Samsung Refrigerator Will Not Connect to WiFi [How to Fix]?

Last Updated on November 8, 2022

If your Samsung refrigerator cannot connect to Wi-Fi, then you will not be able to benefit from its features. Therefore, this guide explains how to connect your smart fridge to Wi-Fi.

What to do if the Samsung refrigerator is not connecting to the Wi-Fi?

1. Check if the Wi-Fi router is turned on

Turn off the power switch of the Wi-Fi router and wait 10 minutes before turning it back on again. If the problem persists, check whether your internet connection is working properly. You may need to reset the modem/router connection.

2. Reset the router settings

Reset the router settings by following these steps:

a) Press the WPS button (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) located at the bottom right corner of the router’s LCD display.

b) Enter the router’s default password by pressing the Menu button once. Contact the manufacturer or service provider if you do not know the default password.

c) Select the option ‘Forgot Password’ to enter the default username and password.

d) Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the network setup process.

e) Ensure that the Wi-Fi signal indicator lights up green.

f) Wait until the Wi-Fi symbol appears on the status bar. Click here for a step-by-step guide on connecting using a mobile phone or tablet.

3. Try connecting to a different access point

You should try changing the wireless channel on your router. The channel determines where the wireless signals go. Usually, the best channels are 1, 6, 11, and 12. Change the channel to the least busy channel.

4. Turn off the firewall

If you have any security software installed on your PC, disable its built-in firewall feature.

How to Connect a Samsung Refrigerator to Wi-Fi?

1. Start out by turning off your refrigerator’s power switch. You need to turn off the power before connecting any devices.

2. Plug your phone charger into a wall socket. If you have no wall sockets nearby, plug them into a USB port instead.

3. Turn your phone on and make sure it’s connected to Wi-Fi. You’ll know if it’s connected if your mobile device shows’ Wi-Fi’ under the connection settings.

4. Open your phone’s web browser (if not already open) and go to ``.

5. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen then type in ‘Samsung Wireless.

6. Click on the first result that says ‘Android Samsung Galaxy, and follow the instructions on how to connect your refrigerator using WPS technology.

You’re done!

Other Methods to resolve the Samsung Refrigerator Wi-Fi not connecting issue

If your Samsung Refrigerator is still facing the issue of not connecting to the Wi-Fi, you might try the below method to resolve it.

Step 1

Go to the Google Play Store and download your smartphone’s Samsung Smart Home application. Then navigate to the refrigerator icon (>) and tap it.

Step 2

You’ll be prompted to add a new device when you open up the app for the first time. Make sure you read the directions carefully and write down the password, so you don’t forget it later.

Step 3

Next, head to the Settings tab on your fridge and click on Easy Connect. You should see an option called Connect. Click on that. Then, navigate to the Easy Connection section and choose it. Choose the Connect button. That’ll take you to a new screen where you can connect your device.

Step 4

Next, go back to your phone and tap the Settings icon. On the next page, Wi-Fi appears among the available network connections.

Choose it, and you’ll be prompted by your phone to select a Wi-Fi network. ‘Refrigerators’ will show up as an option. Select the refrigerator’s network.

Step 5

If you do this, your smartphone will ask for the password that was shown when you added the device. Enter the password and then tap ‘Join.’

Step 6

After connecting your device to the Internet via its mobile carrier, you’ll be able to access the Internet using your smartphone.

How to Connect a Samsung Refrigerator to Wi-Fi (IOS)?

Samsung Smart refrigerators connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. They allow you to control things like temperature settings, lights, doors, etc., all while being able to see what’s inside. There are different models, each with different capabilities. Some let you connect to the Internet directly, some require you to go into the app, and others have no apps at all.

This particular model requires you to install an application called “SmartThings.” Once installed, you’ll be prompted to log in with your username and password.

From there, it’s pretty easy. Just select the device type, enter your Wi-Fi network name, and press connect. You’re good to go.

There are several ways to operate the SmartThings app. For example, you can use voice commands to turn on/off devices, adjust temperatures, open/close doors, or look at inventory. You can also view your calendar, make reservations, and add notes.

How to Connect a Samsung Refrigerator to Wi-Fi (Android)?

