GE Refrigerator Making Ice – Issues [Solved]

Last Updated on March 17, 2022

This article explains you how to fix GE refrigerator making ice issues.
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The GE refrigerator has become a household name over the years.
This appliance is known for its reliability and durability.
In addition to being durable, the GE refrigerator also comes with some great features such as the ability to make ice cubes.
However, sometimes the GE refrigerator makes ice cubes without melting the water inside the freezer compartment.
This problem can occur because of a faulty compressor or a bad thermostat

GE Refrigerator Keeps Making Ice – How to Fix

1. Check if the ice maker is plugged into power source. 2. Make sure the ice tray is full. 3. Close the door properly. 4. Clean the ice tray and the ice bin. 5. Remove the ice from the freezer. 6. Place the ice back in the freezer. 7. Turn off the refrigerator. 8. Wait for 30 minutes. 9. Open the door. 10. Check if the ice is frozen. 11. Repeat steps 1-10 until the problem is solved. 12. If the problem still persists, call GE Customer Service. 13. If the problem still persist, contact the manufacturer. 14. If the problem still persits, contact the service provider. 15. If the problem still remains, contact the seller. 16. If the problem still exists, contact the retailer. 17. If the problem still continues, contact the distributor. 18. If the problem still occurs, contact the supplier. 19. If the problem still happens, contact the manufacturer. 20. If the problem

1. Ice Bucket

If the ice bucket keeps making ice but no ice is being stored in the ice bucket, check if the ice bucket is plugged into the wall socket. Also, make sure the ice bucket is filled completely with ice. If these two problems are not resolved, the ice maker could be faulty. To fix this issue, remove the ice from the freezer and place it in the ice bucket. Then, plug the ice maker into the outlet again. This process will resolve the problem.

2. Feeler Arm

Feeler arm is used to detect whether the door is closed or open. It is usually attached to the door handle. If the feeler arm does not move when the door is opened or closed, replace the feeler arm. 3. Water Filter Answer: Check if the filter is clogged. If the filter is clogged, clean the filter using a brush. If the filter is still clogged after cleaning, replace the filter.

3. Freezer Shelf

Check if the shelf is damaged. If the shelf is damaged, check if the shelf is loose. If the shelf is loose, tighten the screws. 4. Door Handle Answer: Check if there is any damage on the door handle. If there is no damage on the door handle, replace the door handle.

4. Unplug the Ice Maker

Unplug the ice maker from the wall socket. 5. Water Filter Answer: Remove the filter cartridge. Replace the filter cartridge.

5. Disconnect Water

Remove the faucet handle. Turn off the cold water supply valve. 6. Drain the Water Tank Answer: Open the drain valve located near the bottom of the tank. Close the drain valve after draining the water.

6. Replace the Sensor or Control Module

Replace the sensor module if the unit does not turn on. 7. Reset the Timer Answer: Press and hold the reset button until the display turns back to zero.

7. Reset the Ice Maker

Press and hold the reset button for approximately 10 seconds. 8. Reset the Water Filter Answer: Remove the filter from the water line and replace it.

GE Refrigerator Not Making Ice – Solutions

If the ice maker does not produce any ice, check the following items: 1. Make sure the ice tray is full. 2. Check the ice maker switch if applicable.

1. Check the Cord

1. Check the power cord. It should be plugged into a grounded outlet. 2. Check if the power supply is working properly. 3. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer.

2. Check the Switch

1. Check the switch. Make sure it’s turned off. 2. Turn the switch back on. 3. If still not working, check the fuse box. 4. If the problem persists after checking the fuse box, contact the manufacturer.

4. Check the Temperature in the Freezer

5. Check the Power Cord 6. Check the Drainage System

5. Check the Content

1. Check the temperature in the freezer. It should be around 0 degrees Celsius. 2. Check the power cord. Make sure it is plugged into the wall socket properly. 3. Check the drainage system. This includes the drain pan and the ice tray. 4. Check the content. Make sure there is enough food in the freezer.

6. Check the Water Filter

1. Check the Temperature in the Freezer If the temperature in the freezer is not 0 degrees Celsius, check if the freezer is working properly.

7. Check the Ice Chute

8. Check the Drainage System 9. Check the Door Seal

8. Check the Ice Bucket

1. Check the ice chute. It should not be blocked. 2. Check the drainage system. It should drain well.

9. Check the Ice Maker

1. Check the ice chutes. It should not be clogged. 2. Check if the ice maker is working properly. 3. Check the ice bin. Make sure it is full.

GE Monogram Undercounter Ice Maker Not Making Ice – Quick Fix

1. Check the icemaker. Is it making ice? 2. Check the ice chute. Is it clogged?

1. Faulty Thermistor

1. Check the thermistor. It could be faulty. 2. Check the drain line. Make sure it drains properly.

2. Defective Start Relay

1. Check the thermostat. It could be faulty 2. Check the Drain Line. Make sure it drains correctly

4. Empty Water Reservoir

1. Check if the power supply voltage is correct. 2. Check if the fuse is blown.

5. Disconnected Water Tube

4. Empty Water Reservoir 1. Check if the power source is connected properly. 2. Check if the fuse has been blown. 3. Turn off the switch and check if the water tube is disconnected. 5. Disconnect the water tube from the water reservoir. 6. Open the door and remove the water tank. 7. Remove the filter cartridge. 8. Clean the filter cartridge. 9. Replace the filter cartridge. 10. Close the door and turn on the switch. 11. Connect the water tube to the water reservoir. 12. Fill the water tank. 13. Close the door and wait until the water level reaches the top of the water tank. 14. Wait until the water level drops down to the bottom of the water tank. 15. Close the door and replace the filter cartridge. 16. Reinstall the filter cartridge. 17. Close the door and open the switch. 18. Turn on the switch. 19. Wait until the water flow stops.

What causes a GE refrigerator to stop making ice?

Yes, there is a reset button on the back of the ice maker. It is located near the top right corner of the ice maker. Pressing the button will reset the ice maker.

How do I force my GE ice maker to cycle?

If you have a GE refrigerator, freezer, or icemaker, you can force it to cycle by pressing the “cycle” button located on the front panel of the appliance. This will reset the unit and allow it to run again.

Is there a reset button on my GE ice maker?

Refrigerators are designed to maintain the coldest air possible around the food stored inside. This is done by using refrigerant gas R134a to cool the air inside the fridge. As the R134a evaporates, it leaves behind moisture which condenses into liquid water. This liquid water collects in the bottom of the freezer and freezes into ice. If the compressor stops working, the refrigeration system cannot produce enough cooling power to remove the moisture from the air inside the fridge, and the ice maker will not function properly.

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