Can You Eat Curdled Yogurt? – Is It Safe?

Yogurt can curdle because of bacteria called lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. These are both found naturally in milk. When yogurt is stored at room temperature, these bacteria increase, multiply, and produce lactic acid. This causes the yogurt to separate into thick whey and thin yogurt. If the yogurt is heated too high, the bacteria … Read more

Can You Freeze Yogurt Starter?

Yogurt starter is a great way to get started with homemade yogurt. In this article I explain you how to freeze yogurt starter and then thaw it out later. This method allows you to store yogurt starter for months at a time. Yogurt starter is a simple mixture of milk, culture, and sometimes sugar or … Read more

Can You Freeze Greek Yogurt?

Greek yogurt has become a favorite snack food over the years. But did you know that some brands contain ingredients that aren’t exactly safe for consumption? Greek yogurt is a thick, creamy dairy product that originated from Greece. It’s often enjoyed as a dessert or snack, but it can also be used as a substitute … Read more

Naan Recipe Without Yogurt

Naan bread is a delicious Indian flatbread. It has a soft texture and a light taste. This recipe uses yogurt instead of milk or water. Naan is traditionally baked over a fire, but nowadays ovens are also used. The dough is rolled out into thin sheets and then cut into triangles. The bread is usually … Read more