Hitachi Refrigerator Leaking [Quick Fix]

Last Updated on March 16, 2022

You’ve bought a new refrigerator and now it leaks water.
What should you do?
If you’ve ever had a fridge leak, then you’ll know exactly how annoying it is.
The problem is that it’s very difficult to identify where the leak is coming from.
To fix the issue, you need to check the door seals and the gaskets around the doors.
This way, you can prevent further damage and save money

Water Leaking from Hitachi Fridge – How to Fix

Hitachi refrigerator leaking water is common problem. It happens because of the faulty gaskets. This is not a big issue but if you notice any leakage, then it is better to get it repaired immediately.

1. Clogged Defrost Drain

If you see water dripping from the drain pipe, then check whether the drain hose is clogged or not. If it is clogged, then clean it properly. 2. Check the Drain Valve Answer: If you see water coming out of the drain valve, then check whether the valve is open or closed. If it is closed, then open it.

2. Leaking Drain Pan

If you see water leaking from the drain pan, then check whether the pan is damaged or not. If it’s damaged, then replace it. 3. Dirty Drain Line Answer: If you notice dirty water flowing down the drain line, then clean it properly using a brush.

3. Air is Trapped in the Water Line

If you notice air trapped in the water line, then remove the trap and tighten it properly. 4. Clogged Drains Answer: If you see clogged drains, then clear it properly using a plunger.

4. Water Line is Cracked or Loosely Secured

If you notice any cracks or loose connections in the water line, you should fix it immediately. 5. Leaking Faucet Answer: If you notice leaking faucets, then clean it thoroughly.

5. The Water Filter

You should replace the filter every 6 months. 6. Hot Water Heater Answer: Check the thermostat to see if it is working properly.

6. Cracked Water Filter Housing

7. Water Softener 8. Water Filtration System

How to Replace Hitachi Refrigerator Water Filter Housing

1 Remove the filter from the refrigerator. 2 Unscrew the two screws holding the filter in place.

7. Worn out Door Seal

Remove the door seal from the refrigerator. 8. Clean the filter screen with soap and warm water. 9. Install new door seal.

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7. Worn out Door Seals A worn out door seal can lead to moisture build up inside the refrigerator. This can result in condensation forming on the inside of the refrigerator door. Moisture can also form on the outside of the door if the seal is not properly installed. This can lead to mold growth. 8. Cleaning the Filter Screen

How to Replace Hitachi Refrigerator Door Seal

9. Dirty Dishes Dirty dishes can affect the performance of your dishwasher. Over time, dirty dishes can clog the drain hose and prevent the pump from working efficiently. A clogged drain hose can also cause water to back up into the tub.

8. Dispenser Drip Tray is Full

If the dispenser drip tray is full, it could cause water to overflow onto the floor. This can damage the flooring and cause mold growth. To avoid this problem, empty the drip tray after each load. 7. Dishwasher Not Working Properly Answer: If the dishwasher does not clean properly, check the filter. Clean the filter every month. It helps remove any debris that may block the flow of air and water.

9. Defective Water Inlet Valve

Check the water inlet valve. Make sure it is working properly. 10. Leaking Tap Answer: Check if the tap is leaking. Turn off the water supply and turn on the cold water faucet. If the leak persists, replace the washer.

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