Kenmore Refrigerator Making Ice [Problems & Solutions]

Last Updated on March 18, 2022

You’ve bought a new refrigerator, and now you want to get the most out of it.
Unfortunately, you may encounter some problems along the way.
What should you do?
The Kenmore brand has been around since 1923, and they have become a household name.
They offer a wide range of appliances, from refrigerators to washers and dryers.
Refrigerators are essential kitchen appliances.
If you don’t have one, you’ll probably soon realize why.
In this article, we’ll explain you how to troubleshoot common problems with your fridge

Kenmore Refrigerator Not Making Ice after Changing Filter – Quick Fix

I had the same problem and I solved it by changing the filter. It was clogged with ice crystals. After cleaning it, the refrigerator started making ice again.

Kenmore Refrigerator Makes Ice But No Water – How to Fix

If you see no water coming from the dispenser, check if the drain hose is connected properly. Make sure the drain hose is not blocked. Also, check if the drain line is clear of debris. If the drain line is clogged, try using a plunger to remove any blockages. Kenmore Refrig Not Making Ice – How To Fix Answer: If you see no water coming out of the dispenser, check the drain hose. Make sure it’s not plugged. Check if the drain line is clog free. Try using a plunger to unclog the drain line.

1. Water Inlet Valve

Check the water inlet valve. It could be stuck open. Turn off the water supply and turn on the faucet. Open the valve slowly until the water comes out. Close the valve and turn off the water supply. 2. Drain Line Answer: Check the drain line. It could be clogged. Use a plunger to unblock the drain line.

2. Dispenser Switches

Turn off the power switch and remove the top panel. Remove the dispenser switches from the back side of the unit. Clean the contacts with rubbing alcohol. Reinstall the switches. 3. Power Supply Answer: Check the fuse box. Replace if necessary. 4. Filter Answer: Check the filter. Replace if necessary. ## FAQs

3. Door Switch

Check the door switch. Replace if necessary. 4. Reset Button Answer: Pressing the reset button will clear any error codes. 5. Water Level Sensor Answer: Check the water level sensor. Replace if necessary. 6. Thermostat

4. Dispenser Control Board

7. Drain Valve 8. Oven Light 9. Timer

Kenmore Refrigerator Makes Ice But It Does Not Dispense It – Solved

1. Check if the ice maker is working properly. 2. Make sure the ice tray is full enough.

1. Check the Auger Motor

1. Open the door and check the auger motor. If it is not turning, replace the auger motor. 2. Make Sure the ice tray is full.

2. Check the Dispenser Switch

1. Open the Door and Check the Auger Motor: If the auger motor does not turn, replace the auger assembly. Make sure the ice tray is full: Check the dispenser switch.

3. Check the Door Motor

Open the door and check if the door motor turns. 4. Check the Ice Tray Motor Answer: Open the door and check if there is any noise from the ice tray motor.

4. Check the Dispenser Actuator

Check the dispenser actuator. It should be working properly. 5. Check the Water Level Answer: Check the water level. It should be full.

5. Check the Dispenser Control Board

Check the dispense control board. It should be working normally. 6. Check the Discharge Valve Answer: Check the discharge valve. It should be working correctly.

Kenmore Refrigerator Not Making Ice But Water Works – How to Fix

If the refrigerator is not making ice but water works, check the drain line from the icemaker to the outside of the unit. If the drain pipe is clogged, the water will flow into the cabinet instead of the icemaker. Remove any debris from the drain line. Clean the drain line with a wire brush. 7. Check the Drain Line Answer: Check the drain line. It should be working properly.

1. Check the Water Inlet Valve

Check the water inlet valve. It should be working normally. 2. Check the Drain Line see above 3. Check the Drain Pump

2. Adjust the Temperature

1. Check the water inlet valve Check the water inlets valve. It should be functioning normally. 2. check the drain line see above 3. check the drain pump Adjust the temperature

Why Isn’t My Kenmore Refrigerator Making Ice?

Kenmore refrigerator ice maker problems are very common. It is not uncommon for the ice maker to stop making ice after a period of time. This problem usually occurs because of the ice tray becoming clogged with debris. To fix this issue, remove the ice trays from the freezer and clean them thoroughly. Make sure that no debris remains inside the ice trays. Then place the ice trays back into the freezer and turn the unit off. After the unit cools down completely, turn it back on and check if the ice maker is working properly. If the ice maker still does not produce any ice, replace the ice maker.

1. Frozen Waterline

If you notice that the water line is frozen, you can thaw it using a hair dryer or a blow dryer. Turn the power off to the appliance and wait until the water line is warm enough to touch. Once the water line is warm, turn the power back on and let the appliance run for about 10 minutes. 2. Power Failure Answer: If the power goes out during the process of freezing the water, you can try restarting the freezer. If this doesn’t help, you can call a professional repair service to come and fix the problem.

2. Kinked Line

You can remove the ice from the line by running hot water into the line. Wait for the water to get cold again and then start filling the tub. 3. Broken Valve Answer: This happens if the valve gets stuck open. To fix this, you can either replace the valve or cut the pipe where the valve is located.

