Strong Button On Keurig What Does It Do

Last Updated on November 8, 2022

Did you know that there was a button located on the side of the Keurig K15 or K20 coffee makers that you can press to pause brewing at certain intervals? This feature allows you to control when brewing stops, allowing you to brew only enough coffee to meet your desired strength level.

A coffee machine that lets you customize your coffee before you drink it sounds simple enough, but it gets even better! The Keurig brewers allow you to choose from over 150 varieties of coffees, teas and hot chocolate prepared by hand using the beans of various countries around the world.

Keurigs offer new features every year that can enhance your experience. From choosing the strength of your brewed beverages to adjusting temperature settings, the possibilities are endless. Here’s some helpful information on how to get started.

Strong button on Keurig! What does it do?

The strong button on the Keurig K150 Coffee Maker allows you to choose from four different brewing methods. It includes single serve (one cup), carafe (brews coffee using a method similar to drip coffee makers), french press (makes espresso style coffee) and pour over (this method uses hot water to brew coffee). The K150 also features a programmable timer so you can set it to wake you up in the morning or let it go until after dinner.

How does Keurig’s strong button work?

A K-Cup is usually available in packs of six or 12 and costs around $3-$4 per pack. (K-cups are reusable.) Each cup holds about 8 oz of coffee, tea or hot cocoa depending on the type of brewing used. This includes either single serve pods or double walled paper cups.

In order to brew you simply place the desired beverage into the cup holder and press down on the upper lever to lock it in. Then flip the upper lever back to release the locking mechanism. After pressing the lower lever to unlock the bottom, you’re ready to enjoy!

Why does a longer brew time make stronger coffee?

Coffee beans can be roasted either darkly (burnt) or lightly (unburned). Dark roasts are generally thicker and richer tasting with more caffeine content. Light roasts typically taste lighter and smoother. Both light and dark roasting result in similar amounts of caffeine. Caffeine is what gives coffee its stimulating effect. However, the darker the roast, the greater the concentration of organic chemicals such as chlorogenic acids and caffeic acid. These compounds help protect against cancer. This explains why darker roasts tend to be healthier than lighter roasts.

Will the Keurig strong button increase the Caffeine content?

Yes. Keurigs have been around since the late 1990s. It was designed to brew hot beverages, usually coffee and tea, using only cold water. A single serving K-cup (or pod) contains about 5 ounces of beverage. This is approximately half of what you get from a typical 8 ounce cup. For many people, having to wait for cold water to boil and then pour into the brewer each morning is not practical. Therefore, these machines were created. Nowadays, these brewers are available in several sizes and shapes, but the common thread among them is that they produce consistent results with no waste, unlike traditional brewing methods.

A Keurig uses a special filter system to extract the necessary water molecules required for a full cup of liquid. In addition, Keurig filters remove 99% of impurities found in tap water and other minerals that may affect taste. With the Keurig filter, you know exactly how the product tastes every time it comes out of the machine. Once brewed, the K-Cup remains sealed until dispensed. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you take it outside while drinking or leave it sitting on the table next to you for later consumption.

How to fix the Keurig strong button?

The strong button works by pushing down on the top lever to lock it in position. When you push the button again, it unlocks the bottom lever. If your Keurig has stopped working properly, try cleaning the buttons and levers with warm water and soap. You might need to replace the entire unit if this doesn’t resolve the issue.

What about the Keurig “Iced” button?

Iced coffee has been around since the 1970s, but the Keurig® coffee brewer was created in 1997 in Vermont. It revolutionized how people drink coffee. With just a push of a button, the K-Cup system lets you brew any type of specialty coffee from espresso to cappuccino. This saves money, time and effort because it doesn’t take the extra step of emptying the filter into a cup.

You simply pour hot water into the top reservoir of the Keurig® brewer, push the button and wait five minutes. Then pull down the lever to release the brewed coffee. Because it’s a single serve brewer, it’s perfect for busy mornings when only one person wants coffee. And if you prefer decaf, you can switch to cold brew mode. The Keurig® Cold Brew Coffee Maker is compact and fits easily under your cabinet.

Can you use the strong button on the Keurig for tea?

Yes, but not really. The Keurig coffee maker does produce a cup of espresso, however, the strength of the brew depends entirely upon what type of K-cup is within the brewer itself. A Keurig will only brew about 8 ounces of brewed coffee from any K-cup pack. It will brew 16 ounces of coffee if using a regular sized coffee filter. That said, the Keurig does offer many different flavors such as vanilla, hazelnut, or even peppermint. To switch between these types of flavored coffees, simply press the “strong” button. Once pressed, the machine will begin brewing the chosen flavor, while simultaneously pressing down the center of the mug where it says “medium”. If you wish to change back to normal strength coffee, simply let go of the “strong’ button. You can learn how to properly use the Keurig here.

