Why Do Corn Plant Leaves Turn Brown?

Corn plant leaves turn brown because of a fungus called Fusarium verticillioides. Fusarium verticilliodes causes corn ear rot. This disease affects corn plants during their reproductive stage. The fungus infects the kernels of corn causing them to dry out and become misshapen. This image explains the symptoms of ear rot caused by Fusarium verticilloides. Corn … Read more

Fittonia (Nerve Plant) Care Guide | Leaves Wilting, Curling, and Falling Off

Fittonia Plant Is Wilting Fittonia is a plant that grows naturally in tropical countries. It is very popular because it has many uses. Its leaves are used to treat fever, headache, stomachache, cough, cold, flu, skin diseases, and other illnesses. It is also used to cure diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. It is also … Read more

Why Are My Spider Plant Leaves Curling?

Have you ever wondered why your spider plant leaves curl at the edges? Spider plants are very common houseplants. They are also known as English ivy because they look similar to the vine ivy Hedera helix. These plants are often used as indoor houseplants due to their low water requirements. 1 I’m going to explain … Read more