Why Your Dryer Might Take Too Long To Dry Clothes?

Last Updated on July 18, 2021

Investing in a dryer is a smart idea because dryers are a very important appliance that you will need in your home. They help in the drying of clothes and laundry. There can be situations in which your dryer might take a long time in drying the clothes and still failing to complete the job. If you have faced such issues then your dryer might be needing repair. Dryers are electrical machines that use a lot of energy to operate, and they, like many other electrical appliances, are vulnerable to malfunctioning on occasion. Your dryer can need routine repair and maintenance, and to do so, you must be able to recognize the signals that your dryer is giving you, indicating that it is time to repair your clothes dryer. If you’re thinking of buying a dryer, you should know that there are two types available, both of which work admirably. There are two types of dryers: vented dryers and ventless dryers. One thing to remember about dryers is that they use a lot of energy and are probably the most energy-intensive of all home appliances, so look for one with an energy-saving mode while shopping. Today we are going to look at the reasons why your dryer is taking forever to dry your clothes. If you own a dryer then this article is going to be very helpful and informative to you.

Most common problems faced by a dryer

The below listed are some of the possible reasons why your dryer is not able to dry clothes quickly and taking a lot of time.

  1. Blockages and holes in the venting hose that is causing the problem in air circulation
  2. Defective heating element
  3. Faulty thermostat
  4. Overheating

Venting hose

When we talk about clothes dryers the most important parts are the airflow and heat. If there is improper ventilation due to any reason then the dryer will fail to work efficiently. If there is no proper ventilation it will take a lot of time for the dryer to dry the clothes and this will waste a lot of electricity. The venting hoses can be damaged in such cases and if the venting hose is damaged then the air won’t be able to circulate properly as well. The hoses can get blockade from the inside. There can be a blocked vent too. These blocked vents can result in the accumulation or build of poisonous substances like carbon monoxide in case you have a gas dryer. In such cases, you need to ask for help from an expert if you want to keep yourself and your family safe.

Faulty heating elements

A faulty heating element won’t be able to heat properly and this is one of the most common problems that tend to occur. In both electric and gas dryers, a heating element is present and for the heat, these dryers depend on the heating element. It may be necessary to move the flame of your gas burner up or down, or it may block the brand. Coils may split up or wear the electric heating unit, reducing the heat and slowing down drying time.

Faulty thermostat

A thermostat is present in dryers and the main function that this thermostat performs is that it regulates the temperature inside the dryer. If the thermostat is facing problems to identify the heat inside the dryer then it may not be able to dry the clothes as it signals the dryer when to increase the heat. If your thermostat is broken you must preface it. You can ask for help from a professional.

Clogged lint traps

It is very necessary to take care of the lint traps that are present inside your dryers. You must make sure that it gets cleaned after every one or two uses. When clothes are inside the dryer for drying purposes they emit lint. This lint is then trapped inside the lint filter. This allows the circulation of air to be normal and free. The thing here is that if the trap isn’t cleaned regularly the lint might get accumulated and block the airflow. This will put pressure on the dryer to work harder and dry the clothes. If the lint trap is filed or clogged it can also release the lint on your new clothes and also result in overheating the dryer.


Overheating is a very common problem with dryers and this can happen to numerous things. A dryer heats up to dry the clothes and there are chances that in this process overheating might take place. However whatever might be the reason it is always dangerous. Inadequate airflow might not let the hot air escape which can be one of the major reasons. A faulty thermostat is one more reason why your dryer is overheating. A heating element that is malfunctioning can be dangerous and also lead to overheating. Whatever might be the cause you need to act quickly in such situations and turn the dryer off and ask for help from an expert.

The dryer doesn’t heat up

This is a very common occurrence, because if you find that the dryer is working but not heating up, the problem may be with the thermal fuse, which is likely to be broken. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including debris, clogged lint windows, or a dryer that is overloaded. You must ensure that the airflow is adequate and that it is not obstructed in any way. If the problem is caused by one of the above factors, you should seek clinical assistance to resolve the problem.

Malfunctioned parts

There are chances that some of the components inside your dryer are unable to work or it is working inappropriately. This will only lead to longer drying cycles and increased electricity costs.


Many times people try to overload the dryer because they want to finish the work quickly however this can be a problem for your dryer and it can also affect its efficiency. If the dryer is loaded or filled to the top then it is considered overloaded. When a dryer is filled so much it doesn’t leave any space for the hot air to circulate leading to improper drying cycles. When overloading is the case the dryer will take a longer time to dry your clothes and sometimes require two cycles. It is recommended that one should only fill the dryer ⅔ of the full. This lets the hot air properly flow and helps in drying the clothes properly. Click here to find the best clothes dryer online https://www.amazon.com/VIVOHOME-Electric-Compact-Portable-Apartment/dp/B08N5XQZ4S/ https://www.amazon.com/COSTWAY-VD-23598EP-Electric-Tumble-Sliver/dp/B07H16C27H/ Conclusion A dryer is an electrical appliance and as we saw it requires a lot of energy to work so when it malfunctions acting quickly can be a smart move if you do not want to add to your electricity bills. There are many possible reasons why your dryer is taking too long to dry the clothes however the above listed are some of the most common ones. These types of problems can occur but a simple repair can fix them. You can ask for help from a professional if you do not have any idea why such things are happening and what to do. I hope this article was informative.

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