The Best Solo Microwave For 2021

Last Updated on July 19, 2021

We are presently living in a high-speed world wherein practically all that we do is done quickly for us to set aside time. Not just that since globalization has incorporated into our brains that we should do everything the easy way. In spite of the fact that it makes us by one way or another apathetic in a manner, it doesn’t imply that we should not maintain the innovation that we have. With regards to food, more often than not all things are done immediately in light of the fact that we are occupied to the point that is the reason we make sure that we cook our nourishments quicker and simpler. Perhaps the best advancement in accomplishing this is with the creation of the microwaves on account of them we can concoct or warm our food a lot quicker. Notwithstanding, the vast majority of them are really enormous, which is the reason we are somewhat doubtful about buying them. In any case, stress no more! Fortunately, more minimal microwaves were developed which are designated “solo microwaves”. They are ideal for individuals who need to utilize a microwave for fundamental undertakings, for example, uniform warming and cooking. With the assistance of the web, you can get yourself a performance microwave online in India without any problem. Solo microwaves are super-advantageous for cooking, warming, and defrosting food. Trust us, soon yours turns into the most-utilized apparatus in your kitchen. Solo, also called unsupported, microwaves essentially module and go. They’re a doddle to utilize, regardless of whether you’re warming the previous left-overs, defrosting a segment of that hamburger stew you prepared on Sunday, or preparing an expedient prepared supper. Yet, which microwave is ideal for you? Our master analyzers at the Good Housekeeping Institute put 23 performance microwaves under a magnifying glass to locate the best. To locate each model’s qualities and inadequacies, they made a decision about each machine on its exhibition, convenience, plan, and lucidity of guidelines.

What is the difference between solo, grill, and combi microwaves?

Set forth plainly, solo microwaves are fundamental models that can defrost, warm, and cook food, while flame broil microwaves have an extra inside barbecue component. There are additionally mixed microwaves, which can be utilized for flame broiling, preparing, and simmering, much the same as a typical stove. Some gloat specific capacities like steaming and yogurt-production, as well.

What can you cook in a solo microwave?

Solo microwaves are a definitive decision for basic assignments. They will in general be modest, minimal, simple to utilize, and less massive than their combi cousins, which means they shouldn’t occupy a lot of room. They by and large have a more modest limit and restricted usefulness, yet a significant number of the most recent models boast a variety of auto-cook settings close to the standard warming and defrost modes. In spite of the fact that speedier at cooking, unsupported microwaves don’t fresh or brown your food just as a customary broiler. All things considered, there are a lot of suppers you can cook in a microwave, including steamed puddings, French toast, and cakes.

How do I choose a Solo Microwave?

