Uk Dishwasher Dimensions And Sizing Guide

UK Dishwasher Dimensions and Sizing Guide


Imagine cooking a copious proportion of food, and then realise that you have to now face the music of washing the enormous pile of utensils in the sink. This is certainly an agony for everyone. In fact, washing dishes requires time and effort which inflicts a lot of inconveniences. That’s when dishwashers come to the rescue to save you from the drudgery. Now, a dishwasher is an appliance in which you put all your utensils and dishes, and it does all the work on its own by rinsing off the oil and grime making the utensils spotlessly clean and shiny. This manual illustrates the size and dimensions to buyers for more clarity of what to anticipate from these several kinds of dishwashers. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Regular Sizes of Dishwashers

For dishwashers, there is a range of sizes and structures available. This is for a guarantee that they are adequate for anywhere that they are mounted. They are constructed so that it is positioned on the underpart of the countertops and are also generally accommodated with hardware to be on the kitchen floor or even the cabinet which is adjoined with the dishwasher. There are likewise dishwashers in large sizes and semi-built-in and the ones which are entirely integrated. Most of the dishwashers include a common size of being 600 millimetres broad, 635 millimetres deep and roughly 865 millimetres high.

Dimensions of a Tabletop Dishwasher

Now, these dishwashers are quite convenient and they can be positioned anywhere around the kitchen floor or tabletop. Surely, this is a perfect choice for people who perhaps reside in small apartments or have confined areas. Furthermore, they include a 6 place setting. And to obtain an adequate assessment of the dimensions, we can approximate it to a large microwave oven since the tabletop dishwasher also has similar dimensions. Although it is a lot taller than that but gives an idea of its size. About the dimensions, a tabletop dishwasher will measure nearly 55 cm, about 44 cm in height and about 50 cm in depth.

Dimensions of a Slimline Freestanding Dishwasher

These dishwashers are undoubtedly a very popular kind of dishwashers. They adjust to any kind of kitchen and adjust nicely, and their door in the front is intended to be visible. Hence, have no objection with your dishwasher being displayed, then this model is the ideal choice for you. This model moreover delivers around 9 or 10 place settings. Pertaining to its proportions, it’s width is around 44.6 cm, 44.8 cm, or sometimes precisely 45 cm although many manufacturers comply with the width of 45 cm, also having a height of about 85 cm. Regarding the depth, on specific models, it begins at around 59 cm, and also often measures to 60 cm with certain models and upgrades on larger models at around 62.5 cm.

Dimensions of a Full-Size Dishwasher

The name says everything, this next dishwasher is full-sized, so there is plenty of room to load your dishes. They also include a 13 place configuration. The full-size models possess about the same capacity as the integrated full-sized type has. Their capacity varies between models, that includes around 13 place settings which are about 120 items, while the others are capable of including 15 place settings which are roughly 150 different items. Similarly, its width is projected to be from 59.8 cm to 60 cm, while sometimes being 85 cm. The range is between 59 cm and 62.5 cm for thickness.

Dimensions of an Integrated Full-Sized Dishwasher

This is a completely built-in model that has a control panel at the end of its door which is entirely concealed when it is shut. They are effortlessly covered behind the kitchen closets. For the most massive families or a huge set of buddies, this integrated model is excellent as it is full-sized and can accommodate about 13 place settings. Referring to their sizes, these range from 59.5 cm to 60 cm wide and between 81 cm and 82 cm long. It also has a depth of 55 cm which is the usual size, although some models do have the sizes 57 cm and 59.5 cm.

Dimensions of a Semi-Integrated Dishwasher

This appliance usually delivers around 13 place settings. Furthermore, it also has a control panel that can be seen when the door is shut in this model and they are similarly designed to correspond to your current kitchen cabinets. Additionally, they measure between 59.5 cm to 60 cm wide and its height is between 81 cm and 82 cm. The depth is also usually around 57 cm to 57.5 cm.

Dimensions of an Integrated Slimline Dishwasher

The integrated dishwashers are available in both full-size or the slimline. These come in a variety of different sizes for such integrated fittings. Around 10 place settings can be taken in this built-in dishwasher. Moreover, they range between 44.6 cm and 44.8 cm in width and 81.5 cm to 87 cm in height. They also usually have feet that can be adjusted and altered resulting in the dishwasher to expand the height to be around 87 cm. Most integrated slimline models include the depth size of around 55 to 57 cm.

Key Aspects To Remember

1. The sizes and measurements listed above do not contain the area that the dishwasher requires around it. As the washing machine is attached to the water supply from the backside, accordingly additional space is needed over there. Ensure that it is not touching any appliances or other cabinets. 2. Kindly ensure that your wastewater, current water and electric sources are placed around 1.5 metres of your planned installation site. Moreover, make sure that the tubes in the back are not compressed or crushed because of insufficient space as that would result in a water leakage if your tubes break or crack. Hence, to avoid this it is advisable to leave a minimum of 3 cm of room behind the dishwasher. 3. Do not try installing the dishwasher yourself if you are even slightly unsure or not confident with the steps and methods. Kindly seek assistance from a professional and experienced person to avoid any hindrances. References:

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