You can easily detach the fan here. If the fan resists working properly then you need to do a few things starting with cleaning the fan, simply try removing all the dust and debris and clean off the fan. If you have removed all the dust and even after that the fan doesn’t function properly then you need to replace it. You can do this on your own but if you do not wish to then you can also seek help from a professional. Here are some of the Best Wine Coolers you can buy. Click to check the current price Conclusion People all over the world drink wine and they are very fond of it. People who call themselves wine lovers tend to have a thought in mind at some point to collect wine bottles. They make a collection of it and then store it in a Wine cooler to preserve it. A wine cooler keeps the wine at a proper temperature required to preserve. If the wine cooler fails to work then you won’t have to worry, there are some things that you need to do and it will again start cooling. I have mentioned the two types of WIne coolers and the problems that are associated with them. I hope you understood how to fix a wine cooler when it fails to cool. I guess this article was informative and relevant. Reference

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