GE Refrigerator Control Panel Not Working [How to Fix]?

Last Updated on November 8, 2022

You probably already know that refrigerators cool down food and prevent them from spoiling. What you might not realize is that they also play other important roles. They provide us with fresh air and even power our home appliances.

Refrigerators are essential kitchen appliances. In addition to cooling foods, they also store things like milk, juice, eggs, butter, etc. The average household has at least two refrigerators, and some families have multiple units.

Today, refrigerators come in various sizes and shapes and feature modern innovations such as LED lighting, touchscreen controls, and built-in WiFi connections. These new features allow consumers to easily access their favorite apps and connect with friends via social media platforms.

GE Refrigerator Control Panel Not Working – Solutions

If your refrigerator’s control panel is malfunctioning or if it simply isn’t working properly, there are a few solutions available for you.

1. Replace the Thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most common parts on your refrigerator. It regulates the temperature inside the fridge, which helps keep food cold and prevents it from spoiling. If the thermostat is faulty, then the temperature will be too high or too low. This can cause problems with the compressor, which could lead to a breakdown.

2. Check the Compressor

The compressor is responsible for compressing the gas used by the refrigerator. When this part fails, the unit won’t work correctly. To check whether the compressor is functioning properly, turn off the refrigerator and remove the door. Then, look for any leaks around the compressor. A leak indicates that something is wrong with the compressor.

3. Clean the Condenser Fan

Another way to fix the problem is to clean the condenser fan. Simply unplug the refrigerator and open the back cover. Remove the filter and blow out all the dust using an air blower. Afterward, replace the filter and reattach the cover.

4. Reset the Defrost Timer

Resetting the defrost timer is another solution for GE Refrigerator Control Panel Problems. Turn off the refrigerator and wait about 10 minutes before turning it back on again. Once the defrost cycle ends, the freezer should be ready to use.

5. Repair the Door Sensor

A faulty door sensor can cause the refrigerator to shut itself off when someone opens the door. This issue usually occurs because the sensor is damaged or dirty. To repair the door sensor, first turn off the refrigerator.

Then, remove the back panel and disconnect the wires connected to the sensor. Finally, clean the sensor with a damp cloth.

6. Change the Filter

To ensure that the refrigerator runs smoothly, change its filter regularly. Most filters last between 6 months and 1 year. However, if yours is showing signs of wear and tear, you may need to replace it sooner.

Is the refrigerator in showroom or demo mode?

When a consumer purchases a refrigerator, he expects it to function perfectly right away. However, sometimes, manufacturers offer free demos so that customers can test the product before making a purchase.

In these cases, the manufacturer offers a warranty period of 30 days. During this time, the customer can return the appliance to the retailer for repairs.

However, if the refrigerator malfunctions after the warranty expires, the company might not be able to help him. In such situations, consumers have two options: they can either buy a new refrigerator or try repairing their old model.

Repairing a refrigerator is possible as long as the owner has basic knowledge of how the machine works. The following steps will guide you through the process.

GE Refrigerator Display Not Working After Power Outage

1. Open the Back Cover

First, remove the back cover of the refrigerator. You can do this by removing four screws located at the bottom of the back panel.

2. Disconnect Wires

After opening the back cover, disconnect the wires connected to each component. For example, disconnect the power cord from the outlet. Also, disconnect the wires from the water dispenser.

3. Check the Compressor

Next, inspect the compressor. If there are no visible signs of damage, then proceed to step 4. Otherwise, stop here and call a professional service provider.

4. Replace the Capacitor

If the compressor looks fine but still doesn’t start working, then it could be due to a capacitor malfunction. To find out which one, simply follow these instructions:

  • Remove the top cover of the refrigerator.
  • Disconnect the wire connected to the compressor.
  • Locate the capacitor. It is usually located near the compressor.
  • Replace the cap.

Understand How the Control Panel Works

The control panel controls all functions of the refrigerator. Therefore, it is important to understand how it operates. Here are some things you should know:

  • It contains temperature settings.
  • You can adjust the temperature manually using buttons located on the front side of the control panel.
  • There are three main sections: freezer, fresh food section, and ice maker.
  • Each section has an LED display.
  • The LED displays indicate whether the refrigerator is running normally or not.
  • The LED lights also indicate when the refrigerator needs cleaning.
  • The control panel uses a 12-volt DC system.
  • This means that the voltage level must be checked periodically.

To check the voltage level, open the door of the refrigerator and look inside. If the voltage level is low, then contact your local repair shop.

If the problem persists, then it is best to get it repaired immediately.

GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working After Power Outage

A power outage could possibly damage your refrigerator ice maker. It is important to check if the ice maker is working properly after a power outage.

