The Main Causes Of An Unbalanced Washing Machine Load

Washing machines are very useful and they are also very simple to operate. You will be able to find a washing machine in every household. It helps to wash the clothes and dry them quickly. They work quickly and do not require any human efforts making things simpler for you. Just like every other appliance a washing machine also needs regular maintenance as it is very important to take care of your machine so that it works effectively and efficiently. If you want your washing machine to have a good life then you must take due care of it. Many of the home appliances malfunction or break down from time to time and if you want to tackle this the maintenance of these machines come into play. A washing machine or clothes washer performs the most mechanical functions compared to all other machines or appliances in your home. It also helps to complete the daily routine of cleanliness so from a homeowner’s perspective it is one of the most important appliances because everyone thrives on cleanliness. You might have come across a situation where your washing machine started making a loud noise while spinning or it started shaking. It starts going off balance and the main thing here is most people do not have any clue about what is to be done in such situations. Many reasons cause the similar loud sound of banging while the washing machine starts working. If you are also facing this regularly then you must read this article to know why it is happening.

The most common causes of an Unbalanced Washing Machine are listed below

If your washing machine’s top load washer starts hitting or banging against the sides of the washer when it starts working or starts spinning then this simply means a load of clothes inside the machine is not properly balanced. In this situation, all you need to do is stop the machine right away and try to rearrange the clothes that you have put into the basket and after rearranging or eliminating the clothes start the machine again and see. If this doesn’t correct the issue then there are greater chances that a bigger mechanical issue exists. Most of the new washing machines that are less than 8 years old have got suspension rods that help to support the weight of the tub, the basket, and the gearcase. A spring is built at the end of each rod to withstand the weight of the standard water washing load. The springs and rods help to restrict the movement from one hand to another and from the other throughout the spinning period. When springs start to weaken from their application, the propensity to circumvent spring limitations by the bath and basket mount significantly rises, and the mounting bangs against the washing machine face and thereby creates a loud, distracting noise. The process that is needed to be followed for making this issue right is complicated and therefore it is recommended to seek the help of a professional to address the issue. There are possibilities that a similar kind of issue can take place in the front load washing machines too. The only difference here is the reasons that vary from the top load washers. The front-load washing machine is very heavy and large. If it has gone out of balance while working or rotating then this is due to an unlevel machine, or a tub bearing that has worn out. This will cause the radial play in the basket which leads the spin basket to spin rapidly and out of balance wildly. If it is due to worn-out tub bearing then you need to repair it. You must ask the help of an expert. It is going to require a significant repair in which the rebuild of the tub and basket will take place. Many a time it happens that fixing such issues results in total replacement of the machine. A front load washer uses shock absorbers and hangers (heavy springs) to restrict the up and down fitting of the tub and basket during the spin cycle. It is possible that these dampers can wear out and similar to the weak springs in the top load washing machine this leads to the tub and the basket producing the banging noise. In this also you need highly skilled professionals and it is recommended not to do anything on your own. The recurrent triggers of unbalanced load in both top load and front load washing machines demonstrate the importance of using only trained and certified technicians who have expertise in the unique repair model. Click here to buy some of the best washing machines

Things that you can do if you have an Unbalanced Washing Machine

Below mentioned are some of the things that you can do if you have a situation where your washing machine is not balanced.

Check the level

The first thing that you need to do in such a situation is to make sure that the washing machine is perfectly level. The machine needs to be at a proper level to work efficiently. In case it is tilted on one side the load will be shifted towards the slope. If you want to check the level, you can put a spirit on the top of the washing machine housing and after that, you can try to range it in both directions from left to right and front to back. Turn the feet before the machine using a wrench as this will help in adjusting the level. Also makes sure that the subfloor under the machine is level and stable. Any sort of vibration can cause unbalance.


If you want to know if there are any other problems inside the machine causing it to unbalance then you need to remove the front panel along with the top and back panel. You can take help from the manual for this.

Check for any damaged components

Any kind of component that gets damaged can be a reason behind the malfunctioning of a machine. A damaged component can also be a reason why you are having an unbalanced washing machine load.

  • Shock absorbers

A front loader machine has got an extra shock absorber that is connected between the base frame and the outer tub. You need to ensure that all of them are connected at both ends and there is no leakage of fluid from any of them. You should replace all the absorbers in case you find any one of them is leaking.

  • Snubber ring

A snubber ring is mostly made of plastic or felt, it provides a cushion-like surface to the tub of the top load machine. In case it wears out the tub comes into contact with the metal base. This can cause the imbalance. To detach and repair the snubber, remove the suspension springs.

  • Suspension springs

Suspension rings help to hold the tub to the base. You need to make sure that they are all connected. If any one of them is not proper you must try replacing all of them. They are present in both top and front loaders.

  • Dampening straps

Some top-loaders have got four rubber straps that aid in holding the tub in four corners. If any of these straps fail then the tub will lose balance. You must think of replacing them all. Conclusion There are instances where a washing machine might go off balance. Today we saw the causes due to which a washing machine can go off balance. We also saw some of the things you can check and try doing when your washing machine loses the balance and starts making noise.

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