GE Refrigerator Dispenser Problems [Solutions]

Last Updated on March 16, 2022

Have you ever had problems using GE refrigerator dispensers?
If yes, then you might want to check out these solutions.
The GE refrigerator dispensers are designed to dispense water from the top or bottom of the refrigerator.
They come in two models: the single door model model # GXG8 and double door model model # GMG8.
There are several reasons why the GE refrigerator dispensers fail to operate properly.
Some of them include: 1.
Water leaks into the unit causing corrosion.
The ice maker does not produce enough ice

GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working – What to Do

If you are having problems with your refrigerator dispenser not working, here are some tips to help you fix it. First, check if the power cord is plugged into the wall socket correctly. Next, try unplugging the appliance from the outlet and plugging it back in again. This step will reset the unit and ensure that it is functioning properly. If these steps still fail to resolve the problem, call an expert repair technician who can diagnose the issue and provide solutions.

1. Check the Water Tube

Checking the water tube is very important because it could be damaged. To check the water tube, turn off the refrigerator and remove the door panel. Look for any cracks or leaks around the water tube. If you see any damage, replace the part immediately. 2. Replace the Thermostat Answer: Replace the thermostat if it is old or broken. It is located under the freezer section.

2. Inspect the Water Inlet Valve

If the water inlet valve is leaking, clean it using a soft cloth. 3. Clean the Ice Maker Answer: Clean the ice maker every month. Remove the ice tray from the bin and wash it thoroughly. Use a soft brush to clean the ice maker. Make sure that the drain hose is clear of debris.

3. Diagnose the Dispenser Control Board

Check the dispenser control board for any signs of corrosion. Check the power cord connection. If the dispenser control board is corroded, replace it. 4. Replace the Filter Answer: Replace the filter every six months.

4. Check the Dispenser Switch

Dispenser switch is located on top of the dispenser. It should be turned off while cleaning the dispenser. 5. Clean the Disposer Answer: Remove the dispenser from the wall. Unplug the dispenser. Turn the dispenser upside down. Spray the dispenser with dish soap. Let the dispenser soak for about 30 minutes. Rinse the dispenser under running water. Dry the dispenser thoroughly. Plug the dispenser back into the outlet.

5. Check the Water Filter

Turn the faucet handle clockwise until the water flow stops. Wait 10 seconds. Turn the faucet handle counterclockwise until the water flow resumes. Wait 10 seconds. Repeat steps 1-3 if necessary. 6. Replace the Faucet Handle Cover Answer: Screw the new faucet handle cover onto the faucet using the screws provided. Tighten the screws until the cover fits snugly against the faucet.

GE Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Not Working – Quick Fix

If the ice dispenser does not work, check the following items: 1. Make sure the refrigerator door is closed tightly. 2. Remove the ice tray from the freezer compartment.

1. Dispenser Control Board

There are two types of ice trays available in the market. One type uses a lever mechanism while the other uses a push button mechanism. In case of the lever mechanism, the lever needs to be pressed down to release the ice. But in case of the push button mechanism, pressing the button releases the ice. To remove the ice tray, press the button to release the ice. Then pull the tray out.

2. Dispenser Switch

3. Ice Tray 4. Water Filter

3. Auger Motor

2. Dispenser Switch 1. Ice Tray 2. Water Filter 3.Auger Motor 4. Water Filter

5. Dispenser Solenoid

1 Dispenser Actuator: It controls the flow of dispensed product from the dispensing unit. 2 Dispenser Solenoid: It controls the flow rate of the dispensed product from the dispersion unit.

6. Ice Bucket Auger

5. Dispenser Solenoids: It controls the flowrate of the dispensed product. 6. Ice bucket auger: It controls the ice level in the ice bucket. 7. Dispensing Unit: It controls the flow rates of the dispensed product and the ice level in the dispensing unit.

