When Microwave Repair Might Be Needed

Last Updated on July 19, 2021

Microwaves are undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of mankind and there are no second thoughts about that. They are one of the best additions to any kitchen. You will be able to find microwaves in most households and they are becoming popular with each passing day. They help you to make a lot of tasty dishes and this makes it very comfortable for the people who work inside the kitchen. It makes it convenient for people to make popcorn or even cook frozen food. It also helps to boil water quickly. A microwave is going to help you a lot when you are sick and tired and you do not have the energy to cook. It is so simple to use that even children can use them with ease and you can trust them for heating the food using a microwave. Like all the other appliances a microwave is prone to have some issues when you use it in the long run. They are not the appliances that are going to last forever, most of the modern microwaves are built and designed in such a way that they will only last for a few years or a maximum of a decade. If you own a microwave then probably this article will be very helpful for you because I am going to discuss some of the signs that will ensure that your microwave needs to be maintained, replaced, or repaired. This is a guide that will tell you when you should repair or replace your microwave.

Signs that your microwave repair might be needed

Below listed are some of the signs that will tell you that your microwave might be needing repair or maintenance.

Loud operation

A normal microwave running properly usually makes a considerable amount of sound while operating. If you notice a hum or a soft type of roaring sound then it is very natural. The problem is when it starts making unusually loud noises. The most important thing is that the noises that your microwave is making shouldn’t be more than what it usually makes. If it is making loud noises then probably one of the mechanical parts that your microwave has is not working properly or malfunctioning. if the noise that microwave is making noise coming from the drive motor then you can simply replace it. However, if the sound is a result of a magnetron issue then you need to replace the whole microwave.

Disruptive sounds

There are chances when your microwave starts making strange sounds that are not normal or usual. These scraping sounds can be a result of those rotating parts that are no longer in a proper position of the alignment. describing sound might occur when some of the parts are not in a proper alignment and are not working properly. Sometimes there are rattling sounds produced when there is something that has gotten loose. A nut or the loose wire can cause a rattling sound. You can fix issues on your own however asking help from an expert is always recommended.

Unpleasant burning smell

Your microwave should never produce odor. This bad smell can be due to something inside the microwave which was cooked previously. There are chances that food might have spilled from the previous food item that you made and have got caught inside the microwave. If you notice any unusual smell coming from the microwave then you need to monitor if there is something visible to you and start cleaning it all by yourself. If you can notice the smell even after cleaning thoroughly then you need to stop using the appliances and ask for help from a technician or an expert.

Your microwave does not turn on or stops responding

There are chances when your microwave just stops responding and doesn’t turn on and these are often the situations where the repair comes into play. You might be wondering that there are no possible damages seen and nothing has happened to your microwave but still it is not turning on then in such situations you must try asking help from a technician or an expert as he or she will review the problem and dig it from the bottom of it. The possible problems can be with the control panel, the control circuit, or even a broken door can be the issue here.

The door handle does not work

There are chances that the door handle might stop working efficiently and that’s why it is needed to be fixed. Some microwaves have got a door handle and these door handles are used many times. The door handle of the microwave must be very durable and strong. There are chances that your door handle might get damaged or a single crack can even be a problem. it is recommended that you should replace the door handle right away and this is a very simple thing to do. If you can remove the layers of your microwave door then you can easily replace it if you are not comfortable in doing so then you can also ask help from an expert or call a professional for the repair.

Your microwave runs without producing heat

There are chances that when you put the food inside and remove it after the required time the food might still not be warm enough. if you see that your microwave is running, spinning, and shining a light properly but after that, there is no heat produced then there might be a problem and the problem should be with the magnetron itself. The magnetron is the part that heats the food from inside out and if your microwave is unable to produce the heat then you might be needing to replace the whole microwave. If you are lucky enough then the professional would be able to rectify the problem and there can be chances that he can fix your microwave and it might start running properly again.

When your microwave is older than 6 years

If you are using your microwave for more than 6 years then it is time to replace it with a new one and let it rest. Your microwave is indeed built to last for a long time but it is also true that they have got the shortest lifespan in household appliances. If your microwave has already celebrated its 6 years birthday then it is time that you buy a new one. The tight time to replace or repair a microwave is after 5 years. In the search for a new microwave? Find the best ones here, click to check the current price https://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-ML2-EC10SA-BS-Convection-Energy-saving/dp/B08G4Q5196/ https://www.amazon.com/GE-Capacity-Countertop-Microwave-Black/dp/B07D48WB2P/ Conclusion Microwaves are one of the finest and most useful appliances inside the kitchen and it is true they are very durable however it is also true that they have the shortest lifespan among household appliances. I have mentioned some of the signals that might ensure you that your microwave is shouting for help from you and you either need to fix it or replace it as per the problem. I hope this article was informative.

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