Samsung Refrigerator Blinking [How to Fix]?

Your Samsung refrigerator has stopped working properly.
The lights blink randomly and the temperature display explains incorrect values.
What should you do?
If you are experiencing problems with your Samsung fridge, then you might want to check out our guide on how to fix a blinking light problem on your Samsung fridge.
If you are having issues with your Samsung fridge, you can try resetting the settings or replacing the battery.
If these solutions don’t work, you can also contact Samsung customer service

How to Stop a Samsung Refrigerator from Blinking

Blink lights indicate that the refrigerator is working properly. However, if the blinking light continues for longer periods of time, it could mean that something is wrong with the refrigerator. Here are some possible reasons why the blinking light keeps coming on. 1 The power supply is not getting enough electricity. This can happen if the fuse blew or the power cord was damaged. 2 The compressor is not running. Check the power switch to see if it is turned off.

1. Main Control Panel

If the blinking light comes on even after turning the power off, check the main control panel. It is located near the back of the refrigerator. Open the door and turn the power switch to OFF position. Press the button marked “Refrigeration”. If the blinking light goes away, the problem is solved.

2. Deli Drawer Panel

Open the drawer panel and press the button marked “Deli”. This will open the deli drawer. Check if the drawer is closed properly. If not, press the button again until the drawer closes. 3. Refrigerator Door Panel Answer: Open the door panel and press the button labeled “Refrigeration/Freezer”. This will unlock the door. Close the door and press the button again until it locks.

3. Errors

1. Pressing the wrong buttons will result in errors. 2. Make sure the power cord is plugged into the wall socket correctly. 3. Clean the sensor window. 4. Make sure the refrigerator is turned off. 5. Remove any objects from the freezer. 6. Make sure the door is closed completely. 7. Make sure the door lock is set to locked position. 8. Make sure the door latch is working properly. 9. Make sure the ice maker is turned off. 10. Make sure the water line is connected to the sink faucet. 11. Make sure the water level is full. 12. Make sure the drain hose is connected to the sink. 13. Make sure the water supply valve is turned off. 14. Make sure the compressor is turned off. 15. Make sure the fan switch is turned off. 16. Make sure the light switch is turned off. 17. Make sure the door handle is unlocked. 18. Make

i. 41 or 42 with the Blue Lights Inside Blinking

1. Pressing the wrong button will result in errors.  2. Make sure the battery is fully charged.  3. Make sure the power cable is plugged into the wall outlet correctly.  4. Make sure the sensor window is clean.  5. Make sure the refrigerator door is closed completely.  6. Make sure the ice machine is turned off.  7. Make sure the water filter is removed.  8. Make sure the water valve is open.  9. Make sure the drain pipe is clear.  10. Make sure the sink faucet is turned on.  11. Make sure the door knob is unlocked.  12. Make sure the door lever is not blocked.  13. Make sure the light switches are turned off.  14. Make sure the fan is turned off.  15. Make sure the compressor switch is turned off.  16. Make sure the door handles are unlocked.  17. Make sure the light is turned on.  18. Make sure the door locks are unlocked.

ii. Autofill Indicator Blinking or 76C

1. Check the fuse box for blown fuses.  2. Check the breaker panel for tripped breakers.  3. Check the circuit breaker panel for tripped circuit breakers.  4. Check the thermostat for proper operation.  5. Check the freezer for frozen food.  6. Check the refrigerator for refrigerated items.  7. Check the freezer for frost buildup.  8. Check the freezer for proper operation.  9. Check the evaporator coil for frost buildup.  10. Check the condenser coils for frost buildup.  11. Check the air ducts for clogged vents.  12. Check the vent hood for clogged filters.  13. Check the exhaust fans for clogged filters. iii. Water Leakage Indicator Light On Answer:  1 Check the water supply line for leaks.  2 Check the water level in the tank.  3 Check the fill tube for leaks.  4 Check the water heater for leaks.  5 Check the hot water heater for leaks.

iii. Icons Blinking after Power Outage or Being Plugged In

1. Check the power cord for loose connections.  2. Check if the outlet is plugged into a grounded outlet.  3. Check if the outlet has been damaged.  4. Check if the outlet switch is turned off.  5. Check if the outlet was recently used. iv. i. Temperature Display Not Working Answer:  1 Make sure the thermometer is working properly.  2 Check the battery voltage.  3 Check the wiring between the thermometer and the display unit.  4 Check the wiring from the display unit to the wall socket.  5 Check the wiring from the thermometer to the display unit.  6 Check the wiring from the wall socket to the display unit.

iv. Ice Off Blinking

1 Check the thermostat setting.  2 Check the ice maker.  3 Check the freezer door seal.  4 Check the freezer coils.  5 Check the freezer fan motor.  6 Check the freezer vent. v. i. Thermometer Not Working Answer: 1 Check the thermometer connection. 2 Check the thermometer bulb. 3 Check the thermometer cable. 4 Check the thermometer base. 5 Check the thermometer wires. 6 Check the thermometer probe. 7 Check the thermometer dial. 8 Check the thermometer calibration. 9 Check the thermometer fuse. 10 Check the thermometer circuit breaker. 11 Check the thermometer wiring. 12 Check the thermometer mounting bracket. 13 Check the thermometer mounting screws. 14 Check the thermometer mounting hole. 15 Check the thermometer mounting screw holes. 16 Check the thermometer mounting nuts. 17 Check the thermometer mounting bolts. 18 Check the thermometer mounting nut threads. 19 Check the thermometer mounting bolt threads. 20 Check the thermometer mounting washers. 21 Check the thermometer mounting plate.

Samsung Freezer Temperature Blinking – Quick Fix

1 Check the freezer door seal if applicable.  2 Check the freezer coils. 3 Check the freezer fan motor if applicable.  4 Check the freezer vent.  5 Check the refrigerator coils.  6 Check the refrigerator fan motor if applicable..

Samsung Fridge Blinking after a Power Outage

1 Check the freezer door seal.  2 Check the freezer coils.  3 Check the freezer fan motor.  4 Check the freezer vent. 5 Check the refrigerator coils. 6 Check the refrigerator fan motor.

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