3. Internal Temperature

If the internal temperature of the refrigerator goes above 40 degrees F, you should immediately turn off the power supply. This will prevent damage to the compressor. 4. Refrigerator Door Answer: To repair the door, you can remove the screws holding the door panel together and then slide the door back into place.

4. Dirty Water Filter

You can clean the filter by running hot water through it. 5. Ice Maker Answer: To fix the ice maker, you can replace the ice tray with a new one.

5. Faulty Water Inlet Valve

To fix the faulty water inlet valve, turn off the power supply and remove the cover from the appliance. Then, disconnect the electrical cord from the outlet. Finally, open the drain valve located near the bottom of the unit. 6. Overflow Drain Answer: To fix overflow drain, turn off the power source and unplug the appliance. Remove the cap from the drain valve located on the side of the appliance. Turn the faucet handle toward the drain valve until the water stops flowing. Replace the cap and plug the drain valve back into the wall socket.

6. Broken Ice Maker

To repair broken ice maker, turn off the power and unplug the appliance from the outlet. Remove the ice tray from the freezer compartment. Unscrew the screws holding the ice maker assembly together. Disconnect the wires connected to the motor. Screw the ice maker assembly back together. Reattach the wires and screw the ice maker assembly back onto the freezer compartment. Plug the appliance back into the outlet. 7. Broken Door Handle Answer: To fix the door handle, turn off the power, unplug the appliance from power source, and remove the cover. Remove the screws holding the door handle assembly together. Disconnect any wiring attached to the door handle assembly. Reassemble the door handle assembly. Replace the screws and reattach the door handle assembly to the refrigerator. Plug the appliance back in to the outlet.

Kenmore Refrigerator Making Small Ice Cubes – Solved

Turn off the power, un plug the Kenmore refrigerator from the wall socket, open the door and pull out the ice cube trays. Remove the screws holding each tray together. Pull the trays apart. Take out the ice cubes. Put the trays back together. Replace the screws and put the trays back in place. Close the door and plug the unit back in. 8. Broken Water Filter Answer: Turn off the power, un connect the filter from the water line, disconnect the water supply line from the faucet, remove the filter cartridge, replace the filter cartridge, reconnect the water supply line to the faucet.

Improper Leveling

Unplug the appliance, turn off the power, lift the appliance off the floor, level the bottom of the appliance if possible, set down the appliance, plug the appliance into the electrical outlet, turn on the power.

Kenmore Refrigerator Only Making Crushed Ice – What to Do

If you see crushed ice in the freezer, it could mean that the compressor isn’t working properly. This can happen if the compressor fails to cool the evaporator coil enough during operation. Check the following items to determine whether they’re operating correctly: 1 Make sure the thermostat is set to "cool" not "heat". 2 Make sure the door seals are not leaking.

Kenmore Refrigerator Not Making Ice or Dispensing Water – How to Fix

Check the following items to determine what’s causing the problem: 1 Is the refrigerator running? 2 Is the water dispensing faucet turned off?

1. Water Filter

If the ice maker is not working, check if the filter is clogged. Remove the ice tray from the freezer and remove the filter. Clean the filter using warm water and soap. Replace the filter and put the ice tray back into the freezer. 2. Water Filtration System Answer: Check the water supply line for leaks. Make sure the water supply line does not leak. If the water supply line is leaking, replace the water supply line.

2. Water Inlet Valve

Check the water inlet valve for leaks. Make sure that the water inlet valve does not leak. If there is a leak in the water inlet valve, replace the water inlet valve. 3. Ice Maker Answer: Check the ice maker for leaks. Make sure there are no leaks in the ice maker. If there is a leakage in the ice maker, replace the ice maker.

3. Water Line

Check the water line for leaks. Make sure the water line is free from any leaks. If there is a leaking in the water line, replace the water line. 4. Drain Pump Answer: Check the drain pump for leaks. Make sure it is working properly. If there is a problem with the drain pump, replace the drain pump.

How do you test an ice maker sensor?

If you have an icemaker in your refrigerator, it will not run unless the freezer door is open. This is because the ice maker needs air flow to function properly. To bypass the icemaker sensor, you will need to remove the back panel of the fridge. Once you have removed the back panel, you will see the wires running from the icemaker to the motherboard. You will need to cut these wires and connect them to the positive terminal of the power supply. After doing this, you will need to replace the back panel and reattach the wires to the motherboard.

How does ice level sensor work?

Ice level sensors are used to measure the level of ice in a freezer. These sensors are usually placed near the bottom of the freezer where the ice is stored. As the ice melts, it changes the electrical resistance of the sensor. This change in resistance is measured and converted into an electric signal that indicates how much ice is left in the freezer.

How do you bypass the ice maker sensor?

Ice makers are very important appliances in our homes because they help us maintain cool drinks throughout the hot summer months. Ice makers are usually equipped with sensors that detect if the ice level is low enough to trigger the production of new ice cubes. These sensors are usually located near the bottom of the ice bin where the ice cubes form. To check whether these sensors are working properly, you should remove the ice bin from the freezer and place it on a flat surface. Then, open the door of the ice maker and read the sensor. If the sensor does not move, then the sensor is probably malfunctioning. This could mean that the sensor needs cleaning or replacement.

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