How to Change an Ice Maker on a Samsung Refrigerator [Quick Guide]?

Last Updated on November 8, 2022

Did you know that the ice maker in a refrigerator isn’t always working properly? This guide shows you how to troubleshoot issues such as frozen water dispensers, noisy compressors, and broken sensors.

You may wonder why you should pay attention to the ice makers in refrigerators. After all, they only produce cold water, right? Well, did you know that some models can also make ice cubes? Or that when they’re working correctly, you don’t even notice them?

Ice makers aren’t usually the main problem. Check out these solutions below if yours isn’t functioning at peak performance.

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How to Change an Ice Maker on a Samsung Refrigerator [Quick Guide]?

Changing an ice maker on a refrigerator may seem like a simple task. But if you don’t follow the correct procedures, it can cause severe problems for your fridge! Follow these step-by-step instructions to change your ice maker yourself.

1. Check Whether There Is Enough Water Inside The Fridge Door Area & Remove All Objects Obstructing Access To The Door Opening

Before removing anything, make sure you check inside the door area where the icemaker unit resides. Look for things obstructing access to the opening of the door. Try to remove all objects first before starting to disassemble the ice maker unit itself.

2. Disconnect Wires Connected To The Ice Maker Unit

Next, disconnect all wires attached to the ice maker. Be careful when handling these electrical components; some may be hot or exposed to voltage. Use caution, and don’t touch the wires during installation.

3. Unscrew Cover Plate On Top Of The Ice Maker Unit

After removing all wires, unscrew the cover plate that covers the bottom part of the ice maker unit. Once the cover plate is removed, the entire ice maker unit can be easily accessed.

4. Remove Screws Holding Ice Maker Unit To The Interior of the Fridge

Finally, remove the screws holding the ice maker unit to the refrigerator’s interior. Now, you can pull the ice maker out of its housing and examine it thoroughly.

5. Replace Ice Maker With A New Model

Once everything is ready, replace the old ice maker with the new model. Also, ensure that the new ice maker fits properly in the refrigeration compartment. Don’t forget to reconnect all necessary wiring after replacing the ice maker.

Other fixes to changing the ice maker on a Samsung refrigerator

Samsung refrigerators typically come with ice makers built-in. However, changing the settings on these devices is surprisingly tricky. Here’s a quick guide to changing the settings on your refrigerator.

Fix 1:

1. Open the door of the refrigerator and unplug it.

2. Pull out the front panel cover of the freezer compartment. Remove the screws holding on the panel cover and slide it off its hinges.

3. Remove the plastic tray to access the controls inside the control panel.

4. Look for the small yellow light above the display screen. Touch the switch next to it to turn it off.

5. Press the power button to open the control panel.

6. On the control panel’s left side, look for “Temperature setting.” Select the appropriate temperature level. Note that some models may require you to press several buttons together before they respond.

7. Once the temperature is set correctly, touch the blue button labeled “Reset.”

8. Close the control panel and replace the panel cover.

9. Plug in the refrigerator again and wait until it starts making ice. Enjoy!

Fix 2:

1. Turn off the power to the refrigerator.

2. Locate the ice maker lever (if applicable) using the arrow-shaped label at the bottom of the machine. Most levers are located near the front door of the refrigerator. Make sure you have access to both sides of the fridge. If not, look inside the freezer section for the lever.

3. Remove the cover panel surrounding the ice maker lever. You should now find two wires leading to the lever. Slide out the lever and disconnect the wires from the lever.

4. Place the lever on top of the unit and press down firmly until you hear a click. Now turn the lever back over and push it in again. A window should appear above the lever showing whether the unit was successfully reset. Repeat steps 2 through 4 if necessary.

5. Press the button to test the lever. After several seconds, the machine will begin producing ice. Return the lever to its original position and replace the cover panel.

6. Close the refrigerator doors and wait 20 minutes before turning on any appliances connected to the refrigerator.

7. Connect the appliance you wish to use to the refrigerator’s electrical outlet.

8. Wait 10 – 15 minutes after pressing the start switch before opening the refrigerator.

9. Enjoy!

10. Note: You may need to repeat steps 1 through 8 if you experience problems with the machine.

Samsung Ice Maker is Off

Most refrigerators have an Ice Makers icon that turns the ice machine on or off. However, pressing and holding the Ice Maker Icon for three seconds should turn it on. Check the ice machine’s manual for instructions if the ice maker won’t work.

Refrigerator Water Line is Frozen

A frozen water line could cause a refrigerator to stop working. If you notice that your fridge isn’t cooling properly, check the freezer compartment first. Is it cold enough to keep food safe? If not, there might be something wrong with the compressor. Next, look for signs of freezing inside the refrigerator itself. You’ll want to unplug the appliance to avoid electrical damage. Then, open the door and see if the ice maker is still running.

If a clogged water line causes the problem, warm up some tap water and pour it down the drain where the line connects to the unit. This will loosen the debris and allow the system to work again.

