How To Defrost Cool Whip Fast?

Have you ever wondered why your cool whip always seems frozen solid after defrosting? Cool Whip was created in 1947 by Clarence Birdseye, who wanted to create an inexpensive way to add whipped cream to his food without having to cook extra ingredients or worry about them spoiling. Unfortunately, the recipe didn’t quite work out! … Read more

How To Defrost Beyond Burgers In The Microwave?

How often do you eat burgers? If you’re anything like me, I love them. They’re delicious, they’re cheap, and they’re quick. But sometimes, my burger gets frozen solid before I even get home from work. That’s why I’m sharing this simple trick to defrost burgers in the microwave. When I was growing up, my mom … Read more

How To Defrost Pasta Sauce?

Pasta sauce is a staple ingredient in Italian cuisine. But did you know that pasta sauce isn’t always tomato-based? There are plenty of other options out there, from pesto to ketchup. What exactly is pasta sauce anyway? The word ‘pasta’ comes from the Latin word ‘patella’, meaning ‘knee’. This refers to the shape of the … Read more