High wattage and an exorbitant cost tag don’t generally like to quality. To locate the correct microwave for you, think about the accompanying prior to purchasing: Wattage This influences the cooking times you use when alluding to bundling. When all is said in done, the higher the wattage, the quicker the microwave cooks. Having said that, a generally low 700w machine shows up in our best 10, so don’t be influenced by this factor alone. Power levels Most performance microwaves let you change the force level to suit various nourishments. Not all things are microwaved in full! Utilize the most elevated setting to microwave dishes that have a high fluid substance, for example, soups, beverages, or vegetables. Select mode for regular positions, such as preparing dinners. The low setting ought to be utilized for delicate warming and any exact errands, for example, mellowing spread or liquefying chocolate. Programs Some performance microwaves offer auto-cook programs that change the force and time-dependent on the sort and weight of the food. Instances of basic standard projects incorporate pizza, popcorn, and frozen vegetables. Post for convenient warming and defrosting modes, as well. Heating Categories The warming classification essentially mirrors the wattage, with ‘A’ the most un-amazing and ‘E’ the most remarkable. Clear view door You would be astounded by the number of microwave entryways that are hard to see through. Put resources into a model that allows you to see inside. This will save you from consistently making the way to keep an eye on your food’s advancement. Child Safety Some microwaves accompany a kid lock alternative to give you significant serenity. This setting locks the control board, keeping a youngster from working the microwave unaided and harming themselves. Why should you buy a solo microwave oven? 1.Prepares or warms food a lot quicker –with regards to cooking different nourishments, there is no doubt that microwaves are truly powerful in chopping down the cooking time. 2.Hassle free-it is really clear that by utilizing a microwave all becomes simpler in light of the fact that you simply require to place the fixings in the holder and let the microwave do its thing. 3.Safe to use- when cooking nourishments that a microwave can deal with you are liberating yourself from utilizing LPG or logs which are truly risky and can cause a fire. 4.Less muddled- by cooking nourishments in the microwave you are saving yourself from cleaning enormous pots and dishes, saving you a great deal of exertion. 5.Simple to use-simply need to put the food inside the microwave and press some catch or turn the handle then you are all set. How do we test? Each performance microwave is gotten through a progression of cooking preliminaries to perceive how they act, all things considered. Our thorough tests include warming soup, preparing prepared suppers (both chilled and frozen), cooking jacket potatoes, and defrosting minced meat.Bundling directions are followed where pertinent, yet our board additionally tests each microwave’s important auto-cook programs. Our analyzers judge each microwave on its convenience, power levels, and cleanability. They evaluate the general plan, thinking about the size of the turntable plate and the clearness and nature of the controls. Up until this point, the GHI has scrutinized 23 performance microwaves. Is Solo Microwave good? Solo microwaves are less expensive contrasted with other microwave models like flame broil and convection. The value of a good microwave begins from 4,000 Rs to 8,000 Rs. In any case, a performance microwave can’t be utilized for flame broiling and preparing purposes. They are most appropriate for basic microwave just tasks, straightforward cooking, and warming. Some of the best solo microwaves are listed below:-

  1. LG 20L Solo Microwave Oven

An item that is uncommonly intended for each one of those calories and wellbeing cognizant individuals in light of the fact that LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven accompanies a pre-introduced Health Menu, which permits you to prepare scrumptious and solid food right away. Intellowave innovation guarantees quicker and better cooking. It is an energy-proficient item as a result of its novel element of turning off the showcase when not dynamic for 5 minutes. Allow us to examine different highlights of this item. MAIN FEATURES

  • This LG item accompanies an Auto Cook cook menu which has a preset rundown. Simply select the dishes which you need to cook and press Start. Presently it is extremely helpful to set up anything you desire to.
  • Intellowave innovation guarantees quicker and better cooking.
  • It is an energy-proficient item that turns off the showcase when the unit isn’t dynamic for 5 minutes. This makes you save money on your power bills.
  • The Anti Bacterial cavity forestalls the arrangement of microorganisms and thus decreases the opportunity of scent development, which ruins your food also.


  • It has an appealing botanical example of this microwave.
  • The food stays warm inside the item for an hour and a half.
  • With the controlled warming choice, appreciate delectable and yummy food effectively at your home.
  • For those wellbeing and calorie-cognizant individuals, it accompanies a Health Plus menu. Simply press the dish and begin cooking.
  • The Easy perfect covering allows you to clean the microwave rapidly.
  • It has a child lock include


  • no negative focus noticed up until this point.

2. Samsung 23L MS23J5133AG Solo Microwave Oven In the event that you are the sort of individual that is specific with the plan and name of the brand then this performance microwave is certainly the best one for you. It has a sharp outside that will make you need it in your kitchen or eating territory. Besides that, it has a good greatest limit of 23 liters that enables you to place more nourishments in it at each meeting.   Samsung solo microwave has a lot of highlights too that will make everything simpler for you. You will unquestionably never lament purchasing this performance microwave since it will doubtlessly surpass your assumptions! Thoughtfulness and dial control catch – with these catches you can handle your performance microwave a lot simpler. MAIN FEATURES