How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker

To reset the ice maker, press and hold the test button on the refrigerator’s side. Once you hear a tone, release the test button. Then turn off the unit and wait for two minutes. Next, power it back on and check for the production of ice. If there is still no ice production, repeat steps one through three. For additional help, contact A+ Appliance Repair.

Samsung refrigerators come with a built-in ice maker.
If you want to change the ice maker from automatic to manual mode, follow these steps.
The refrigerator has become a necessity in our lives.
Not only does it provide us with food storage, but also helps us store other items such as drinks, medicines, etc.
There are various types of refrigerators available in the market.
One of them is the Samsung refrigerator.
You can easily control the temperature of the refrigerator using the touch screen display.
This feature allows you to adjust the temperature according to your preferences.
In addition, you can also choose between the automatic or manual mode

How to Change an Ice Maker on a Samsung Refrigerator

Step 1: Turn off the power supply to the refrigerator. Step 2: Remove the ice maker from the freezer compartment. Step 3: Pull the ice maker assembly away from the back panel of the refrigerator. Step 4: Disconnect the wires connected to the ice maker. Step 5: Lift the ice maker assembly out of the refrigerator.

Step 7

Step 1: Open the door of the refrigerator. Remove the ice maker from the refrigerator. Step 3: Remove the screws holding the ice maker to the back panel of the fridge. Step 4: Remove the ice maker assembly from the back panel of your fridge. Step 5: Disconnect the wires attached to the ice maker.  Step 6: Lift the ice maker out of the refrigerator.

Step 8

Step 7 Open the door of the refrigerator Remove the ice maker Remove the screws holding the ice makers to the back panel of your refrigerator Remove the ice makers assembly from the back panel Disconnect the wires attached to ice maker Lift the ice maker out of your refrigerator

Step 9

Step 8 Step 7 open the door of the refrigerator remove the ice maker remove the screws holding the ice maker to the back panel of the refrigerator remove the ice maker assembly from the back panel disconect the wires attached to the ice maker lift the ice maker out of the refrigerator step 9 answer

Samsung Ice Maker Bucket Replacement [How To]

1. Remove the screws from the bottom of the bucket. 2. Unscrew the two bolts that hold the top of the bucket to the base. 3. Lift off the bucket. 4. Disconnect the wiring harness connector from the bucket. 5. Remove the old ice maker from the freezer. 6. Install the new ice maker into the freezer. 7. Connect the wiring harness connector to the ice maker. 8. Screw the top of the bucket onto the base. 9. Replace the screws in the bottom of the bucket and tighten. 10. Reattach the ice maker to the freezer. 11. Turn on the power supply. 12. Test the ice maker. 13. Enjoy!

Panasonic Refrigerator Leaking [How to Fix]

If you notice any leaking around the door of your refrigerator, you should immediately call a professional repair service. This problem could be caused by a leaky gasket or damaged seals around the door. In order to fix this issue, you should remove the front panel of the refrigerator and check if there is any damage to the seals. If you see any cracks or holes in these seals, you should replace them immediately. After replacing the seals, you should reassemble the front panel of the fridge and test it again. Samsung Microwave Repair Answer: 1 Open the microwave door. 2 Check if the microwave oven is plugged into an outlet. 3 If not, plug it into an outlet. 4 Press the button to turn on the microwave. 5 Wait until the display explains "ON" and the light turns green. 6 Press the buttons to select the desired function e.g., reheat. 7 Wait until the display reads "REHEATING". 8 Press the button to stop the microwave. 9 Wait until the display says "OFF". 10 Close the microwave door. 11 Plug the microwave back into an outlet. 12 Press the button to start the microwave. 13 Follow steps 1-12 to complete the repair. 14 Enjoy!

Hitachi Refrigerator Leaking [Quick Fix]

1 Remove the top panel of the refrigerator. 2 Look for signs of leakage near the bottom of the door. 3 If you see any leaks, clean them up using a damp cloth. 4 Replace the top panel of the fridge. 5 Reinstall the top panel. 6 Turn off the power supply. 7 Reset the clock. 8 Test the appliance. 9 Enjoy! LG Refrigerator Repair Answer: 1 Unplug the refrigerator from the wall socket. 2 Lift the refrigerator away from the wall. 3 Remove the screws holding the back panel of the refrigerator. 4 Pull the back panel off. 5 Clean the condenser coils. 6 Replace the back panel. 7 Screw the screws back in place. 8 Turn on the refrigerator. 9 Enjoy!

Daewoo Refrigerator Dispenser Problems [Solutions]

1 Open the refrigerator door. 2 Check if the dispenser is working properly. 3 If the dispenser does not dispense ice cubes, check if the ice maker is working properly. 4 If the ice maker is not making ice, replace the ice tray. 5 If the ice tray is empty, replace the ice tray with a new one. 6 If the ice tray is full, remove the ice tray and clean it. 7 Close the refrigerator door. 8 Turn off the refrigerator. 9 Enjoy! Samsung Refrigerator Water Leakage Answer: 1 Remove the refrigerator from the wall. 2 Disconnect the power cord. 3 Remove the back panel. 4 Inspect the drain pan. 5 If the drain pan is clogged, clean it. 6 Replace the back plate. 7 Connect the power cord. 8 Turn on the power supply. 9 Enjoy!