Keurig is a brand name for single-serve coffee makers. It was invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1977. He was working for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. In his free time, he used to drink coffee from a paper cup. He thought if he could invent the machine that could brew a cup of coffee, he could sell it to people. This idea became a reality in 1977.

Keurig K-Cup brewers are designed to brew single servings of coffee or tea. However, if you press down hard enough on the button, you can get a full cup of coffee or tea. This is called a “strong button” and it is used to brew a full cup of coffee. The strong button has been around since the first Keurig were released. Some people like this feature because they don’t want their morning coffee to be weak. Others dislike it because they think it’s too easy to make a mistake when brewing a large amount of coffee at once.

So, what exactly does Keurig’s strong button do? This article will assist you in answering that question and making the most of your Keurig.

What Does the Strong button on Keurig Do?

The strong button on the Keurig extends the time it takes to brew your coffee. This enhances the flavor of your coffee. Because it’s the same amount of coffee you’d consume if you didn’t select the strong option, the caffeine content remains the same.

The strong button allows users to brew up to 12 cups of coffee per batch. You may have heard about how many cups of coffee you should consume each day. According to the American Heart Association, adults need between five and eight cups of coffee daily. If you’re not drinking enough caffeine, then you might benefit from adding more into your diet.

On the machines, the strong button is used to brew the coffee to its full capacity. Keurig coffee machines are available in a variety of reservoir capacities. With the same amount of coffee, the strong button produces a greater taste. If you use K-cups, the brewer is automatically adjusted to the optimal setting by inserting the barcode. Keurig brew machines have introduced a variety of brew machines to meet the needs of various consumers.

Keurig Coffee maker Models with strong Button:

These are some of the models offered by Keurig that come with a strong button.

Keurig K-mini plus

This model comes with an automatic drip tray. It also includes a removable water tank. There is no filter included but there is a built-in grinder.

The finest single-serve coffee maker is the K-mini plus. Not only does it have a stronger button than the K-mini, but it also has a detachable reservoir.

  • Single-serve machine with the smallest footprint
  • Activate the strong button

Removable reservoir with 6oz to 12oz capacity for each cup This is one of Keurig’s most user-friendly and cost-effective coffee machines.


It features a stainless steel body and glass carafe. Its unique design makes it ideal for both home and office settings. This is the coffee maker to purchase if you want to brew a variety of coffees. Not only does the K-Elite machine offer a strong brew choice, but it also offers cold and hot brewing.

  • With the Strong option, you can make a stronger and tastier brew.
  • Reservoir with up to 12 oz capacity and 5 cup size options for iced coffee brewing
  • Fits a travel mug and is roomy.
  • Offsetting/auto-on

Because of the display and various settings, the K-elite is one of the best-selling and most popular models. Despite its average size, it does take up some counter space when compared to Keurig’s small versions. However, the utility of this model is unrivaled.

K-mini single-serve coffee maker

If you don’t like using filters or prefer to drink freshly brewed coffee every morning, then the K-mini is perfect for you. The K-mini is compact and easy to store away. It doesn’t require any cleaning after use unlike other types of coffee makers.

You will be able to enjoy fresh coffee without having to clean out the pot afterward. The ideal design for a single-serve with a strong button to extract the most powerful taste of the coffee is the K-mini single-serve. With a refilling reservoir, this is a single-serve product.

For a rich roasted taste, press the "strong" option.

6 oz reservoir takes up less room on the counter and must be replenished after each use

Although the string option and streamlined appearance are advantages of this model, they may also be disadvantages depending on your coffee preferences and whether you live with your family. The small shape doesn’t fit in the travel cup, yet it brews excellent strong coffee, making it ideal for dorms, bachelors, and single people.

Coffee that you can use with the strong button

These are some of the brands that you can consider using with Keurig’s strong button.

High Voltage Coffee

This is an Australian brand that has about 1150mg of caffeine per 12oz of brewed. Unlike other high-caffeine coffees, this one doesn’t taste as bitter as the others.

Black Insomnia

A medium roast from Costa Rica, Black Insomnia contains approximately 600 mg of caffeine per 8 ounces. You won’t find many drinks containing more caffeine than this. If you’re looking for something different, try this one.

The origins of black insomnia may be traced back to South Africa. It’s available for purchase on Amazon. Caffeine content is 1105mg per 12oz brewed. It used to have less caffeine, but since 2018, a new formulation has been created, and the caffeine levels have increased.

Killer coffee

The caffeine content in Killer Coffee is 645mg per 12oz brewed. It’s available for purchase on their website. It’s an Australian brand that uses Arabica coffee beans.


Keurigs are great because they allow us to prepare our own beverages at home. They save time and money by eliminating trips to restaurants and convenience stores. In addition, we get to choose what kind of beverage we want to consume. We can even customize them according to our tastes.

I hope you understood what the strong button is and how you can use it.

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