Fittonia (Nerve Plant) Care Guide | Leaves Wilting, Curling, and Falling Off

Fittonia Plant Is Wilting Fittonia is a plant that grows naturally in tropical countries. It is very popular because it has many uses. Its leaves are used to treat fever, headache, stomachache, cough, cold, flu, skin diseases, and other illnesses. It is also used to cure diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. It is also … Read more

How To Prune Fittonias (Nerve Plants) | Step-By-Step Guide With Photos

Tools Needed To Trim Fittonia Plants Fittonia plants are easy to care for and maintain. They are drought tolerant and require very little maintenance. It is recommended to prune these plants every two years. Cut back the plant to about 2 inches above ground level. Remove any dead leaves from the bottom of the plant. … Read more

Fittonia (Nerve Plant) Propagation | Soil vs Water

Propagating Fittonia Cuttings In Water (Hydroponics) Fittonia cutting is a very easy method of propagation. It is done in hydroponic system. Hydroponic systems are used for growing plants indoors. This is a great way to propagate cuttings because it does not involve soil and it is very easy to maintain. You can take a cutting … Read more