To test whether the ice maker is functioning correctly, remove the ice tray from the freezer compartment. Check if the ice cubes are dropping into the bin below. If not, replace the ice tray back into the freezer compartment and wait until the ice cube drops down. If the ice maker still does not function, contact a service technician.

Your refrigerator has stopped working.
The light is flashing red, and the temperature display explains 0 degrees.
What should you do?
Your fridge is probably the most important appliance in your home.
It keeps food fresh, cool, and safe from bacteria.
If your fridge stops working, you’ll need to get it fixed immediately.
You can fix your GE refrigerator control panel yourself.
All you need is a screwdriver.
This guide will explain you how to repair your refrigerator using basic tools

GE Refrigerator Control Panel Not Working – Solutions

If the refrigerator control panel does not function properly, you can try these solutions to fix it. 1 Reset the power switch. Turn off the power supply to the unit and wait 30 seconds. Then turn the power back on. This usually resets the unit. 2 Check the fuse box. Remove the fuses from the fuse box and check if any of them are blown. Replace the blown fuse if necessary.

1. Check the Power Cord

Check the power cord for damage. It could be damaged because of poor installation or faulty connection. 2. Check the Fuse Box Answer: Check if the fuse box is working fine. Make sure the fuse box is connected to the main circuit breaker.

Repairing the Cord

If the power cord is damaged, replace it immediately. Do not attempt to repair it yourself. 3. Check the Wiring Answer: Check the wiring for any loose connections. Also check the electrical outlets for proper operation.

Replacing the Cord

Replace the power cord if it is damaged. It is recommended to buy a new power cord rather than repairing it. 4. Replace the Fuses Answer: Replaced fuses are usually located under the sink or next to the breaker panel.

2. Check the Voltage Supply

Check the voltage supply by using a volt meter. 1. Turn off the circuit breaker. 2. Measure the voltage between the hot wire and the neutral wire.

Replacing the Control Board

If you have a problem with your electric stove, you should check the wiring and the electrical connections. It could be a faulty switch or a bad connection somewhere. To replace the control board, you will need to remove the front panel from the stove. This is done by removing the screws holding the front panel in place. Once the front panel is removed, you can access the control board. Remove the screws holding the control board in place. After the control board is removed, you can see if the wires are connected properly. If not, you can fix the issue by replacing the wires.

3. Inspect the Door Wiring or Installation

To repair the door wiring, you will need to disconnect the power supply from the wall socket. Then, you will need to locate the door wiring harness. Disconnect the wires from the harness. Next, you will need to connect the new wires to the harness. Finally, reconnect the power supply to the wall socket. 4. Replace the Door Panel Answer: To replace the door panel, you will need to unscrew the screws that hold the panel in place. Then, you will remove the old panel. Now, you will install the new panel. Screw the new panel into place.


1. Remove the door handle. 2. Remove the door trim. 3. Remove the door panel. 4. Remove the screws that hold the door panel in place. 5. Install the new door panel. 6. Reinstall the door handle. 7. Replace the door trim.


1. Remove the door handle 2. Remove the door panel 3. Remove the screws that holds the door panel in place 4. Install the new door plate 5. Reinstall the door trim.

Important to Note

Control panel is the part where you set the desired temperature and time. It is usually located on top of the unit.

How do I reset my GE refrigerator?

To reset the display panel on the GE refrigerator, press and hold the power button until the display turns off. Then press and release the power button again. This will turn the display back on.

How do you fix a GE refrigerator screen?

There is no reset button on a GE fridge. To turn off the power, press the power switch located on the front panel. This will shut down the unit. Pressing the power switch again will restart the unit.

How do you test the main control board on a GE refrigerator?

If you are having problems with your GE refrigerator, you should check the main control board first. This is where the problem lies. It is very important that you check the main control board because if it is not working properly, it could lead to other problems. So, how do you check it? Well, you should turn off the power supply to the unit and wait until everything shuts down. Then, you should remove the plug from the wall socket and disconnect the wires from the back panel. After that, you should take the cover off and inspect the circuit board. Make sure that the fuses are good and that the connections are secure. If everything looks fine, you should put the cover back on and reconnect the wires. Now, you should try turning the power supply back on again. If it works well, you should replace the fuse and reattach the cover.

Is there a reset button on a GE refrigerator?

GE refrigerators have a built-in screen that covers the top of the door. This screen is designed to protect the interior from dust and debris. It is important to clean the screen periodically to prevent damage to the appliance. To remove the screen, simply press down on the handle located near the bottom center of the door. The screen will lift off easily. Once the screen is removed, wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

How do you reset the display panel on a GE refrigerator?

If you have a GE refrigerator, you can reset it by pressing the power button for about 10 seconds. This will turn off the unit and allow you to press the power button again to restart it.

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