Edible Cookie Dough Without Milk?

Cookies are delicious treats that everyone loves. They are also very versatile. You can bake them into brownies or bars, freeze them for later, or even eat them straight out of the oven. But sometimes cookies aren’t quite what they seem. Some cookie dough recipes call for milk, butter, eggs, and other ingredients that aren’t … Read more

Can You Eat Expired Cookie Dough?

Have you ever wondered whether or not expired cookie dough is safe to eat? The answer is yes, but only if you follow certain guidelines. Expired cookies are usually found at grocery stores and convenience stores. They are often sold in bulk because they tend to go bad faster than other baked goods. You should … Read more

How To Fix Cookie Dough That’s Too Dry?

Cookies are delicious treats, but they also pose a problem. They tend to get dry and crumbly after sitting out for awhile. How can you fix them? Cookie dough is a treat that everyone loves. The problem is that cookies don’t always come out perfectly baked. If you’re looking for ways to improve cookie baking, … Read more

Can You Refrigerate Bread Dough?

Bread dough is a staple in our kitchens, but refrigerating bread dough isn’t recommended. Why? Baking bread at home is a great way to save time and money. The problem is, storing bread dough in the refrigerator can cause problems. Refrigerated bread dough should be kept at room temperature 70°F or warmer. If you want … Read more