  • Guarantee – 1 year on the item and 5 years on magnetron
  • Force defrost work – decreases the frigid surface of nourishments that just emerged from the cooler so you won’t hang tight for a really long time defrosting.
  • Keep warm capacity – permits the food to keep its hot for any longer timeframes saving you a ton of power from warming habitually.
  • The material utilized – earthenware


  • Since it has a smooth surface and opens inside, expects that you can without much of a stretch clean it at whatever point you need to.
  • Ideal for mellowing margarine and chocolates since it has an inherent choice that will allow you to liquefy it on a wonderful surface.
  • There are 16 preset plans that you can browse so you don’t need to decide the temperature yourself.
  • It has a tough body since it has a defensive covering that makes sure about its surface from scratches.
  • This performance microwave is truly beneficial to utilize in light of the fact that it has against bacterial insurance.


  • The window is exceptionally colored; that is the reason you can’t perceive what’s happening inside the stove while being used.

3. Panasonic Nn-st266bfdg 20L Solo Microwave Oven You will without a doubt never turn out badly with a thing that is made by a confided in the brand since it went through a progression of value checks to guarantee that it stays aware of the norms. With regards to solo microwaves, Panasonic has a treat for you since its NN-ST266BFDG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven is without a doubt the genuine article. It has an extraordinary plan that makes it tempting to take a gander at and simultaneously includes those that are deserving of your consideration. It is really a standout amongst other microwaves in their product offering. To demonstrate to you that let us tackle its different highlights underneath for you to check whether it will accommodate your norms. MAIN FEATURES

  • Most extreme limit – 20 liters
  • Guarantee – 1 year on item
  • Control Type – contact keypad (layer)
  • The bundle incorporates – microwave, guarantee card, and client manual
  • Force utilization – 800 watt


  • It has 5 force levels that will allow you to pick what is fitting for your food which brings about more attractive outcomes.
  • This performance microwave is sublimely protected to utilize on the grounds that it has a kid lock highlight that makes your children from hurt while you are utilizing it.
  • Have confidence that your nourishments will be more alluring a result of their multistage cooking component.
  • The 51-auto cook menus will make everything simpler for you since you don’t have to think about the temperature required for every food since it is now given to you.
  • It rapidly warms up your food which will help you save a great deal of time and energy.
  • The size of this performance microwave is of the reduced significance you can put on restricted spaces and on different territories without burning through a lot of room.
  • Since it has a touch board, there will be no difficulty in arriving at territories making it simple to clean at whatever point you need to.


  • It isn’t that easy to understand on the grounds that it has bunches of complexities.

4. Bpl 20L Solo Microwave Oven With regards to solo microwaves, however much as could reasonably be expected we need it to be a spending plan agreeable on the grounds that one reason why we need one is to have a microwave that is significantly less expensive than different kinds of microwaves. Allow us to confront the way that performance microwaves are more reasonably contrasted with their partners. In any case, despite the fact that we are getting it as a result of its usefulness and lower value, we should guarantee that it doesn’t bargain for its quality and execution. With regards to that BPL acts the hero, a neighborhood brand that is known for its great standing with regards to the gadgets business. There is this one noteworthy performance microwave in their product offering that you should attempt; it is the BPL 20 L Solo Microwave Oven, what we adored about this broiler is its quality. Allow us presently to look at its different highlights. MAIN FEATURES

  • Most extreme limit – 20 liters
  • Power utilization – 700 watts
  • Package Includes – microwave, client manual, roller ring, and glass turntable
  • Quick defrost mode – there are times when we are in a surge and need to prepare or warm our food actually rapidly that is the reason it is essential to have this component. Fast defrost offers snappy activity in dissolving down the ice that is available on the food’s surface.
  • Ergonomic draw door handle – the idea about the entryway is truly simple to hold making it agreeable for our hands when we are opening or shutting the entryway of the stove.
  • Measurements – 45.2 x 26.2 x 33 cm
  • Weight – 10.5 kilograms


  • It has a cooking ready element that tells you what’s happening within your stove making it a truly protected broiler to use for you and your family.
  • The plan of this microwave is so straightforward and has no complexities at all making it truly simple to utilize and simultaneously spotless and exquisite.
  • It doesn’t transmit an excessive amount of commotion making it alluring to use on any pieces of the day.
  • Moderate cost.
  • This microwave is truly reduced and light which makes it very versatile.
  • Warms up your food actually rapidly which will save you a ton of time and power.


