Can You Put Styrofoam In The Oven?

Have you ever wondered whether styrofoam can be baked or fried? Well, it turns out that it can be both. And it’s even better than you might imagine. Styrofoam is a type of plastic foam that’s commonly used in food packaging. It’s also used in construction, insulation, and other industrial applications. This material has become … Read more

Can Stainless Steel Go In The Oven?

Stainless steel has become a common kitchen material because of its durability and resistance to corrosion. But does it go well in the oven? Staining stainless steel can be tricky, especially since it’s often used in cookware. If you want to avoid staining, you should never put food directly onto the surface of stainless steel … Read more

Are Copper Pans Oven Safe?

Copper pans are often recommended for baking because they conduct heat well. They also look pretty cool. But are they safe to use in the oven? Copper is a common cooking surface material. It conducts heat very well and has a shiny appearance. It’s also non-toxic and durable. However, copper does have some drawbacks. It … Read more

How to Reheat Shepherd’s Pie in the Oven?

Shepherd’s pie is a dish from England which has become very popular across the globe. What exactly is it? Shepherd’s pie is a meaty stew served with mashed potato topping. The name comes from the shepherd who was tasked with looking after sheep during winter months. Shepherd’s pie is traditionally made using lamb or mutton. … Read more