1. Open the settings menu.

2. Tap on “Wi-Fi & mobile networks.”

3. Select “Wi-Fi Hotspot.”

4. Tap on “Turn On Wi-Fi hotspot.”

5. Tap on “Enter Password.”

6. Type in the password.

7. Tap on “OK.”

8. If you are asked to confirm the connection again, tap on “Yes.”

9. Wait for the device to connect to the Internet.

10. Once it connects successfully, open up your favorite app.

11. Search for “Samsung refrigerator.”

12. Click on the icon of the connected refrigerator.

13. You will see a notification saying that the refrigerator is now connected to the Internet.

14. Enjoy!

Connect Family Hub and non-Family Hub fridges to SmartThings

The SmartThings app can connect to just about any smart device — even Samsung smart fridges. This includes the ability to see what’s inside the refrigerator, receive notifications about the fridge’s status, and remotely control certain features of the fridge.

If your family hub fridge isn’t working properly, you can do a factory reset on it too. You’ll simply need to open up the app, tap “Settings,” choose “Firmware Update,” and follow the prompts.

Have you ever tried connecting your Samsung refrigerator to Wi-Fi only to realize that it won’t connect?
This problem has plagued many consumers who have purchased these smart appliances.
If you’ve ever bought a new appliance, chances are you’ve heard about its ability to connect to the Internet.
These connected devices allow you to control them remotely from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.
However, some of these smart appliances don’t always play nice with other devices.
In fact, they can cause issues such as slow speeds, dropped connections, and even data loss

How to Connect a Samsung Refrigerator to WiFi (IOS)

Samsung Smart refrigerator is a smart appliance that connects to the internet via wifi. It allows you to connect to the internet and access information about your fridge. This includes recipes, grocery lists, and even the ability to order groceries online. You can also check if any items are low or out of stock. You can also set reminders to pick up milk or eggs from the store. You can also get notifications when your favorite food is ready to eat.

How to Connect a Samsung Refrigerator to WiFi (Android)

1. Go to Settings > Wifi & mobile networks > Wi-Fi hotspot > Turn on Wi-Fi hotspot. 2. Enter the password for the network.

How do I connect my Samsung fridge to my phone?

Samsung refrigerators usually have a built-in Wi-Fi module that allows you to connect to the internet using your smartphone. To access the Wi-Fi feature, open the door of the refrigerator and touch the “Wi-Fi” icon located next to the power button. Touching the icon will bring up a menu where you can choose between connecting to the internet via mobile network 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. Once connected, you can browse the web, check email, read articles, download music, and even stream movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Hulu.

How do I turn on the WiFi on my Samsung refrigerator?

If you are looking for the reset button on samsung fridge, then you are at right place. Here we are providing complete information about reset button on Samsung fridge. Reset button is used to reset the alarm system of Samsung refrigerator. This button is located on top panel of the refrigerator. To access the reset button, press the power button and hold it for 2 seconds. After pressing the button, you will see a message “Reset” on display screen. Now you can easily reset the alarm system of your Samsung refrigerator.

Can’t connect to Samsung fridge?

If you are having issues with your Samsung refrigerator WiFi, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you fix it. First, check if the router is turned on. Next, try restarting your computer. If these steps fail, try checking the power supply. Finally, if none of these solutions works, call customer service.

Where is the reset button on a Samsung refrigerator?

If you are having problems with your Samsung fridge, check if the power cord is plugged into the wall socket correctly. If not, unplug the appliance from the wall socket and plug it back in again. Also, try turning off the unit and restarting it. If these steps fail to resolve the problem, contact Samsung customer service.

How do I reset my Samsung refrigerator WIFI?

If you can not connect to Samsung refrigerator, please try to reset the network connection. 1 Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Connected devices tap on the name of connected device. 2 Tap on the name of connected Samsung refrigerator. 3 Enter the password if prompted. 4 Try to reconnect again. 5 If still no luck, please contact our customer service team.

Where is reset button on Samsung refrigerator?

To turn on the WiFi on your Samsung refrigerator, follow these steps: 1 Press the power button 2 Select Settings 3 Scroll down to Wi-Fi 4 Turn on the Wi-Fi 5 Wait until the screen turns off 6 Enter the password 7 Click OK 8 Your Samsung fridge will now connect to the internet.

How do I reset my Samsung refrigerator WiFi?

Samsung SmartThings Hub is a hub for connecting smart devices. It allows you to monitor and manage connected devices from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Connecting your Samsung refrigerator to your SmartThings Hub is easy. Just follow these steps: 1 Download the app 2 Open the app 3 Select “Connected Devices” 4 Click “Add New Device” 5 Select “SmartThings Hub” 6 Enter the name of your refrigerator 7 Choose “Refrigerator” 8 Press �9 Select “OK” 10 Wait until the process completes 11 Enjoy!

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