  • The most extreme limit is really restricted.

5. Ifb Solo 20pm2s 20 Liters 800 Watt Microwave Oven Because of our high-speed world, we will in general have a very brief period cooking our nourishments. We should be grateful that performance microwaves were imagined; as a result of them, everything gets simpler. Nonetheless, prior to getting one generally guarantee that it is the correct one for you. Stress no more, since we have a proposal that you can think about when getting one. Presenting this IFB Solo 20PM2S 20 Liters 800 Watts Microwave Oven, it is very much constructed and will definitely surpass your assumptions. What we loved about the IFB solo microwave is the advanced plan that makes it truly captivating to utilize. At the present time, let us investigate its different highlights and inquire as to whether this performance microwave is the correct one for you. MAIN FEATURES

  • Guarantee – 1 year on an item and 3 years on magnetron and depression
  • The essential method of control – contact keypad (film)
  • 5 force levels and 51 standard menu choices – allows you to pick the suitable hotness for the food that you are cooking.
  • Greatest limit – 20 liters
  • Force utilization – 1200 watts
  • Embellishments included – 1 C-N-S Medium with top 1500 ml, 1 Idli segment, and 1 Pride Bowl Big with LD 500 ml


  • Since its façade is totally controlled by a touch board, expect that you can undoubtedly clear it off at whatever point it is messy.
  • In its LED show there is an incorporated clock that gives you the advantage to see the time which will help you in taking care of your undertakings accurately.
  • The handle is truly wide making it simpler for you to hold it at whatever point you are opening or shutting the broiler’s entryway.
  • It has a very extensive inside which gives you the advantage to fit in a ton of nourishments in each meeting.
  • The plan is motivated by the cutting edge time making it an ideal fit for everybody’s kitchen or eating territory.
  • Its engine is truly incredible making its heat nourishments truly fast and précised.
  • It has no perplexing system which is the essential motivation behind why it is easy to use.


  • Emanates some clamor while being used.
  • High power utilization.

6. Samsung 23L MS23K3513AK Solo Microwave Oven Samsung has fabricated an extraordinary standing in the realm of hardware. This is the essential explanation on the off chance that you purchase an item from that brand and have confidence that everything would work out in a good way as per your fulfillment. With regards to solo microwaves, Samsung has a treat for you. This Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven will make things simpler for you since it is proficient and has a good size that is all that could possibly be needed for fundamental use. It is stacked with a lot of highlights that will unquestionably surpass your assumptions. Besides the highlights, the smooth and smooth dark look will add a great deal of wonder to your lounge area or kitchen. MAIN FEATURES

  • Most extreme limit – 23 liters
  • The bundle incorporates – microwave, turntable, and manual
  • Guarantee – 1 year on an item and 5 years on the magnetron
  • The material utilized – artistic
  • Voltage – 230 volts
  • Huge window – allows you to see your nourishments while you are cooking or warming them on the stove.
  • Simple touch catches – you can without much of a stretch set the microwave as indicated by your requirements and inclination due to its problem-free simple to click contact catches.


  • It is an extraordinary energy-saver since it keeps your nourishments longer than expected with the utilization of its keep warm component.
  • The front board has a LED show that allows you to perceive what’s happening inside the stove.
  • Its ECO mode helps the climate since it just uses low power which is tremendous assistance in bringing down the ozone-depleting substances in our air.
  • The body of this broiler is all around protected importance; it won’t make any sense hotness to your kitchen. Likewise, it keeps you from getting serious wounds.
  • Its door handle gives you the advantage of holding it effectively for a simpler opening and shutting off the stove.
  • Despite the fact that this microwave is just an essential one it has premium highlights that may allow you to feel that it is from another variation of the microwave.


