Is Salt A Condiment?

Salt has long been considered a condiment, but now some experts say it should be classified as a food ingredient. What do you think? The word salt comes from the Latin sal, meaning sea water. In ancient times, salt was used to preserve meat and fish. Today, salt is added to foods to enhance flavor … Read more

How Long Does A Himalayan Salt Block last?

Himalayan salt blocks are great for cooking, but they also make great gifts. How long does a Himalayan salt block last? A Himalayan salt block is a type of salt that has been mined from the mountains near the border between India and Pakistan. The salt comes from the Dead Sea, where the water level … Read more

Does Salt Kill Yeast?

Yeast is a fungus that grows naturally in bread dough. If you don’t add salt to your bread dough, yeast will multiply and cause the dough to rise. Does adding salt kill yeast? Bread is a staple food around the world. In fact, it has been eaten since ancient times. The earliest evidence of bread … Read more