Front-Load Vs Top-Load Washer Which Is Better

Last Updated on July 19, 2021

Washing machines are very convenient and straightforward to use. A washing machine can be found in almost every home. It makes it easier to wash and dry laundry easily. Compared to the other equipment or appliances in your household, a laundry machine or clothes washer performs the most mechanical tasks. It also aids in the completion of the everyday cleaning schedule, making it one of the most essential appliances from the standpoint of a homeowner, since everybody benefits from cleanliness. Washing machines are available in two types which leaves you with a choice. The two types of washers are front loaders and top loaders. They both are best at what they are required to do but obviously, there is a difference between these two. The most asked question is which of these two is better and which one to buy. People often try comparing front and top loaders to find out which one is best. The fact is comparing them won’t get you the answer you need to evaluate the best according to your needs and the things that you are okay with. Today I am going to compare these two types of washers based on the key differences between them. We will try to see the most important considerations and then look at the major differences that these two offer. The last question is which is better for you which can only be answered by you and I hope you will have an answer at the end of this article.

Front-loaders vs Top loaders

Choosing between these two is going to be very subjective on your personal choice. I feel that you will be able to make your own decision on a selection with the help of these performance factors.

Simple to use

When we talk about simple operations the front loaders are very convenient as you won’t have to bend yourself to put the clothes in or while taking them out. You can do it by standing. If you have got back issues then owning a top loader will be better for you. They have got a good height so you won’t be required to bend. We suggest mounting the machines on washstands that raise the units from 12 to 15″ to alleviate this problem with front loaders. Another important features and quality that the top loaders possess are the ability they offer, they let you add clothes in mid-cycle, you can also add clothes right after starting the cycle. Furthermore, top-load washers can absorb lint and spread softening cloth faster than front-loading machines. The clear winner here is Top loaders

Time for washing

The time required to wash clothes is very important as in today’s busy life no one wants to waste their time on anything. When we talk about quickly washing the clothes the front loaders with an agitator stand tall as they tend to wash clothes faster when compared to front-loading machines. This is since the clothes get engaged in the water for the length of the water cycle. One main thing to be kept in mind is that not all the top loaders are the same in this. You will be able to get two main types of top loaders today which are the ones with an agitator and thrones that don’t have an agitator. An agitator is a device in a washer that induces movement by shaking and pushing water to a vibrating washing machine. The ones with agitator wash quickly and the ones that don’t have an agitator might be slow but they are highly efficient and clean better and more clothes in a single cycle. The clear winner here is Top loaders

Better cleaning

You are going to buy a washer for the purpose of cleaning and that’s why this is the most important thing to consider. Top loaders might be convenient and comfortable for your back and require much less time for cleaning cycles but they are also harsh on your clothes. This can be severe when the machine gets overloaded. For better cleaning, the front loaders are better and they are very gentle with your clothes too. Pillows are very good with front loaders as they won’t fully submerge in water. The clear winner here is Frontloader.


Price is a very important consideration to make. The front loaders are more expensive than top loaders. This is a reasonable factor as they also provide quality cleaning and they also use less water and energy. Washers for front-load package additional washing features for both soil conditions and layers of the fabrics. Furthermore, due to their advanced engines and suspension mechanisms, front loaders are much quieter than top loaders. The cost of buying a front loader can be high but when we talk about the long run including the electricity cost then it will even out. The price factor ends up in a draw


While it is on the final cycle the front-loading washing spins around 33% faster and quicker compared to the top loaders. This implies that more water will get drained out from the clothes even before transferring them to the dryers. The clothes will get dried very quickly in the dryer too. This will also be less heavy to get transferred between the two units. The only con here is that they tend to vibrate more and make noises while the spinning cycle. The clear winner here is the front loader

Pros and cons of Front loading washing machines


  • Front-loaders are better and they perform well in cleaning test compared to top loaders
  • They are gentle on clothes
  • They have a faster spin cycle
  • They can be mounted conveniently under a countertop as there is no top lid to open.
  • They are easily approachable to everyone and especially for short people.
  • This is also more water-efficient


  • They are more expensive than top loaders
  • To put clothes in and removing them you need to bend down
  • The doors are airtight and they encourage the growth of mold
  • The controlling buttons are easily accessible to kids so they can press them and change the settings anytime even while the spin cycles

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Pros and cons of top loaders


  • They are inexpensive than front loaders
  • They are very simple to use
  • You won’t be required to bend for putting clothes in or taking them out
  • Growth of mold is very rare
  • They clean clothes quickly especially the model with an agitator


  • Models with an agitator can be harsh on clothes
  • They are less energy-efficient and water-efficient
  • The spin speed is slower compared to front loaders
  • They are not good for shorter people while unloading clothes

Click here to check the price of a top loader washer Conclusion It is a very old debate over which washing machine type is better. There are some considerations where the front loaders stand tall while in others the top loaders are better. It is a very subjective decision and only you can decide which one is perfect for you. However, these considerations that are mentioned above will help you to make a proper decision. I hope you find this article useful and relevant and now you can make a proper decision. Reference

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