Can You Use Cast Iron On A Glass Top Stove?

Cast iron pans are great for cooking at home, but they aren’t recommended for stovetops. Can you use cast iron on a glass top stove? A cast iron pan is a heavy skillet or pot that has been specially treated to withstand high heat. They are often used for frying foods, searing meats, and baking … Read more

Will induction cookware work on an electric stove?

Induction cookware is a type of non-stick cookware that uses electromagnetic fields to heat food instead of conventional heating methods. Induction cooktops are very effective at cooking foods quickly and evenly. However, there are some things to consider before buying an induction cooktop. Using Cookware on Electric Stove – the catch Induction cookware works on … Read more

Can Induction Cooker be Used on Gas Stove?

Gas stoves are excellent because you can precisely regulate the temperature of whatever you cook on them. This makes it perfect for cooking food that requires exacting temperatures. But there’s one thing about gas stoves that many people don’t know about: the quality of the cookware matters just as much as how well it works. … Read more