How Long Is Celery Juice Good For?

Celery juice has become very popular lately. People swear by its health benefits and claim it helps them lose weight. But how long does celery juice stay good for? Celery juice is a popular drink that contains celery extract. The extract is said to boost metabolism and burn fat faster. Some studies suggest that celery … Read more

Is Celery A Vegetable Or Fruit?

Celery has long been considered a vegetable, but some experts say it should be classified as a fruit. What do you think? The celery plant originated in Central Asia, where it was cultivated for its edible stalks. In Europe, it became known as a salad green, and in North America, it was called parsley. Celery … Read more

Chicken Salad Without Celery

What would happen if you added celery to chicken salad? Would it taste better or worse? Celery has long been associated with salads, but did you know that it also adds a unique flavor to other dishes? In fact, celery is often considered a vegetable, but it’s actually a member of the parsley family. Adding … Read more