Common Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Clothes Dryer

Last Updated on July 19, 2021

Dryers are a very essential appliance that you will need in your house, so investing in one is a good idea. They help in the drying of the laundry and clothing. If you are considering purchasing a dryer, you should be aware that there are two kinds of dryers on the market, each of which performs admirably. Vented dryers and ventless dryers are the two varieties. One thing to keep in mind about dryers is that they use a lot of power, and they are perhaps the most energy-intensive of all home appliances, so consider the energy-saving feature when purchasing one. Dryers are electrical appliances and consume a lot of electricity to work and like all other electrical appliances, they are prone to have issues while working on some days. Your dryer might need regular repair and maintenance and for that, you must be able to read the signs that are given by the dryer which indicates that it is now time to repair your clothes dryer. Today I am going to discuss some of the signs that indicate that your dryer is facing problems and you need to fix them. If you have a clothes dryer at your place then this article is going to be very important and helpful for you.

Common signs that your Clothes dryer requires maintenance

Longer drying cycles

If you are in doubt that your dryer is not functioning properly the first thing to check is the amount of time it is taking for drying your clothes out. If there are problems with your dryer then there is a good possibility that it takes a longer time for drying the clothes. Some of the maintenance issues are just going to affect its efficiency and this will result in excess energy consumption as the time required is extended so do the energy requirements. When you start facing this problem, initially it will require an extra 5 to 10 minutes for completion of drying the clothes but if this issue isn’t fixed quickly this waiting time can extend which can be very costly for you.

Burning smell

There are chances where the dryer is producing burning smells and this is a very severe issue one can never neglect. If you overlook such problems it is only going to cost you a lot. If you care about the dryer and your safety then you need to address this quickly. This can probably be the result of the lint basket that requires to be replaced but it is not guaranteed that this is the only problem all the time. A burning smell can also be the result of a broken or jammed hose. A broken or jammed hose will not let the hot air escape from your dryer and cause problems. If you are unable to find the actual issue you can try contacting a professional as a professional will help you to fix the issue quickly and properly. The burning issue is not a minor problem that one can neglect as it can also possibly result in fire hazards and contacting an expert in such situations is highly recommended.

The drum doesn’t spin

When a drum stops to spin many people worry that the whole dryer is broken and needs to be replaced which is not the case. Things like this make people think of the worst-case scenarios but the problem can be something minor. If you ask an expert for help in such cases he will probably tell you that the problem is with the snapped belt and nothing else which can be easily fixed. In such cases asking help from a professional will be less costly than buying and replacing a new belt on your own. Asking help from a dryer expert can be a smart thing to do as an expert will help you to find the exact problem and suggest you the required solutions.

Clothes are burning inside the dryer

If you notice that your clothes came out of the dryer burnt or they have a burning smell then there is something wrong with your dryer which needs to be fixed. When the dryer is causing such types of problems then you need to act quickly and call an expert as quickly as possible. There are a variety of factors that can cause clothes to burn as they are dried in a dryer. A clogged dryer vent will usually result in excessive heat in the dryer. A technician will be able to inspect any component of the dryer, including glides and drum seals. If you want to prevent any big hazards you need to fix this problem.

The dryer doesn’t heat up

This is a very common problem that tends to happen and if you ever notice that the dryer is running but it doesn’t get heated then the issue here can be with the thermal fuse which might be broken. This can also be a result of many other things like dirt, clogged lint screens, or a dryer that is loaded more than the limit. You need to make sure that the ventilation is proper and it isn’t blocked in any way. If the problem is due to any of the listed things then you need to ask for help from a professional and fix the issue.

The dryer doesn’t start at all

This is a very common problem and mainly caused due to a broken door sensor that is malfunctioning resisting the dryer to turn on. Typically the sensor is placed on the lower side of the door. It will be attached to easy cables.

How does a Dryer work?

A vented dryer is a very versatile piece of equipment. An electrical heating system or gas combustion helps to heat the air and dry the clothes in a conventional vented dryer. The heated air inside the dryer’s tumbler circulates all over the clothes before being expelled through the external vents. Though ventilated dryers are the most cost-effective, they do require some maintenance. These dryers use outside ventilation to expel damp air from the dryer, a fact that, as the name implies, cannot be used in any household. If you have a gas-powered dryer, there is a good possibility that it will have a vent that will help it release carbon dioxide. Lint will build up inside vents over time, posing a fire hazard if not cleaned regularly. In the case of ventless dryers, Within the dryer, the hot air is recycled. This is a perfect choice for those who have a laundry room that does not have access to the outside. This is a low-maintenance installation, and if you’re looking for a low-maintenance installation, a ventless dryer is a great option. There’s still no need to worry about cleaning the lint trap or the ventilation system when you use a ventless dryer. A ventless dryer should be at the top of your list if you want a low-maintenance operation. Click here to find the best clothes dryer online Conclusion These were some of the most common signs that a dryer gives in case it requires maintenance or repair. I hope this article was useful and relevant.

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  1. Due to the poor performance of her dryer, my sister has been under a lot of stress. It’s good that you said that it would be best to have a professional take a look at the drum when it stops spinning because they can determine the issue with it with accuracy. I’ll surely let her know about this to bear in mind and suggest that she hire a professional dryer repair services before the problem becomes worse. I appreciate you sharing!


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