  • The cost is somewhat steep.

7. Haier 20L Solo Microwave Oven Haier is a notable item all through the world that offers a wide scope of apparatuses that are really serious with regards to highlights and estimating. With regards to solo microwaves, Haier 20 L Solo Microwave Oven is unquestionably worth it, it is perhaps the most noticeable model in their line of microwaves. It is truly dependable with regards to fundamental cooking and warming of nourishments. Since it is made of great materials expect that it will last more and will serve you to meet your fulfillment. It is stacked with a lot of highlights that we will examine further beneath. MAIN FEATURES

  • Greatest limit – 20 liters
  • Conservative size – ideal for unhitched males or little families
  • Multipurpose use – useful for warming, defrosting and cooking
  • Guarantee – 1 year on an item and 1 year on magnetron
  • The essential method of control – handle
  • Magnetron power – 940W


  • It has a coordinated reserve mode highlight which permits you to save energy when the microwave isn’t utilized effectively. This guides in boosting energy proficiency by preserving up to 40% of the power.
  • The outside of this microwave is truly exceptional on the grounds that it will most likely include some tastefulness to your kitchen or lounge area.
  • It is made out of two smooth dials and a four-digit show that gives it a very good quality look. The dials are too responsive and sturdy so you won’t need to stress over any issues while utilizing them.
  • Its plan is moderate which makes it very easy to understand.
  • This performance microwave has a defrost work which will accelerate the liquefying endlessly of the ice from the nourishments that just came from the cooler.
  • It is truly steady on account of the four elastic strands that are situated on its base which keeps the stove from slipping.
  • Since it has a smooth surface expect that you can clean it all together with no problems.


  • Its body is inclined to marks.

8.Bajaj 17L Solo Microwave Oven There isn’t anything more fulfilling than supporting a neighborhood brand. With regards to hardware, we should coordinate into our brains that our own personal brands are superior to the unfamiliar ones. To demonstrate to you that, we as a whole know Bajaj right? It is a notable organization in the gadgets and engine industry that is established here in India. This brand just creates the most awesome aspect. So in the event that you intend to purchase a performance microwave, why not attempt our own special image? We might want to acquaint you with the Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven, it is a great item that will unquestionably fulfill your necessities. It is furnished with highlights that you will unquestionably adore and above all, it will make life simpler for you. This is really a value for the money thing that you should not miss! MAIN FEATURES

  • Auto defrost includes – eliminates the frigid particles from your nourishments that came from the cooler for faster cooking or warming.
  • Clock alert – gives you a trace of what’s happening inside the broiler so you won’t fail to remember it making it protected to use consistently.
  • Solo model – useful for couples, single men, and little families.
  • Guarantee – 1 year on item
  • Greatest limit – 17 liters


  • It is made out of 5 force levels that will assist you with definitely cooling or warming your nourishments which brings about a more attractive taste.
  • Its smooth dark plan will include a ton of marvelousness to your kitchen or feasting region.
  • This performance microwave has a smooth surface making it truly simple to clear it off when it is grimy.
  • It has a huge straightforward window that allows you to see what’s happening inside the broiler.
  • The handle of this microwave is truly simple to hold and has an enemy of warmth property which reduces your odds of getting harmed.
  • No compelling reason to collect it since it as of now arrives in a pre-gathered state once you got it.


  • Excessively restricted greatest limit.


Presently you have the most thorough rundown of the best performance microwaves here in India. Here are 3 choices that are extraordinary for you as indicated by the IFB Solo 20PM2S 20 Liters 800 Watts Microwave Oven is presumably the best one in light of its advanced highlights and an exceptional look.

Next is, Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven is certainly an extraordinary decision in light of its huge greatest limit and dazzling highlights. Ultimately, our vote goes to BPL 20 L Solo Microwave Oven since it is dependable regardless of its reasonable cost.

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