How to Remove a Samsung Ice Maker [Quick Guide]

1 Unplug the appliance from the outlet. 2 Remove the outer shell of the freezer. 3 Pull the ice maker out of the freezer. 4 Clean the ice mold. 5 Reinstall the ice maker into the freezer. 6 Plug the appliance into the outlet. 7 Enjoy! Samsung Freezer Repair Service Center Answer: 1 Remove all frozen items from the freezer. 2 Remove the back panel. 3 Remove the screws holding the back panel in place. 4 Lift the back panel away from the freezer. 5 Remove the fan assembly. 6 Remove the fan blades. 7 Clean the fan motor. 8 Replace the fan assembly. 9 Replace the back panel. 10 Reattach the screws. 11 Enjoy!

How to Turn a Samsung Ice Maker On and Off [Quick Guide]

Turn the power switch to ON position. 12 Press the button located on the front of the freezer. 13 Wait until the display explains “ON”. 14 Press the button again to turn off the freezer. 15 Enjoy! Samsung Freezers Repair Service Center

How Do Samsung Ice Makers Work? [Quick Guide]

1 Power Supply: The main power supply comes from the wall socket. 2 Water Pump: It pumps cold water into the ice maker. 3 Refrigeration Cycle: The refrigeration cycle helps to cool down the water. 4 Compressor: The compressor compresses the gas and pushes it into the condenser coil. 5 Condenser Coil: The condenser coil cools down the compressed gas. 6 Evaporator Coil: The evaporator coil absorbs the heat from the air and converts it into liquid form. 7 Liquid Line: The liquid line carries the liquid back to the expansion tank. 8 Expansion Tank: The expansion tank stores the liquid. 9 Drain Valve: The drain valve drains the water from the expansion tank. 10 Drain Pipe: The drain pipe takes the water out of the refrigerator. 11 Display Panel: The display panel explains the status of the refrigerator. 12 Door Lock: The door lock keeps the door closed. 13 Button: The button controls the operation

How to Make Fast Ice in a Samsung Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

Samsung’s new refrigerator uses a new technology called "ice cube maker" that allows users to create fast ice in a matter of minutes. This feature works by using a special sensor located near the freezer compartment that detects when the ice level reaches a certain point. Once the sensor detects the ice level, it automatically activates the ice cube maker. The ice cubes are stored in a tray below the ice maker. To activate the ice cube maker, simply press the button on the top right side of the refrigerator. The ice cube maker will begin making ice cubes within seconds. Users can adjust the amount of ice cubes produced by pressing the buttons on the front of the ice maker.

Samsung Ice Maker Water Valve Replacement

To replace the water valve, remove the two screws holding the door panel to the refrigerator frame. Remove the plastic trim around the edge of the door panel. Remove the four Phillips screws holding the door panel in place. Slide the door panel off the refrigerator. Disconnect the wires from the water valve. Remove the old valve assembly by pulling it out of the hole in the back of the refrigerator. Install the new valve assembly by pushing it into the same hole. Replace the door panel and tighten the four Phillips screws.

1. Disconnect the Refrigerator from Power

2. Unplug the unit from power source 3. Open the front access panel the one with the ice maker

2. Inspect the Valve

1. Remove the refrigerator door handle 2. Turn off the power switch 3. Press the reset button

3. Uninstall the Old Valve

1. Open the door and remove the old valve from the refrigerator. 2. Install the new valve into the refrigerator. 3. Close the door and turn on the power switch.

5. Test the Valve

6. Check the Drain Line 7. Clean the Filter

DA62-00914B OEM Replacement Part for Water Valve made for Samsung Refrigerator

1. Open the door and remove the filter from the drain line. 2. Remove the cap from the bottom of the drain line. 3. Unscrew the nut holding the drain line in place. 4. Pull the drain line out of the refrigerator. 5. Replace the drain line. 6. Screw the nut back into place. 7. Put the cap back onto the drain line.

Where is the reset button on my ice maker?

To reset the ice maker on the Samsung French door refrigerator, follow these steps: 1 Open the refrigerator door; 2 Press and hold the power button until the display turns off; 3 Press and release the power button again; 4 Press and release the ice maker button until the display turns back on.

How do you replace the ice maker on a Samsung refrigerator?

If you have a Samsung refrigerator and you notice that the ice maker is not working properly, you can easily fix it yourself. First, turn off the power supply to the refrigerator. Then remove the back panel from the freezer compartment. Remove the two screws holding the ice tray in place. Lift the ice tray away from the refrigerator. Disconnect the wires attached to the ice tray. Replace the ice tray into the refrigerator. Reattach the screws. Turn the power supply on again.

How do you reset the ice maker on a Samsung French door refrigerator?

If you are not sure where the reset button is located, try looking under the unit. It is usually located near the bottom of the freezer.

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