GE Refrigerator Water Tastes Like Plastic [Solution]

Have you ever wondered why water tastes so bad after using a GE refrigerator?
The answer is simple: plastic.
In fact, GE has been manufacturing refrigerators since 1892.
Over time, they’ve developed a reputation for producing high quality appliances at affordable prices.
However, some consumers have complained about their refrigerators tasting like plastic.
This problem was discovered in 2015.
Since then, GE has released a solution to fix the issue

GE Refrigerator Water Tastes Like Plastic – Quick Fix

If you have a GE refrigerator, chances are good that you have noticed that the water tastes different from what you remember. This is because the water used to fill the tank is not always pure. It comes from a mixture of city water and well water. The problem is that the city water contains minerals that are added to help prevent corrosion. These minerals are not removed during the purification process. As a result, the water coming into the tank does not taste quite right. To fix this problem, you need to replace the water filter cartridge. The cartridge is located under the top shelf of the refrigerator. Simply remove the two screws holding the top panel down and pull off the panel. Then lift out the old cartridge and install the new one. You can order replacement cartridges online.

Purge the Dispensing System

To purge the dispensing system, simply turn off the power switch and wait about 30 seconds. Turn the power back on and see if the ice maker starts working again. If it doesn’t start working after 30 seconds, shut off the power switch again and try another 30 second delay. Continue until the ice maker works properly.

Change the Water Supply Tube

To change the water supply tube, remove the top panel from the freezer door. Remove the plastic cap on the bottom of the water supply tube. Replace the new water supply tube with the old one. Tighten the screw caps on the ends of the tubes using a wrench. Make sure the tubes are not twisted or bent. Reinstall the top panel. Remove the Ice Maker Door Panel Answer: To remove the ice maker door panel, lift the panel from the front of the freezer door. Lift the panel away from the freezer door. Pull the panel toward you and slide it out of the way. Slide the ice maker door open. Remove the screws holding the panel in place. Remove the panel.

Replace the Water Filter

To replace the water filter, remove the top panel of the freezer door. Remove screws securing the panel. Remove the panel. Remove the old filter. Install the new filter. Replace the panel. Reattach the Top Panel Answer: To reattach the top panel, remove the screws securing the panel. Pull the panel off the freezer door. Slide the panel back into position. Replace the screws.

Other Filters

To replace other filters, follow these steps: Remove the front panel of the freezer door if applicable. Remove the screws securing the panel if applicable. Remove any ice maker from the freezer. Remove the ice maker. Remove the filter. Install the new ice maker. Reinstall the panel.

Why does my new refrigerator water taste like plastic?

Plastic tastes are caused by the chemicals used to manufacture plastics. It is not possible to remove the taste from the plastic itself but you can reduce the level of plastic taste in your food by using stainless steel utensils. This way you won’t transfer any of the chemical into your food.

Why does my fridge water taste bad even with a new filter?

Refrigerator water dispensers are usually located near the sink faucet. To clean the refrigerator water dispenser, simply turn off the water supply to the sink and run cold water into the dispenser until the water stops flowing. Then, let the water drain completely from the dispenser. After draining, wipe down the outside of the dispenser with a damp cloth. Make sure to dry the dispenser thoroughly after cleaning.

How do you get a bad taste out of a refrigerator water dispenser?

If you have a water filter that has been sitting around for a while, chances are it has built up a layer of sediment on top of the filter media. This layer of sediment acts as a barrier between the water passing through the filter and the actual filter media. To remove this layer of sediment from the filter, simply run hot tap water through the filter until the water runs clear.

Why does my new fridge water taste like chemicals?

Your refrigerator water could be contaminated with chemicals from cleaning products, dish soap, detergents, or even air fresheners. These chemicals can leach into the water supply and give off a chemical odor. To fix this problem, simply run the tap while the refrigerator door is open and let the cold water flush the system. This will help remove any contaminants.

How do you get the plastic taste out of a water filter?

You can remove the filter from the water dispenser and let it sit overnight. The next day, rinse it thoroughly under running water and put it back into the fridge. This will help to eliminate any bad tastes.

How do you deep clean a refrigerator water dispenser?

If you notice that your refrigerator water tastes bad, it could mean that your refrigerator is not filtering properly. This could be caused by several reasons such as dirty filters, clogged drains, or low refrigerant levels. To check if your refrigerator is filtering properly, turn off the power switch, unplug the unit from the wall outlet, and open the door. Remove the ice tray and empty any remaining ice cubes into a separate trash bag. Next, remove the filter and place it in a clean plastic bag. Take the bag containing the filter to a local plumbing service to have it cleaned. Once the filter is cleaned, replace it back into the refrigerator and plug the unit back into the wall outlet. Turn the power switch back on and see if the water now tastes better. If it still doesn’t taste good, contact a professional plumber to inspect your system.

How do you get rid of plastic taste?

Refrigerators and freezers are not designed to hold liquids. In case you have a leaky freezer or fridge, the water could get into the compressor and cause damage. To prevent this from happening, check the seals around the door gaskets and ensure that the compressor is working properly. Also, if you notice any leaks, fix them immediately.

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