GE Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Freezing Up – Quick Fix

1 Check the power supply voltage. 2 Check the power supply current.

1. Check the Freezer Temperature

If the freezer temperature is not set properly, it will affect the ice dispenser function. To check the freezer temperature, open the door of the refrigerator, remove the ice tray from the freezer compartment and place it on a flat surface. Press the “freeze” button on the top panel of the refrigerator until the display explains “0°F”. Remove the tray and press the “refresh” button on the panel until the display reads “0°F.” Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the display reads ‘0°F.’ 2. Check the Power Supply Current

2. Inspect the Water Filter

1. Check the power supply current. Checking the power supply current is very important because if the power supply current is low, the compressor will stop working.

3. Examine the Water Pressure

2. Check the Power Supply Current 1. Check the Power Supply Voltage 2. Check the Water Pressure 3. Examine whether the filter is clogged

5. Check if the Circuit Board is Defective

6. Make sure the Drain Valve is Open 7. Check if the Drain Valve is Clogged

6. Check if the Ice Dispenser Chute is Frozen

5. Check if the Circuit board is defective 6. Make sure drain valve is open 7. Check if drain valve is clogged 6. Check ice dispenser chute is frozen

7. Examine the Water Inlet Valve

1.Check if the circuit board is defective 2.Make sure drain valve is open and check if drain valve is clog 3.Check if the ice dispenser chute was frozen 4.Examine the water inlet valve 5.Check if the ice dispense chute is frozen 6.Check if the drain valve is clogged and check if the ice dispenser is frozen 7.Examine the water supply line

GE Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Flap Not Opening – What to Do

1. Check if the circuit board is damaged 2. Make sure the drain valve is open 3. Check if the ice dispenser channel is clogged 4. Examine the water inlet valves 5. Check if the ice dispense channel is clogged 6. Check if the drain valve is blocked 7. Check if the water supply line is clogged

This is a genuine GE Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part

1. Open the door and remove the panel from the back side of the refrigerator. 2. Remove the screws holding the panel in place.

GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Drip Tray Removal – What You Need to Know

This is a genuine GE Original Equipmenet Manufacture OEM part. It is not available for sale anywhere else. We sell only original parts. We are authorized service center for GE products. We provide repair services for all GE appliances. Our technicians are qualified and experienced to fix any problem related to GE product. If you are looking for warranty replacement part for GE refrigerator please contact us. We can help you to get the right part.

GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Dripping – How To Solve It

1 Remove the top panel from the fridge. 2 Unscrew the two screws holding the drip tray in place.

1. Water Filter Head

To remove the filter head, unscrew the four screws located around the perimeter of the filter head. 2. Drain Line 3. Drain Tube

2. Water Inlet Valve

1. Water Filter Head Unscrew the four screws located near the perimeter of the filterhead. 2. Drain line

4. Water Filter

5. Water Pump 6. Drain Valve

GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Error Codes – What You Need to Know

1. Water filter 2. Water pump

Why is my GE water dispenser not working?

If your refrigerator water dispenser isn’t working, check the faucet to see if it’s turned off. Turn the faucet on and let it run until the water stops coming out. Then turn the faucet back off and wait about 5 minutes. It should start working again. If it doesn’t, try turning the power switch off and back on. If that still doesn’t work, call a professional plumber.

How do you fix a GE refrigerator water dispenser?

If you have a GE refrigerator water dispensing system, you probably know how frustrating it can be to get a cold drink from the faucet. It seems like nothing happens. After several minutes of waiting, you finally get a cold beverage. But what if you don’t want to wait? This problem is easily solved by replacing the faulty part. To replace the part, follow these steps: 1 Remove the screws holding the top panel on 2 Unscrew the two screws located near the bottom of the unit 3 Pull off the plastic cover 4 Disconnect the wires 5 Replace the new part 6 Reconnect the wires 7 Screw the top back on 8 Reinstall the screws 9 Turn on the fridge 10 Enjoy your cold drinks!

Why is my refrigerator water dispenser not working?

If you notice that your GE water dispenser isn’t working properly, check if the faucet is turned off. Turn the faucet back on and see if the water comes out. If it doesn’t, try turning the water supply off and on again. If the problem persists, contact GE Customer Service.

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