How To Keep Food Warm At A Picnic?

It seems like everyone has their favorite way to keep food warm at picnics or parties. Some prefer to bring along a portable grill, some prefer to pack a cooler full of ice packs, and some even bring along a propane stove. What do you recommend? Picnics and outdoor gatherings are great fun, but they … Read more

Does Food Coloring Expire?

Many of us add food coloring to our kids’ foods without realizing some of these additives expire or degrade over time. What happens to them when they do? Food colors are added to almost every processed food to enhance its appearance. But did you know that some of the dyes used in these foods could … Read more

How To Reduce Spiciness In Indian Food?

Indian food is famous around the globe. The spices used in Indian cuisine add flavor and aroma to dishes. However, some spices can cause serious health problems. How do you reduce spiciness in Indian food without compromising its taste? India has a rich culinary heritage. Its diverse culture and ethnic diversity has resulted in a … Read more