Can Rice Cooker Be Used for Baking How to Do it Right

Last Updated on September 2, 2021

Rice cookers are very useful appliances that help you cook rice easily. It is used for making rice quickly. It is easy to use and clean. It saves time and energy. It is used for cooking rice. It is used for preparing rice.

You can also make other dishes like cakes, bread, etc in the same way as well. The best thing about this appliance is that it does not require any oil or butter while baking. So if you want to bake something without using oil then a rice cooker will be your perfect choice.

Is it possible to bake in a rice cooker? Alternatively, how can I bake a cake in a rice cooker? These are just a handful of the most commonly asked questions about how to bake using a rice cooker.

The fact is that a rice cooker is a fantastic kitchen device that can not only cook rice but also pasta and, depending on the size, bake a cake for the entire family. The best part about baking using a rice cooker is that it uses less energy than many stovetops and other baking equipment now on the market.

Can Rice Cookers Be Used for Baking?

Yes! You can definitely bake with a rice cooker. There are several different types of recipes available online which show you exactly what you need to do when baking with a rice cooker. If you have never baked before, there’s no better place to start than here.

The rice cooker is an excellent baking device, especially for individuals who do not have other baking gadgets in their kitchen. Aside from that, the rice cooker aids in the reduction of baking time, which is one of the qualities that distinguish it from the competition. But don’t get too excited since the electric rice cooker can only create a basic cake. As a result, you’ll have to go for a more complicated rice cooker than a standard one on the market. That’s not all, though.

Because the kitchen equipment is basic and straightforward to use, there is no need to read the instructions completely. The labels on the buttons are clearly visible. Finally, technological advancements have resulted in the development of more sophisticated electric rice cookers that can also be used to bake. Take the time to study and select the one that best suits your needs.

In a rice cooker, how long does it take to bake?

The goal of creating an electric rice cooker was to shorten cooking time, which is why they are so popular on the market.

Is it true that it cuts the baking time in half? This, of course, is dependent on the rice cooker’s brand. Unlike the advanced rice cooker with a bake option, the classic rice cooker takes a long time. According to rogue chefs’ trials, rice cookers take around 3 to 5 minutes to prepare. When compared to other baking equipment, it takes less time. However, some people still prefer to use the traditional method because it requires less effort.

Is it necessary to put water in the rice cooker when baking a cake?

There are many baking cake recipes available, and unlike cooking rice in a kitchen device, baking does not require boiling water.

As a result, before putting the dough in a rice cooker to bake a cake, make sure the inside pot is totally dry. That means that if you’re using a rice cooker to bake a cake, don’t put any water in the inner pot. To get the most out of the culinary gadget, try a basic baking recipe. Also, there are several electric rice cookers on the market, and choosing one with a baking mode will yield excellent results in the long term.

How to Bake a Simple Cake in a Rice Cooker?

To begin, add 1 cup of flour into the bottom compartment of the rice cooker. Then pour 2 cups of milk or cream into the top compartment.

Next, mix together well until batter consistency forms. Add sugar according to taste. Afterward, stir in eggs and vanilla extract. Lastly, fold in chocolate chips. Once everything has been mixed thoroughly, transfer mixture to the inner pot of the rice cooker. Cover the lid tightly and set the timer for 30 minutes. In this way, you can enjoy delicious cakes without having to spend hours preparing them.

What Are Some Tips For Making A Perfect Cake With An Electric Rice Cooker?

If you want to achieve perfect results while making a cake in a rice cooker, follow these tips:

1) Make sure the rice cooker is clean and free of lint. If possible, wash it first with soap and warm water. Dry it properly after cleaning.

2) Before adding ingredients, check whether all parts of the rice cooker are fully covered by the liquid. It should look like a bowl filled with liquid.

3) Always keep the lid closed during the entire process. Otherwise, steam may escape from the cover, causing the cake to rise too much.

4) Use only fresh ingredients such as butter, eggs, and milk. Avoid old ones since they tend to spoil quickly.

5) Never open the lid once the timer goes off. The cake might be ruined due to exposure to air. Instead, wait for the next cycle to finish.

6) Keep your hands away from the cake pan. You could burn yourself if the heat gets too high.

7) Don’t forget to turn off the power switch at the end of the cycle. Leaving it on overnight would cause damage to the appliance.

8) Try different types of cakes to find what works best for you. There are plenty of options available online.


In conclusion, we hope our article helped you understand how a rice cooker can help you bake a cake and save time and energy.

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