Does Freezing Yogurt Kill Probiotics? (Explained!)

Do you freeze yogurt? If yes, then you might want to think twice before doing so. Freezing yogurt kills probiotics. That’s right! This means that if you freeze yogurt, you’ll kill off the beneficial bacteria that live inside. In this blogpost, I’m going to explain you how freezing yogurt kills probiotics and how you can … Read more

Are Jalapenos With Brown Seeds Bad? (Explained)

Jalapeno peppers are spicy! Are brown seeds bad? Jalapeno peppers are hot! Some people think that jalapeno peppers are only good if they are green. However, there are other varieties of jalapeno peppers that have different colors and flavors. 1 Jalapeno peppers come in many different colors including red, orange, yellow, white, purple, black, and … Read more