Electrolux Refrigerator Compressor Not Working [How to Fix]?

Your refrigerator compressor isn’t working properly.
What should you do?
If you notice that your refrigerator compressor isn’t working, then you might want to check out the following troubleshooting steps.
: The first thing you’ll want to do is turn off the power supply to your refrigerator.
Next, you’ll want to open the door and remove the ice tray.
After that, you’ll want to check the condenser fan motor.
If the fan is running, then you’ll want to replace the fan blades.
Finally, you’ll want to test the compressor itself

Electrolux Refrigerator Compressor Not Working – Solutions

If the compressor is not working properly, you will notice the following symptoms: 1 No cooling function 2 No ice making function

1. Change the Fan Motor

If the fan motor is not working properly, check the following items: 1 Check if the fan switch is turned off

3. Check the Power Supply

1 Remove the power supply from the wall socket. 2 Turn off the switch/sockets on the back panel.

6. Replace the Compressor

7. Check the Thermostat 8. Clean the Filter

Important Notes…

1. Remove the compressor from the unit and disconnect the wiring harness. 2. Disconnect the power supply cord from the wall outlet.

Why won’t my Electrolux refrigerator is not cooling?

Fridge compressors are designed to maintain a constant low pressure inside the refrigerator. This prevents moisture from condensing on the cold surface of the freezer and causing mold growth. A malfunctioning compressor could result in damage to the compressor itself or the refrigeration system. It could also lead to the compressor being replaced prematurely.

Where is the reset button on a Frigidaire refrigerator?

If you notice that your refrigerator compressor isn’t working properly, you can try to reset it yourself. To reset the compressor, turn off the power supply to the unit. Then, remove the screws holding the back panel of the fridge together. Remove the two screws holding the back panel to the frame. Lift the panel from the frame and slide it forward until it stops. Slide the panel back into place and replace the screws. Turn the power supply back on and check if the compressor works normally.

How do you fix a refrigerator compressor?

Refrigerators are among the most essential appliances in any house. It is important to maintain your fridge well maintained and working properly to avoid any problems. Refrigerator compressors are usually located under the freezer compartment. In case you notice any problem with your refrigerator compressor, you need to contact a professional repair person immediately.

How do I reset my refrigerator compressor?

Frigidaire refrigerators have a reset button located near the top right corner of the door. This button allows you to turn off the unit and restart it.

What causes a fridge compressor to stop working?

If you notice that your fridge is not cooling, check if the compressor is running. It could be because the fan isn’t working properly. Check the fuse box and reset the circuit breaker. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer’s service center.

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