Can You Freeze Tamales?

You’ve probably heard of tacos or burritos, but did you know there’s another Mexican dish called tamale? Learn more about these delicious treats in this video. Tamales are a type of food originating from Mexico. They consist of corn dough wrapped around meat, vegetables, cheese, or other ingredients. The word tamal comes from Nahuatl (the … Read more

How Long Do Tamales Last? – The Ultimate Guide

How long does tamale last? Is it safe to eat them after they’ve gone bad? Find out why tamales should never go bad, and how long they’ll stay good for. Tamales are delicious Mexican snacks consisting of cornmeal wrapped around meat or cheese filling. They’re traditionally eaten at Christmas time, but they’re also enjoyed year … Read more

How To Steam Tamales – The Ultimate Guide?

How do you steam tamales? I’ve tried steaming them before, but they always come out too dry. What should I do differently? Steamed tamales are delicious Mexican food. They consist of corn husks stuffed with meat or vegetables, wrapped in banana leaves, then steamed until tender. Steaming tamales is a great way to enjoy authentic … Read more